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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Exotic Flowers in Boston Supports The Women's Locker Room Foundation

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Nov 16, 2012

The Women's Locker Room Foundation: Helping the Women in Need From Massachusetts

At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we often get requests from many worthy causes and charities for donations. So many of the charities are deserving and unfortunately we cannot help them all. Recently, my wife Suzie Canale has spearheaded her own foundation that Exotic Flowers is proud to stand behind.
womens locker room foundation
Boston showcases its culture, education and architecture. Unfortunately, hunger and homelessness are present. Boston is not immune to these difficulties in hardships, where it is necessary to create new opportunities of aid, produce alternative means for assistance and encourage each helping hand to connect with another.   It is from this root of verity that The Women’s Locker Room Foundation of Massachusetts has manifested into an entity dedicated towards helping women in need.
The Women’s Locker Room Foundation is a not-for-profit whose mission is to supply homeless and newly housed women with cleaning and sanitation products commonly found in a woman’s locker room.  Founded and headed by Boston resident Suzie Canale, The organization appreciatively receives but is not limited to donations of unopened and originally sealed shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrushes and body wash.  The charity in return gives the items directly to shelters, non-profits and other assistance programs for women, hopeful to promote health and wellness.  The compassion and intent behind The Women’s Locker Room Foundation is based upon the desire to supply others with basic fundamental toiletries necessary to aid and uplift with self-care.    
Boston remains one of the greatest metropolises in the world, complex with an abundance of life moved by an inherent heartbeat to help one another.   Please consider joining this cause to support the women in need of Massachusetts.
If you or a local business and would like to donate, become a member or promote The Women’s Locker Room Foundation, please visit
                                 Donations can be sent directly to:
                            The Women’s Locker Room Foundation
                                  609 American Legion Highway
                                          Boston, MA 02131

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