An Owner is Always On Site at Exotic Flowers

Exotic Flowers is a third generation family owned and operated florist and garden center located in the same location on American Legion Highway in Boston for more than 75 years.

The staff at Exotic Flowers is at your disposal and are customer service advocates. We are trained and retrained. We know our products and provide answers.

Our product knowledge and professionalism sets us apart from the competition. Personalized service is the foundation of our florist. We send flowers worldwide and are at your disposal. 

  • Accessible; we are open every day and reachable by phone during business hours and email 24/7. You can expect an answer to any contact in less than 24 hours.
  • Conveniently located in Boston with ample parking. 
  • Consistant; family values and on site ownership ensures that your expecations are met and exceeded.
  • Courtesy; you will always be treated with respect. "Please" and 'Thank you' are used always.
  • Speed; we deliver on time and keep in contact with you via email, phone and in person.
  • Honesty is expected in all dealings. We will never sacrifice our relationship for short term gain.
  • Gratitude; our customers are the backbone of our business. We know that. 
  • Mistakes; if we make one, we will fix it.
  • Mobile access; our web site is mobile ready and you can order there 24/7. A person will only always have the last look at your order.
  • Bilingual - our website is accessible in English, French and Spanish. We may not speak Spanish, but we will give our best efforts in Spanglish. Our ancestors came from Italy and we try our best to make everyone feel welcome