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The Walking Dead - Flowers as Symbols in the Apocalypse

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Mar 16, 2012

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As season two of the hit show The Walking Dead comes to an end, I find myself eagerly awaiting season three. I can honestly say, it is the best show on television. If you have not watched the show, tune in on demand. The show gets better every episode. 
Fans of the show want to know if the farm will be over run with zombies. Will Dale step up ? When will T-Dog's character develop ?
With the recent killings of main characters Dale and Shane, the viewer asks who is next ?
Now I enjoy a zombie film as much as the next guy, but The Walking Dead is really not just a zombie show. It is about good versus evil and relationships and trust. Viewers feel like they can walk in Rick's shoes. A viewer can find the humanity in Dale, but also see how the group's struggle for survival kicks our scruples to the curb.
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What does this all have to do with a florist's blog ? Everything.
As a Boston florist, our job is all about relationships. As deliverers of flowers, people put their trust in us.  We share and send emotions. Of course, the end of the world is much more severe than what color roses should be in your bouquet. But the Walking Dead reminds us that people matter and should not be put in a box. The show reminds us that every individual has different needs. Just because a client likes pink carnations and yellow daisies does not mean she should shop in a supermarket. Like Rick, sometimes we have to listen to our clients wants and needs before we can make a sound decision.
CHEROKEE ROSE resized 600Mid season two, the show reminded us that flowers are symbols of hope. Daryl tells the story of Georgia's national flower, the cherokee rose.
Flowers are powerful symbols and even during the end of the world, we find solace in their beauty and what they can represent.

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