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Grow Your Own Potatoes For Food and Fun

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Growing happens to be one of my favorite things in the whole world to do during the summertime.  The sun, the seeds and particularly the dirt all add to the pleasures of farming.  Not only are you producing your own food for your family but you’re also saving a heap load of money.  Other incentives to start a vegetable garden can also include starting healthy eating habits, exercise and most of all knowing that you’ve created a chemical-free harvest.  

So what’s stopping you?  Worried that your green thumb (or lack there of) doesn’t have what it takes to grow edible fruits and veggies?  Not to worry because here is an option that not even the worst gardener can fail at-potatoes!  

Potatoes are one of the greatest beginner plants to try for several reasons and the biggest is the fact that they are fun to dig for!  Simply grab and old potato and wait for the eyes to start sprouting tiny vines.  Place the bottom half in a cup of water to hasten the pace or just wait for the spud to do its thing naturally.  Once it’s aged a pair of healthy legs, place it in the ground and cover with dirt about four inches deep.  Not before long (maybe two weeks depending on soil, quality) a green stem will protrude through the earth.  

Now potatoes take a little time to mature but on the positive side, they take little work.  Occasional watering is needed and if at all possible, select a location with more shade than hot sun.  It takes approximately three months for the veggies to be ready to dig up and the best time to plant the host spud is early June.  Once the plant spikes a little white flower and the stalk begins to die, that’s when its right for the picking!  One plant can grow anywhere from three to ten potatoes so make sure you search the ground well to avoid missing any.  After you’ve gathered your harvest, store in a cool dark area and use when needed.  Growing fresh potatoes will not only last longer than store bought bags but you absolutely won’t believe the difference in taste-they’re delicious!!

Try out these dishes that make great potato based meals:  mashed potatoes, loaded baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, Shepherd’s pie and German dumplings!


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