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The Allure and Mystery of Blue Roses via Exotic Flowers in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Jul 15, 2011

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A conversation about blue roses often becomes a love/hate one. Some of our clients love blue roses and can only have blue roses or no other flower. Other clients loathe them and consider them an insult to nature. Because Boston is conservative, blue roses rarely find their way to the tables of Beacon Hill, Newton or Wellesley.

Blue roses do not exist in nature. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we import hundreds of blue roses every week from Ecuador. These Boston Blue Roses are actually a white rose dyed blue while still in Ecuador. After the white rose is cut, the white becomes very thirsty. The white rose is then immersed in a blue dye solution. The flowers draws the dye straight up the stem to the petals; that is why the stems and foliage of our blue roses appear blue as well.

Because of the absence of blue roses in nature, the blue rose has adopted a symbolism of mystery and allure. This symbolism creates a connection with those giving and receiving the blue roses.

blue roses vase resized 600At Exotic Flowers, we are believe in sending the outrageous. Our vision statement, Reaction Guaranteed,' resonates with the sending of blue roses. Of course, the staff at Exotic Flowers may not care for blue roses, but we also would not drive a bright yellow car or a mini-cooper. To each their own, blue roses are here to stay.

blue orchid

The next stop on the horizon is the blue orchid plant. Another conversation for another blog.

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