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The Magical Properties of Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jun 21, 2017

Flowers are capable of providing us with many benefits including aromatherapy, visual stimulation and beautiful décor to name just a few.  We enjoy the color, the shape and texture which we use as ornamental items in our houses, yards and even business offices to elevate our moods and general well being.  Florists will be the first ones to tell you the positive attributes of placing bouquets throughout living spaces and there is even evidence that doing so can elongate a person’s lifespan.  That’s pretty incredible, right?  But what if I was to tell you that certain flowers also possessed a bit of magic?  No really, I mean it!


Those practicing the art of spell work and other related mysteries beyond our world would tell you that there is indeed a relationship between true enchantment and blooms.  While not every petal you find can produce a mystical forth giving, there are those that can provide healing such as cleansing, peace and wisdom.  Still not buying this yet?  Take a peek at these flowers that have been known to work their magic beyond the human realm…


Black Eyed Susan’s for example are tied to being connected to those who have passed away.  For loved ones who are no longer with us, this summer perennial is said to be an inducer for mediumship.  It is said if you place them by your home you will increase your chances of calling loved ones who are now deceased into your dreams.   


The Hollyhock is also an interesting plant to study since it’s said to bind you to your past lives.  Hollyhock is believed to accentuate the ability to remember who you were in terms of reincarnation where you may be able to “sense” certain previous relationships, skills and life journeys from long ago.


Lilies are something you might want to invest in if you are thinking about re-landscaping your yard because they are known to attract angels-yes angels!  In doing so, you are inspiring safety, peace and spiritual wellness to surround your home.  

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