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Flowers for Lunar Phases

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Sep 23, 2015

The phases of the moon are said to affect the earth in a variety of ways including tides, atmospheric pressure and even a person’s mood.  Depending on the cycle, lunar status can make us happy, anxious, uneasy or energetic, and can be used to forecast how someone will react to a particular event or circumstance.  Astronomers study these variables in the hopes that they can better understand the solar system’s changes and how they pertain to human beings.

Sounds pretty smart but shouldn’t Boston florists be doing the same thing?

If a moon’s shape, color and size can bring about a certain response from a person, shouldn’t we suspect that a variety of flowers are capable of accomplishing the same thing?  We already make an effort to please our customers using different textures, shading and styles, so why not experiment a bit with blossoms that coincide with lunar phases?

photo credit: Flower Factor/

After scoping things out, I found that there are actually florists who are already incorporating this theme within their daily work and even some of their wedding pieces.  If you have brides who are getting ready to walk down the aisle on the next full moon, why not let them take a peek at these samples, which perfectly mirror this stunning concept?  The Harvest Moon will be making its debut on September 27th, so get ready and start with some of these fabulously inspired “howl” worthy arrangements!

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