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Fret Free Flowers for Your Thanksgiving Table

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Nov 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Flowers Boston

Thanksgiving Day centerpieces can sometimes be a source of worry when planning holiday gatherings.   What we choose to put in the middle of our turkey tables enhances the festivities for guests because, for one thing, the color extenuates the other aspects of the meal including linens, candlelight and most importantly the food.  Flowers are also wonderful for contributing to the fantastic sense of smell that we all know is essential for a successful Thanksgiving meal.  Many people become overwhelmed with the tasks necessary to host a victorious dinner, often feeling anxious as to how they will get everything done and select their floral arrangements for the special day.   The tasks of heavy cleaning and exorbitant cooking almost always take the front seat on hosting agendas and many ask, “Who has the time for flowers?”  The issue of cost can also be another negative and many times leads to omitting them altogether.  Well, you don’t have to.  Hear a few easy and inexpensive ways to decorate your table without fret. 

Thanksgiving Boston


The trees in Boston are too beautiful not to utilize within your holiday décor.  Reds, yellows and greens are hanging everywhere holding a natural beauty, which makes New England famous for their autumn season.  From lovely bushes to towering maples, there are stunning possibilities all around us so keep your eyes open and your clippers close.  Effective eye popping arrangements can be as simple as a few maple branches placed strategically in a glass oval vase.  This look not only compliments the seasonal aspects traditional to this time of year but also gives your table an interesting architectural dimension of height.  Remember, less is more with this design so be careful not to overcrowd your floral vessels!

Thanksgiving Flower Delivery


Some become fixated with the idea that bigger is always better, particularly when talking about holiday events.  Trust me, its not.  Stunning table arrangements can be as simple as a few cuttings of multi colored coleus from your garden or miniature pumpkins placed at each setting for your guests.  Other arrangements can be a straight line of baby green gourds positioned straight down the table creating a sophisticated and uncluttered appeal.  Black millet is another idea, which makes a dramatic impact on your table while still carrying the November scheme of design.  If these choices don’t seem to strike your fancy, it’s as easy as looking around you and seeing what does excite your green thumb.  Visit local farm stands or take a peek in your own backyard.  You’ll be surprised as to what New England’s natural beauty may provide you with for this Thanksgiving’s holiday centerpiece!

Suzie Canale

Westwood, MA 

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suzie_canale_westwood Suzie Canale is a writer, chef, gardener, philanthropist and mom who lives in Westwood, MA.



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