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The Old is New this Christmas

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Dec 01, 2020

Each yuletide season, trends continue to change from everything to lighting, tree decorating and even celebratory cuisine.  As we prepare to take on the 2020 holiday whirlwinds, it’s fun to invest a little time in learning what’s hot on the menu for designers.  There’s no reason why we can’t take a peek to find out how to copy their taste on an affordable budget.  There’s no rule saying hosts must break the bank to recreate looks seen in magazines and lucky for us, this year’s theme relies heavily on the recycling of already owned items.

rosy sleigh teleflora flowers

Experts say that acclaimed designers are heavily relying on the idea that “Old” is the “New” when mapping out their selections for décor this Christmas and Hanukkah.  Instead of purchasing contemporary lines of modernized props, they are hunting yard sales and online auctions for previously owned memorabilia which dates back to more than a few decades ago.  Trunks, basements and attics are also busy places where professional decorators are scavenging to find old boxes, milk containers and other reminders of years past.  Remember that ancient train set you stashed in the closet years ago?  Or maybe you just couldn’t let go of a teddy bear from your childhood?  Well, now’s the time to pull them out of retirement because these are the exact props designers are looking for!  Think small trucks, wooden toys, antique dolls and wool hats for possible accessories to place amongst poinsettia plants, Christmas trees (used as ornaments) and outdoor urns where they will turn a plain arrangement into a real conversational piece!  Don’t worry if they have chipped paint or missing parts since this will only add to their authentic appeal.  We’re going for a “traditional” appearance this year so make sure to select pieces that you have warm memories associated with.  

Once you’ve collected your things, now what do you do with them?  That’s a very good question…  Creating your own displays can be as easy as investing in some seasonal roping and strategically placing the trinkets within the beautiful the pine.  Hang on banisters and lay across the hearth to make a merry presentation for family and friends or attach to wreaths on the outside of your door.  If you are interested in applying this technique to your floral arrangements, you can use the same application process as long as the items are small enough not to distract from the blooms in the vase.  A little goes a long way with this style so don’t cramp containers which will make them look junky and less professionally done.

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Introducing The Thomas Kinkade's Hero's Welcome Bouquet for 2020

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Nov 05, 2020

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Flowers

Home for the holidays! An instant Christmas classic, this lush arrangement of red roses and fresh winter greens accompanies a festive Thomas Kinkade collectible with light-up windows (starter batteries included) and hand-painted details.


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Thomas Kinkade - A Holiday Flower Tradition

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Dec 15, 2017

If you’re an art fan like I am, you may have come across the infamous painter Thomas Kinkade at one point or another.  1 in 20 homes across America owns an original painting by the artist whose work appealed to a wide variety of eclectic tastes and preferences .  His brilliant use of chiaroscuro – the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, made him a favorite for many enthusiasts who are moved by the unique style and emotion he depicts throughout his work.  Critics who often criticized his shallow perception within this field are often brutally abutted by popular perception of the market which continues to drive up Kinkade’s marketable value.  One reason behind this is the note of inspiration behind his work that is commonly said to be attributed to a religious region- a source of his true passion.  Others argue that many of his ideas stemmed from a deep connection to the outdoors and the importance of “home” and what that truly meant.  You can’t miss the abundance of houses featured in the vast majority of his paintings and the gorgeous colors typically emanating from within the structures.  Although Kinkade passed away at an early age in 2012, his artwork still goes on to affect thousands of people with his talent for using oils.


Art dealers aren’t the only one who strive to keep Kinkade’s memory alive since the flower world has decided to take a piece of his essence and add it to this season’s holiday floral line!  Thanks to the visionaries behind Teleflora, this December customers will be able to purchase the very first, “Thomas Kinkade's Family Tree Bouquet”.  Using varieties of carnations, magnolia leaves, white pine, noble fir and cedar, the scent of the arrangement is just as appealing as the Christmasy vision it illuminates.  Not only does the centerpiece feature these stunning hints of the yuletide season, each one comes with a Thomas Kinkade hand sculpted, ceramic collectable that can be saved and reused for years to come.


Mirroring the warm feeling the artist inflicted in each and every canvas, designers have worked out a beautiful and festive tribute to his memory using seasonal flowers and greens.  These blooming works of art not only can be used as a fantastic addition to your celebratory dinner tables but also make the perfect gift to that special someone on your list.  Enjoy this precious holiday creation today by calling your local florist~

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A Thanksgiving Letter to our Clients

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Nov 22, 2017

" Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change opportunities into blessings." - William A. Ward
Dear friends,
Thanksgiving day is the unsung hero who lives in the shadow of black Friday and the subsequent holiday season. Wouldn't it be great if Thanksgiving reclaimed its crown as the most important holiday ? If you go anywhere these days, 'thank you' are magic words. So few people say it and the ones that do just say it because it is rehearsed.
This Thanksgiving, invite someone over who tends to stay alone. If they cannot leave the house, bring them a plate and spend twenty minutes with them. Your time is the greatest gift you can give someone.


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How to Make A Fun Easter Basket

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Apr 01, 2015

It’s Easter Bunny time!


Who can stand the wait as we’re planning and plotting our to do’s for the upcoming holiday!  What’s at the top of our lists?  Well, our Easter basket necessities of course!  We’ll need the staples such as plastic eggs for the hunt and a pair of bunny ears to be festive for the children but what else should we be on the lookout for in order to make this upcoming April 5th the best Sunday ever? 

 Easter-Basket                                              Photo credit:


I don’t know about you but creating a fun and different basket for my boys is something that I always look forward to.  Sure they always contain the traditional items of Cadbury eggs, rabbits molded out of chocolate and jellybeans in every shade of the rainbow but I want to add a little individuality to this year’s creations. 


In order to do this, I like to reflect on what makes the holidays treats so appealing for children.  First and foremost, the premium factor is the brilliant colors that we see pouring from the brims of the containers.  The spectacular spectrum brings and automatic positive sensation to the brain causing the feeling of excitement and joy.  Because of this, I love to be sure to make their baskets look like a Crayola crayon set, adding shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple, pink and any other tint that I might see. 


The texture of the things I put in the baskets is another important issue when selecting treats.  I like to always have egg shaped items but I also like to mix it up with hand wrapped specialty candies, swirl lollipops and beautifully foiled chocolate morsels.  The interesting combination of the different heights and sizes causes a pleasing presentation instead of a flat looking bulk of candy.  Take a look around your area and try to find a local candy shop or chocolate baker who might sell unique and distinctive options other than the regular supermarket and CVS stock of holiday wares.


                                              Photo credit;

Don’t be afraid to walk outside the “sweet” realm and incorporate things such as small spring themed stuffed animals, yo-yo’s, customary toys such as paddleballs and jump ropes or little games and puzzles.  One of my son’s has an adoration for books, specifically written and illustrated by Mo Willems so I found and elephant and piggy novelty that I’ll prop up with a copy from his series.  For my older son, I think I’ll make a trail of treats leading to a new basketball, his newest favorite sport this year. 


The point is, never be afraid to try new themes that work for your kids.  Make their Easter as special as they are by utilizing their interest and hobbies within their baskets.  Be as sneaky as you can with candy trails and hiding spots and watch the joy of Easter egg hunting work its magic! 

 Suzie Canale

Westwood, MA 

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Dyeing Easter Eggs

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Mar 30, 2015

Easter is a celebration that entails several dimensions and traditions.  For those who observe this holiday, customs include religious rituals, family gatherings and special feastings that bring loved ones together.  For some, the anticipation of dyeing Easter eggs is also part of the excitement, particularly for those who have young children.  Over generations, there have been several strategies and techniques that have been passed down claiming to be the best way to create these festive decorations.  Even the process of readying the eggs has become debatable on whether pricking a whole at each end and blowing out the yolk or otherwise keeping the contents and simply boiling them before crafting.  What to color the eggs with is also a complicated choice because of the extensive products that you can purchase in stores or otherwise making your own dye concoction using kitchen ready ingredients.  Easter egg dyeing is serious business and one can feel overwhelmed when deciding just how to go about it.  After careful research, I’ve found some effective and efficient ways to color your eggs that will leave even the Easter Bunny speechless!

 egg-dyeing-app-d107182egg-basics0414_vert                                     photo credit: Emily Kate Roemer via 

 Although millions of eggs are dyed each year in totality with food coloring, there’s nothing that says you can’t decorate using plain acrylic paints.  Not only will they be bright in color but kids and adults can put their own original touch within design and shading that a store bought brand wont allow you to do.  Patterns of stripes, polka dots and elaborate pictures are just a few of the possibilities when using crafting paints and will also encourage the little artist in you and your family.  One tip to keep in mind, water or oil based paints will not give the desired results that you’re looking for so be sure to have the right variety. 


                                      photo credit:

If you’re looking to make some fancy eggs, try using this recipe to create marble eggs quickly and inexpensively.  Take 3 to 4 mugs and add 7 droplets of food coloring.  Add to each container 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.  Fill the rest with water until it is about ¾ full of liquid.  With a spoon, stir the contents to make a spinning whirlpool.  Carefully place the egg on the utensil and gently lower into the moving vessel.  Count to 10 and then remove to allow drying.  For this method, a hard-boiled egg works best because the lightness of an egg that has been hollowed out may crack up against the mug during the dyeing process. 


                                                  Photo Credit; Emily Kate Roemer via

This idea is my favorite so far…  Visit your local hardware store and buy a small canister of chalkboard paint.  Paint the eggs (again, this works best with hard-boiled eggs) and set aside on a paper towel to dry, touching up spots that may smudge in the process.  Find some regular chalk and let your family stencil their eggs anyway that comes to their imaginations. This is a wonderful tactic for small children because if they make a mistake and want to change it, all they have to do is erase and draw again. 

Suzie Canale

Westwood, MA

Suzie will be coloring eggs this week with her two boys.

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Flower Arrangements for Passover

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Mar 24, 2015

Passover is a wonderful Jewish celebration where family and friends gather together to eat, laugh and be with one another.  Beginning and ending from eve to eve starting Friday, April 3rd to Saturday, April 11th, preparations are already being made for this holiday where music, food and even flowers are utilized to reflect Passover traditions.  Party planners suggest using color, texture and customary artifacts when planning your Seder table, which includes everything to the table linens to the lighting and settings.  Some even attempt to coordinate the dishes being served to the decorations seen throughout the home to present a “unified” feel to their event.  Floral pieces have customarily always been an integral part of this feast where styles range from sophisticated contemporary to authentic traditional.  Whether you’re looking to duplicate shades of delicacy within your vases or you simply want to accessorize the celebration with perfect blooms, here are some ideas that Boston florists are ready and able to make happen for you this Passover.

 passover flowers in sharon

                                          Photo Credit: Flower Factor

Selecting varieties that compliment your dinner menus have become a popular way to design the Seder table settings.  Since leavened flour and grains are left out of these recipes, fabulous courses such as Matzo Ball soup, Brisket, haroset and rich cakes for dessert are most popularly made to dine on.  Matching a few types of flowers to these delicious dishes not only enhances their desirability but also compliments the tones of glorious color that they possess.  For example, the rich red tint of a raspberry glaze atop of brisket can be paired well with an arrangement of burgundy roses or ruby red ranunculus. Baby artichokes are also seen quite often where you can request your florist to place real artichoke heads within your centerpieces or you can pick up a few of these veggies at your local supermarket and do this task yourself.  The flourless chocolate cake that is sometimes served at the end of the meal is even more decadent when placed next to a vase of white calla lilies giving the black and white appeal to the feast. 

 passover flowers in newton

                                               Photo Credit: Flower Factor

What if you’re not into the matchy matchy look and just want to celebrate the spirit of the season within your flower arrangements?  Well you’re in luck because Passover occurs exactly during the time of year when beautiful harvests of spring flowers are arrive once again.  There is no shortage of exquisite lilies, tulips, hyacinth and sweet peas that are promised to look stunning placed on the table.  You can also arrange clumps of blossoms by color or variety, making a dramatic but fuss free impact on guests as they dine.  Other suggestions are to use single stem bud vases with lily of the valley or create four to five smaller vases around the settings holding vibrant jewel tones such as delphinium, roses or daffodils. 


Suzie Canale

Westwood, MA


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How To Cook A New Years Eve Roast

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Dec 29, 2014

New Years Eve dinner is one of the most anticipated meals of the year where dishes are slaved over to ensure a tasty feast for all who sit at their holiday table.   Including delicious sides of mashed potatoes, squash, green beans and more, guests look forward to the eclectic presentation of food served for this celebration.  Although cuisine varies from plate to plate, the main course usually includes a roast that can be prepared in several different ways depending on the host prefers.  While different seasonings, glazes and even oven temperatures will vary, there is a simple recipe for those who new to cooking their very first New Years Eve dinner.  While we might be anxious about the pressure to perform perfection, I assure you there’s an easy way to make sure your roast will turn out scrumptiously.  Follow these steps and you too will have a New Years Eve dinner with a main course fit for a king! 





1 Garlic Clove

Cream of Mushroom Soup

1 Yellow Onion                                                        

2 Stalks of Celery Baby Carrots

Red Potatoes (Quartered)

Ken’s Italian Dressing

2 Leaves of Sage



Salt                                                                                              photo credit:

White Pepper


Preheat oven at 325 degrees and place the roast face up in a roasting pan.  With a knife, slice 1inch slits on the surface of the meat making sure to spread the cuts at least 1 ½ inches apart from one another.   On a cutting board, thinly slice the garlic clove to produce at least 7 separate pieces.  Insert one garlic slice into each whole pressing the seasoning down deep.  Lightly dust the surface with salt, pepper and parsley, afterwards spreading the cream of mushroom soup over the top of the roast, which will sink into the meat and create a wonderful taste while cooking.  Then slice the yellow onion into ringlets and place over the glazed mixture.  Place the two sprigs of Sage delicately across the top, which will not only add to the unbelievable flavor but will also enhance the presentation of the dish.  On the bottom of the dish at the top and bottom of the roast, add the baby carrots and quartered red potatoes.  Sprinkle the veggies with a dash of salt, pepper and rosemary herbs and drizzle the Italian dressing on top.  Toss the vegetables together making sure that all of the ingredients are fully covered with the marinade.  Place the celery stalks on each side of the roast now completing a box around the meat.  Place in the oven for 2 hours and you have yourself a dynamite meal to serve  for New Years Eve dinner!

pot_roast_panini and what could be better on New Years Day than a pot roast patty melt ? 

photo credit:


Suzie Canale

Westwood, MA

Suzie's New Year's tradition is writing her and her family resolutions and sending themm out to sea as a message in a bottle.

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How to Stuff the Perfect Children's Christmas Stocking

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Dec 22, 2014

Many of you may not know this, but stuffing the perfect children’s Christmas stocking is really quite an art!  Though Santa Claus is truly the expert on this craft, sometimes he can get quite busy during yuletide season and may need some help from a few volunteer elves.   It is important to take this task seriously because stockings mark the magical charm of Saint Nick’s visit, as they are the first place  that many children check to see if he has arrived on Christmas Day.  One must be sure that if called upon to assist in this preparation, that they are ready to fill the stocking with precisely the right amount and the right variety of holiday goodies.   While candy canes, batteries and snow globes are traditionally the staples, there are other small gifts that can make the experience of your child opening their stocking a cherished memory that they will never forget. 


Toys and Trinkets

The beauty of a great Christmas stocking is not the amount of money spent on what’s inside, but the enchantment that is felt when a little hand pulls out a treat made especially for them.  Don’t be afraid to go with simplicity with items such as bookmarks, yo-yo’s and playing cards.   Matchbox cars, small stuffed animals and stickers are great fillers also that are easily bought to suit the child’s interests as well as inexpensive for our holiday budgets.  The objective is to facilitate a magical moment for the child by using simple and small presents that reflect who the child is and what their hobbies are.  Keep in mind local artisans who are usually stocked with handmade trinkets that are sure to envelope a child’s attention.



Let’s face it, candy canes are a must for Christmas.  Whether you are hanging them as ornaments on a tree or being snuck into the stocking (Santa recommends hanging the arch of the cane on the stocking for presentation value) they are an invaluable accessory due to their iatrical patterns of swirl and longevity for shelf life.  I have also found that jellybeans are a fun stocking stuffer because they are produced in cheerful colors of the rainbow as well as the fact that there is a general majority of appreciation for their sweetness.  Another suggestion is to stuff the stocking with Tic Tac boxes, which believe it or not, have made a triumphant come back in popularity.   The delicious mints are manufactured in a variety of flavors and are approved by most members of the NDA (National Dentists Association) for aiding in breadth freshness at a low calorie count. 


A Little Sprinkle of Love

Some of the most special gifts tucked inside a stocking are the ones that give a child something to look forward to.  Ticket stubs are a wonderful idea and can consist from anything to music concerts, museum passes and amusement parks to train rides, boat shows and plane boarding passes.  Other neat ways to approach this theme are brochures for a family weekend getaway at a near by hotel or gift cards to favorite restaurants or stores.  You can even make your own book of coupons that would allow a child to use them for a visit to the zoo, a bowling outing or even a free 1 night pass to get out of washing the dishes.  Whatever you select, make sure that the gesture is personalized to the particular child and watch him or her enjoy the magic of a tailored Christmas stocking stuffed just especially for them. Maybe even a short stem rose or narcissus bulb for the young gardener too.


suzie_canale_boston Suzie can be found at ther home in Westwood, MA on Christmas Eve filling stockings for her two boys awaiting Santa Claus.

Suzie Canale

Fenway Park, 2014


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Great Ideas for Christmas Breakfast

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sun, Dec 21, 2014

Delicious Choices for Festive Christmas Breakfasts


The children have awoken, the Christmas presents have been unwrapped and there is a joyful spirit that consumes the house.  Everyone is all smiles and is anxiously waiting for the time to play with toys and trinkets found underneath the tree.  It’s the most magical morning of the year for many and the anticipation and energy surrounding this time can really work up an appetite for your family!  While the holiday dinner has been in pre-preparation for weeks, we must not eliminate the specialty of serving a festive and delicious Christmas breakfast.  This meal is sometimes looked over and forgotten because of the abundance of cooking that will be done later in the day but I can promise you there is a simple and easy way to nourish early appetites with yummy dishes that will not take an exhaustive amount of time to make.  Try these suggestions to ensure your entire holiday is filled with merriment from the breakfast to the dinner table.


                                      photo credit:

Eggnog French Toast

This is a great recipe that I found which is fast and takes very few ingredients, making it so easy to whip up in a hurry.  Eggnog French Toast might sound a little decadent but really, it’s the flavor that has made this meal perfect for the season.  Grab 2 eggs and beat them until the consistency is soft.  Add 2 tablespoons of pumpkin spice, 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and 2 cups of store bought eggnog.  Whisk together and dip 10 slices of thick bread into the batter carefully coating each side.  Then heat a skillet with a either Pam cooking spray or a pad of butter and sauté each piece until golden brown.  Serve immediately with rich maple syrup and watch everyone dive into this lovely Christmas breakfast.


                                                  photo credit:

Sausage Casserole

Oh, you will love this recipe that is sure to please even the fussiest feaster at your table.  Simply preheat your oven to 350 degrees and heat a skillet where you will be cooking 1½ pounds of pork sausage until tender, draining the grease from the pork once ready.  In a bowl, whisk 5 eggs with 1 teaspoon of salt, 1½ cups of milk and 2 teaspoons of mustard powder.  After it’s mixed thoroughly, add the sausage, 2 cups of breadcrumbs and 10 ounces of shredded cheddar cheese.  Give the bowl another last stir to make sure that everything has blended nicely.  Next, grease a casserole dish or square pan and pour in the egg concoction.  Place in the oven for 50 to 60 minutes and let cool after the casserole is done.  Slice into triangles or squares and serve immediately.


                                     photo credit:

Scones, Donuts and Muffins

Don’t be embarrassed to outsource this meal for the sake of convenience, that’s what your local bakery is there for!  Select baked goods that reflect the Christmas season such as cinnamon, peppermint or sugar powdered frostings and toppings to add extra dazzle and delight.  You’ll be surprised at the wide selection and the wonderful holiday shapes that are usually present within the bakery’s cases during this time of year.  Buy your choices the day before to ensure freshness and sit back and relax on your Christmas morning!

 suzie_and_lance_canale Suzie and Lanc, November, 2014 Westwood, MA

Suzie will be having Christmas breakfast at her home in Westwood with her two boys, husband and mom.

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