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How to Stuff the Perfect Children's Christmas Stocking

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Dec 22, 2014

Many of you may not know this, but stuffing the perfect children’s Christmas stocking is really quite an art!  Though Santa Claus is truly the expert on this craft, sometimes he can get quite busy during yuletide season and may need some help from a few volunteer elves.   It is important to take this task seriously because stockings mark the magical charm of Saint Nick’s visit, as they are the first place  that many children check to see if he has arrived on Christmas Day.  One must be sure that if called upon to assist in this preparation, that they are ready to fill the stocking with precisely the right amount and the right variety of holiday goodies.   While candy canes, batteries and snow globes are traditionally the staples, there are other small gifts that can make the experience of your child opening their stocking a cherished memory that they will never forget. 


Toys and Trinkets

The beauty of a great Christmas stocking is not the amount of money spent on what’s inside, but the enchantment that is felt when a little hand pulls out a treat made especially for them.  Don’t be afraid to go with simplicity with items such as bookmarks, yo-yo’s and playing cards.   Matchbox cars, small stuffed animals and stickers are great fillers also that are easily bought to suit the child’s interests as well as inexpensive for our holiday budgets.  The objective is to facilitate a magical moment for the child by using simple and small presents that reflect who the child is and what their hobbies are.  Keep in mind local artisans who are usually stocked with handmade trinkets that are sure to envelope a child’s attention.



Let’s face it, candy canes are a must for Christmas.  Whether you are hanging them as ornaments on a tree or being snuck into the stocking (Santa recommends hanging the arch of the cane on the stocking for presentation value) they are an invaluable accessory due to their iatrical patterns of swirl and longevity for shelf life.  I have also found that jellybeans are a fun stocking stuffer because they are produced in cheerful colors of the rainbow as well as the fact that there is a general majority of appreciation for their sweetness.  Another suggestion is to stuff the stocking with Tic Tac boxes, which believe it or not, have made a triumphant come back in popularity.   The delicious mints are manufactured in a variety of flavors and are approved by most members of the NDA (National Dentists Association) for aiding in breadth freshness at a low calorie count. 


A Little Sprinkle of Love

Some of the most special gifts tucked inside a stocking are the ones that give a child something to look forward to.  Ticket stubs are a wonderful idea and can consist from anything to music concerts, museum passes and amusement parks to train rides, boat shows and plane boarding passes.  Other neat ways to approach this theme are brochures for a family weekend getaway at a near by hotel or gift cards to favorite restaurants or stores.  You can even make your own book of coupons that would allow a child to use them for a visit to the zoo, a bowling outing or even a free 1 night pass to get out of washing the dishes.  Whatever you select, make sure that the gesture is personalized to the particular child and watch him or her enjoy the magic of a tailored Christmas stocking stuffed just especially for them. Maybe even a short stem rose or narcissus bulb for the young gardener too.


suzie_canale_boston Suzie can be found at ther home in Westwood, MA on Christmas Eve filling stockings for her two boys awaiting Santa Claus.

Suzie Canale

Fenway Park, 2014


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