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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Introducing The Thomas Kinkade's Hero's Welcome Bouquet for 2020

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Nov 05, 2020

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Flowers

Home for the holidays! An instant Christmas classic, this lush arrangement of red roses and fresh winter greens accompanies a festive Thomas Kinkade collectible with light-up windows (starter batteries included) and hand-painted details.


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Fire Up The Cheer with Thomas Kinkade

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Nov 29, 2019


This holiday, we reflect and honor everyday heroes with a vintage, rustic twist - making this iconic Christmas scene an instant classic.

An instant holiday classic! Capture the vintage charm of small-town Christmas with this this festive Thomas Kinkade fire station sculpture. Set atop an arrangement of red roses and fresh winter greens, the hand-painted keepsake lights up for years of fun!

This charming gift features red roses, white carnations, red and white miniature carnations, oregonia, noble fir, and white pine. Delivered with a Thomas Kinkade's Festive Fire Station Keepsake.

In addition to the whimsy and charm of this truly heroic scene, this fire station lights up to make holiday spirits even brighter.


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Thomas Kinkade - A Holiday Flower Tradition

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Dec 15, 2017

If you’re an art fan like I am, you may have come across the infamous painter Thomas Kinkade at one point or another.  1 in 20 homes across America owns an original painting by the artist whose work appealed to a wide variety of eclectic tastes and preferences .  His brilliant use of chiaroscuro – the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, made him a favorite for many enthusiasts who are moved by the unique style and emotion he depicts throughout his work.  Critics who often criticized his shallow perception within this field are often brutally abutted by popular perception of the market which continues to drive up Kinkade’s marketable value.  One reason behind this is the note of inspiration behind his work that is commonly said to be attributed to a religious region- a source of his true passion.  Others argue that many of his ideas stemmed from a deep connection to the outdoors and the importance of “home” and what that truly meant.  You can’t miss the abundance of houses featured in the vast majority of his paintings and the gorgeous colors typically emanating from within the structures.  Although Kinkade passed away at an early age in 2012, his artwork still goes on to affect thousands of people with his talent for using oils.


Art dealers aren’t the only one who strive to keep Kinkade’s memory alive since the flower world has decided to take a piece of his essence and add it to this season’s holiday floral line!  Thanks to the visionaries behind Teleflora, this December customers will be able to purchase the very first, “Thomas Kinkade's Family Tree Bouquet”.  Using varieties of carnations, magnolia leaves, white pine, noble fir and cedar, the scent of the arrangement is just as appealing as the Christmasy vision it illuminates.  Not only does the centerpiece feature these stunning hints of the yuletide season, each one comes with a Thomas Kinkade hand sculpted, ceramic collectable that can be saved and reused for years to come.


Mirroring the warm feeling the artist inflicted in each and every canvas, designers have worked out a beautiful and festive tribute to his memory using seasonal flowers and greens.  These blooming works of art not only can be used as a fantastic addition to your celebratory dinner tables but also make the perfect gift to that special someone on your list.  Enjoy this precious holiday creation today by calling your local florist~

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Flowers are 2015’s Holiday Gift of Choice

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Dec 09, 2015

Tis’ the season of giving and if you’re like the rest of the world, you’re probably starting to feel a little anxious about how all of the shopping will get done!  The truth is, there’s just not a whole lot of time left to purchase all of the holiday presents written on your list so you’ve got to come up with a realistic plan.  Gifts should be thoughtful, accommodating and affordable for your friends and loved ones.  Forget the expensive trinkets, useless junk and endless hours spent waiting in long lines and try something new!


Floral gifts are beginning to make a gigantic comeback as 2015’s gift of choice and there’s no doubt why.  Flowers are both cost efficient, easily attainable and pleases a wide variety of people, particularly the fussy ones who are hopeless to buy for.  Select varieties that are compatible to the giftee (no scent for those who dislike strong odors, plants for those who might be allergic to blooms) and watch them praise you for the heartwarming sentiment


When selecting the right floral product, you want to keep in mind a few factors.  Not every arrangement is appropriate for everyone so you’ll want to do your research first.  What colors do they prefer?  Do they like Christmas décor or subtle non-denominational pieces?  Is the climate chilly or hot and do they prefer sweet aromas as apposed to fruity?  It might seem silly but there are many instances where it is of the utmost importance to do your homework before calling or ordering on line.   For example, you wouldn’t want to give a poinsettia to someone who has a nippy cat or dog for a pet since this species must be kept inside from the cold weather and are poisonous to ingest.  The best gifts during the season are ones appropriate for the entire household’s enjoyment and safety.


Now that we’ve nailed down the basics of gifting with flowers, how about we browse the possibilities and head to our local florist!



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Christmas Flowers in Boston - What is Hot ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Dec 03, 2014

Exotic Flowers in Boston presents the newest and hottest arrangements for Christmas in 2015. Exotic Flowers has partnered with Teleflora and Thomas Kinkade to bring flower lovers in the Boston area some great gifts for Christmas. Reaction Guaranteed.


Designed with red roses, carnations, pinecones and evergreens, this dazzling flower arrangement can be delivered anywhere in the Boston area for $59.95. This festive arrangement arrives in a sparkling keepsake ornament vase by Teleflora and is designed in the Exotic Flowers design studio in Boston.

Plum is the new red for Christmas. Our Boston floral design team keeps seeing more requests for unusual holiday colors. This holiday arrangement is brimming with royal colors. Not only can Exotic Flowers hand deliver this arrangement in the Boston area, but also available nationwide via Teleflora for only $99.95.

 Thomas Kinkade floral arrangements by Teleflora are a huge floral tradition in Boston, Massachusetts and New England. Kinkade passed away recently and this stunning Christmas arrangement is sure to be Exotic Flowers in Boston's best selling holiday flower arrangement for 2015. Only $84.95, this Thomas Kinkade floral arrangement arrives with fragrant evergreens, miniature red roses, pine cones and a keepsake cottage inspired by the deceased artist. This Christmas tradition of flowers is available in all fifty states.

christmas roses in boston resized 600

The perfect Christmas hostess gift, this exciting bouquet of red and white roses in a dazzling mirrored cube is guaranteed to make spirits brighter. Simple, stylish, affordable ¬- better order one for yourself as well. The delightful holiday bouquet features red roses and white roses accented with assorted greenery. Retailing for $64.95, this Christmas flower arrangement is not only available in Boston but throughout the United States. Start your own tradition.

Tired of the three taper candle oblong centerpiece ? Step outside the box while celebrating tradition. Carols by Candlelight is the ideal gift for the one who has everything.

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Exotic Flowers Boston Unveils a Sneak Peak for Christmas Gifts

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jul 05, 2011

boston christmas flowers 1Yes, I know it's July. The weather is great and I do not wish to remind us how bad the winter of 2011 was. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we are already accepting Christmas items and designing our holiday ads and direct mail pieces. Our goal at Exotic Flowers in Boston is to be a special part of your Christmas for 2011.  Leading off is our Colors of Christmas Centerpiece. The design of this floral arrangement is sure to bring star power to the table. The highlights of this arrangement include a hand-blown glass bowl, festive colors, elegant curves and our very own ecuadorean roses. Not only can Exotic Flowers send all our items throughout the Boston area, but we can also send these Christmas flowers throughout North America.

boston kinkade christmas flowersOur perennial holiday best seller is back again at Exotic Flowers in Boston. Partnering again with the Artist of Light via Teleflora; Exotic Flowers unveils Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Carolers Bouquet. Highlights of this Kinkade keepsake include our ecuadorean spray roses. Batteries are included. This Kinkade village plays the Christmas carol "Deck the Halls" and also lights up. Exotic Flowers now ignites your senses with sight, scent, touch and sound with this stunning Christmas gift.

Radko Boston Christmas FlowersKeeping in partnership with Christmas' stars; Exotic Flowers has once again partnered with Radko via Teleflora. Exotic Flowers is adding another keepsake ornament jar for your collection known as The Glitter and Shine Ornament, Celebrations by Radko. This Christmas gift will likely sell out again in 2011.

Chilly Billy Boston Christmas FlowersRemember Woody Woodpecker ? This bouquet hugger looks a lot like Chilly Willie. Known as the Send a Hug Penguin, this cute design is a surefire smile for all recipients. When you cannot give a hug, send a hug.

Christmas is such an important holiday. Start your own tradition in 2011 with flowers.

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