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Exotic Flowers in Boston

2016 Golden Globe Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jan 11, 2016


Last Sunday night was the event of the year in California where glamorous stars walked the red carpet in the anticipation of seeing who would win a golden globe award!  According to reports, the ratings reached staggering heights and that was all due to the brilliant staging of props that was organized by the silver screen’s most talented artists.  The clothing, makeup and jewelry were all part of the sparkle adding to the excitement of the evening including the stunning flowers showcased by the best of the best florists in town.  On every table donned a fresh arrangement that was designed specifically to enhance the celebration for those attending and those viewing the ceremony from their own homes.  Characteristics such as color, texture, vase material and height constraints went into deciding just how to design Hollywood’s hottest event.  


photo credit: Nancy Kaye

Since the show aired, there has been an interesting report from those who both liked and disliked the floral displays placed around the room.  Do you prefer this wild collection of color or do you lean towards a more subdued mix of matching hues?


photo credit: Mark's Garden

Varieties of flowers that are included in this arrangement are yellow roses, purple hydrangea, green roses, blue hyacinth, taupe roses and Vanda orchids.  The vase is cylinder in shape with emerald glass set off by silver glitter.  Personally, I think the eclectic shades of bright jewel tones are interesting but may appear confusing to others.  The designer was no doubt going for a flashy splash, which I believe he successfully achieved!

all photos in this blog post are courtesy of Mark's Garden and Nancy Kaye

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