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Exotic Flowers in Boston

A Fashion World Filled with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Feb 26, 2016

Flowers aren’t just used for display on your dining room tables-no sir.  These delicately bold gifts from Mother Nature are hitting the fashion world by storm, inspiring some of the most talented designers of the world to create spectacular frocks and accessories!  From daisies to roses, these striking blooms are headed straight for the runway, adorning exciting cutting edge presentations of fashion.  Not only are pant suits and dresses being accessorized with both faux and real blossoms but also scarves, hats, neckties and more!  If you’re a style lover who’s looking for an inspiring new look for 2016, search no further.  The conservative, sleek cuts are out and the gregarious flower fru-fru is in.  Move over Ms. Versace and Mr. Lagerfeld, there’s a fresh vogue turning heads in the fashion department bringing fun and flair to this year’s clothing racks.  Take a sneak peek at these innovative, provocative and glamorous tailored trends!

31360-Gown-Of-Flowers.jpg Gown of Flowers - photo credit:


Quoc Binh- Cosmos Pattern

photo credit:



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