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Exotic Flowers in Boston

October Flower Fashion

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Sep 29, 2017

Now that we are officially submerged in the fall season, our floral fashion is beginning to mimic the change in color, texture and style.  While September still seems to foreshadow the days of summer while interweaving fresh tones of deeper hues, this month continues to bring about further tints of warmth that reflect the autumn season.  As we look around us, all we see is color, color and MORE COLOR so it’s important to show this in our décor as well.  Pretty soon, you’ll see more of an influx in orange, brown and burgundy, which will continue into the month of November.  For those of you who prefer drama within their centerpieces, you’re in luck because during the next few weeks, florists will begin to utilize this palette by selecting a fresh inventory of fall flowers.  If you’re not ready to say goodbye to some of August’s favorites such as sunflowers or zinnias, have no fear…  Designers are well aware of the lingering summer beauties and will do their best to incorporate a touch of this within your arrangement if desired.  For those of you who are ready to embrace the October festivities with zeal, you’ll want to concentrate on a deeper and more enriching spectrum of color. Here’s a few suggestions to get your wheels turning…


photo credit via

October Flowers: October Foliage:

  1. Rudbekia           1. Kale
  2. Lanterns             2. Bittersweet
  3. Hydrangea         3. Hay
  4. Black Calla Lilies 4. Millet
  5. Orange Day Lilies 5. Maple Leaf Branches
  6. Mimosa               6. Green Amaranths
  7. Asters                 7. Cabbage
  8. Mums                 8. Artichoke
  9. Marigolds           9. Grape Vine
  10. Orange Gerberas 10.Leather Leaf
  11. Dahlias               11. Pittosporum
  12. Chocolate Cosmos 12.Wheat


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Foliage encouraged for this month’s floral arranging is also incredibly beautiful and will likely consist of a hearty leafage that is sure to stand out in a vase.  Since these plants are used to the cooler temperatures we experience during this time of year, not only will they look dazzling but will likely last a lot longer, too!  Another fun trick is to fill vases with native fruits such as apples, small pumpkins or acorns to give pieces an authentic presentation.  You can ask your florist to add this bit of extra texture to your order or simply pick up these items at a nearby farm stand. If you live near forested areas or have a garden still thriving, you might even find these treasures in your own back yard…

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Best Swim Suits for Summer 2016

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sun, May 15, 2016

You’re headed for a beach vacation and you’re making a list of must haves to fully enjoy the getaway.  Beach pails check!   Sunscreen, check!  Towels and hats check, check!  T-shirts, shorts, underwear, flip flops, check, check, check, check!  Now it comes down to the most important thing you must remember for the seashore, bathing suits of course!  Now we know you’ve been working hard all year to whittle down that waistline and eat healthy so now it's time to show off your hard work!  After all, you know you’ll be taking your annual family photo so you’ll want to look your best.  Well, as luck would have it, stores are carrying fabulous new lines of swimwear that are flattering for every shape you’ve been gifted with.  Here are a few hints on how to choose the perfect suit right for you and another couple of tips on where to find them.


photo credit:

Body Type:  Short and Curvy with a Well Endowed Bust Line

The possibilities are endless for you if this is the shape you possess because manufacturers are realizing that most women have real curves.  Thick straps with bra inserts or underwire are a great option and bottoms with low lengths over hips provide a nice silhouette for voluptuous lines.  If your are looking for a bikini, try a crisscross design and if a one piece it was you desire, try solid colors with a thicker fabric for extra support.

Body Type:  Tall and Lean with a Petite Bust Line

If this is your category, you’re going to want to flock to the string bikini department and look for tops with large patterns or ruffles.  Extra fabric designs that extenuate your bust will give a larger illusion.  Full piece suits should have a high cut hip line as well as thinner straps over the shoulders.  Stay away from strapless though since these are designed more for fuller chest body types.  

Body Type:  Medium Build with Broad Shoulders

There are women with this body who are frustrated with trying to find the right suit but actually, you have the opportunity to browse some pretty cool and contemporary designs!  For one pieces, search for solid with patterns up the side of the rib cage that will draw attention away from the shoulder area and create more of an hourglass appeal.  You can also get pretty funky with straps and neck lines by doing crops, triangular or square shaped cut outs.  Athletic prototypes are just what you need to show off the strength of your body!  

Top Swimsuit Sites

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A Fashion World Filled with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Feb 26, 2016

Flowers aren’t just used for display on your dining room tables-no sir.  These delicately bold gifts from Mother Nature are hitting the fashion world by storm, inspiring some of the most talented designers of the world to create spectacular frocks and accessories!  From daisies to roses, these striking blooms are headed straight for the runway, adorning exciting cutting edge presentations of fashion.  Not only are pant suits and dresses being accessorized with both faux and real blossoms but also scarves, hats, neckties and more!  If you’re a style lover who’s looking for an inspiring new look for 2016, search no further.  The conservative, sleek cuts are out and the gregarious flower fru-fru is in.  Move over Ms. Versace and Mr. Lagerfeld, there’s a fresh vogue turning heads in the fashion department bringing fun and flair to this year’s clothing racks.  Take a sneak peek at these innovative, provocative and glamorous tailored trends!

31360-Gown-Of-Flowers.jpg Gown of Flowers - photo credit:


Quoc Binh- Cosmos Pattern

photo credit:



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Flower Couture

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Jan 28, 2016

The fashion world is getting a fresh taste of inspiration in 2016 and it doesn’t include a designer’s variation in fabrics.  Flowers of every variety and dimension are hitting the runway, featured in some of the most elite fashion events of the year.  Around the world, florists are becoming involved within this competitive industry where they are showing innovative techniques and presentations with the use of imported product.  Orchids, roses, willow, and an eclectic multitude of tropical leaves are being sewn, glued and stapled onto dresses, blazers, hats, pants, skirts, shirts and more!  Contributing a breathtaking flare and contemporary vision, models are strutting these striking concoctions adorned with lavish blossoms everywhere from New York to Paris.  According to reviews, the floral fascination is making a splash and is leaving their audiences in awe.  


photo credit:

Is this a fleeting trend?


A hoax?


photo credit:

A desperate attempt to re-infuse clothing with personality and intrigue?


I don’t think so…  Talented designers are making serious headway by creating fashion forward ideas that will revolutionize what is shown on the cover of magazines and storefront windows.   Flowers have asserted themselves as being the new vogue when it comes to clothing and judging by these pictures, there’s no questioning why.  Take a look at these popular new looks and ask yourself if you see yourself dripping in daisies the next time you plan on attending a function!

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Oscar Nominated Actress Keira Knightley Wows in Flower Inspired Gown

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Feb 26, 2015

The tables weren’t the only place flowers were inspired at this year’s 87th Oscar Night festivities! Infamous costume and wardrobe designers were also utilizing the gift of floral themed patterns, which even made their way to the red carpet.  Keira Knightley was one of the actresses who was not only praised for her performance in “Begin Again” that hit box offices over the summer but also wowed onlookers in her stunning gown that received quite a reaction.  Although Knightly was in attendance to support the film’s nomination for Best Song, the actress found an overwhelming standing ovation for her dress choice, which is quickly urging tailors to continue this trend.  Why was this frock so special?  Not only did the cut and shape accentuate and flatter Knightley’s very pregnant belly, but also perpetuated a softer, womanly style that many say Hollywood has been waiting to return to.  Too often, starlets shed their clothes for a sexy, sleek appearance instead of selecting designs that present the classic beauty that the silver screen began with. Here are the details of the ingenious creation by Valentino.

 keira_knightley                                                photo credit: NY Times

For starters, the dress couldn’t have been made in any more of a romantic color that was sewn with blush pink and peach silk toile.  Embroidered delicately up and down the front and back were stitched flowers of posies, a favorite of many flower lovers.  The stems were woven in forest and mint green while the heads and petals were designed in silver, red and pastel pink.  The pretty floral touches weren’t the only beautiful detail either.  Written in black script, French wording was also added, striking across the sheath and diagonally.  Flowing freely around the actress’s feet as she walked the red carpet, the simple yet stunning natural fall of the gown did wonders for Knightley’s glamorous entrance.  Originally the pattern had been constructed to hide the upcoming birth of her first child with husband, James Righton.  The illusion was successful although photographs shooting the side of the 29-year-old brunette gave her condition away. 

 1424660908_keira-knightly-flashes-baby-bump-at-oscars-2015-4                                              photo credit:

If the dress isn’t enough to impress you, how about the floral crown that Knightley brilliantly accessorized with?  Setting perfectly on her head of long brown locks, the headband encircled her hairstyle, which was also gentle in appearance being only primped with soft spiral curls that hung past her shoulders.  The band of buds matched the petals that were featured on her dress and accentuated the natural beauty that Keira Knightly has impressed the movie world with.  The actress has ignited a huge flower fad in the fashion world and has also successfully shown Hollywood that her classic face, image and wardrobe choice is still the glamorous way to go!

Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA

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