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Exotic Flowers in Boston

What's Your Flower Arranging Style 

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Apr 09, 2018

If you love flowers, then you probably do your fair share of visiting public gardens, reading books about floral arranging and grabbing a bunch of fresh blossoms for your home any chance that you get.  It’s also a pretty safe assumption that you’re also a frequent customer to local flower shops in the area who tempt you with stunning bouquets every time you walk through their door. You’re a personality easily tracked in the floral industry where professionals dedicate much of their time and energy trying to study what people like you prefer for blooms.  Are you big into country varieties that you might see at a local farm stand or perhaps you’d rather enjoy a sleek bundle of all white roses? These taste differentiations make all the difference in the world to buyers and designers who attempt to please customer bases in a consistent manner. Even if you’ve never self-reflected on what you tend to gravitate towards, it’s a safe bet you do in fact have a favorable color palette, design frame and odor criteria when ordering centerpieces.  If you’re unaware where you lie on the flower spectrum, check out this variety of creations that are all unique from one another and can tell us a lot about you in the process.


Wild Flower Design

If you love to watch the naturally stunning flowers bud up by the side of the road, you probably fall within the wild flower category.  Species such as Bachelor Buttons, Queen Anne’s Lace and daisies will be right up your alley and easily either ordered by your florist or grown in your summer garden.

autumn gemstones

Bright and Beautiful

This is one of the most popular methods of arranging because it appeals to a wide demographic of flower lovers.  Purple, orange and lime green pops from any vase and sends a message of happiness to whoever receives it. If you ever get depressed during the drearier months of the year, this type of arrangement is the perfect medicine.

topaz flowers


This style isn’t for everyone but if you are a creative person who loves drama in your flower pieces, contemporary design is just right for you!  These mixtures are usually architecturally compelling and strive to be different from anything else on the designing bench. The key to this genre is modernization with a focus on artistic composition.


European Designing

This is my sweet spot when it comes to flower arranging because the style originates in the countries of France and Holland.  Instead of stretching stems and strong contrasting color, European methodology relies heavily on the simple blends of similar hues, which are typically placed in a compact shape.

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A Look into Your Floral Personality

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Aug 14, 2017

People who buy flowers are after a multitude of different things…  One possible is that they love bright colors and another may be the aromatherapy they seek from the scent.  Customers buy flowers to add décor to their homes, to impress clientele when they enter an office and some will even order a bouquet to attract a suitor.  There are a zillion different scenarios to match this question, which is why Boston florists continue to brainstorm new ways to attract shoppers by implementing creative marketing techniques.


photo credit via

If you can believe it, numerous studies have taken place to match personality traits to floral taste, basing the equation on factors such as educational background, age, hobbies, financial brackets, geographical locations and even the propensity one has to use either the left or right side of the brain.  This last factor might make you stop and think about things for a moment but yes-it is true a person can have a floral preference that directly connects to their individual cranial activity.  Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it?

In fact, those who use their left side more frequently are apt to be attracted to presentations, which satisfy a mathematical sequence or in floral terms, an architecturally driven piece.  What does this mean?  It means that this segment of the population relies on stimulation that is motivated by factors such as height, balance and symmetry.  Examples of this can be found in centerpieces created with orchids, branches and simple foliage.  Bamboo is a huge seller within this niche as well as pussy willow, oncidium and birds of paradise.  The goal for this type of design is “less is more” as well as a hidden underlying meaning, which is created by the artist.  If this style is right up your alley, take look at these arrangements that can be readily made available by your local city florist.

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Fun with Fruit and Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jun 17, 2016

I LOVE fruit!  I love it for so many reasons, which is why my fridge is constantly stocked to the brim with assorted varieties so that my whole family can pull out a delicious treat whenever the urge arises.  Assortments such as grapes, oranges, apples, mangos, bananas and pears are incredibly good for the body but as a former florist, I can see a whole other world of possibilities that make this food group a desirable topic for designers.  One of the best qualities besides the health benefits of fruit is the color, texture and shape that the juicy flesh grows inside of.  This is an interesting factor for florists to acknowledge because it allows us to get really creative when incorporating blossoms with eye appealing produce.  After all, why should we have to solely depend on a flower’s properties of shading, size and appearance when the work can be shared with a prop having similarly positive attributes of attractiveness?   


Here’s what I mean…

By mixing flowers with fruit or utilizing the fruit as the fixture (vase) for the arrangement, we can create a fantastic conversational piece as well as a display that promotes contemporary style and clever technical skill. This type of designer theme also strongly reverberates the essence of “health” which can be useful for events appropriate for children or even fundraisers sponsored by hospitals, hotels or other service motivated organizations.  They’re also great for wedding buffets and cocktail/dinner centerpieces if the bride and groom wish to focus on a tropical or seasonal appeal (apples are popular with fall ceremonies).  The possibilities are endless so try playing around with these fruit infused floral bouquets for a fun and flirty look for your next occasion!

Fruit for Inside the Vase

Using fruit inside the vase to contrast the blooms you have chosen for the arrangement can spark up a drab composition and increase dynamic and color.  Strawberry stems alone can be put in bud vases or you can drip clumps of red or green grapes throughout a traditional floral structure.  Other great varieties that work well are apples, oranges and raspberry/blackberry branches.


Fruit Used as the Vase

Pineapples are not only yummy but the core of the fruit also makes an excellent vase along with cantaloupes and watermelons.  If you choose to use a clear glass vase, you can fill the inside with whole or halved lemons, limes or other varieties with a rind-like texture.  The color will beam from both the top and bottom of the composition making it an extra stunning arrangement or display.

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Flower Couture

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Jan 28, 2016

The fashion world is getting a fresh taste of inspiration in 2016 and it doesn’t include a designer’s variation in fabrics.  Flowers of every variety and dimension are hitting the runway, featured in some of the most elite fashion events of the year.  Around the world, florists are becoming involved within this competitive industry where they are showing innovative techniques and presentations with the use of imported product.  Orchids, roses, willow, and an eclectic multitude of tropical leaves are being sewn, glued and stapled onto dresses, blazers, hats, pants, skirts, shirts and more!  Contributing a breathtaking flare and contemporary vision, models are strutting these striking concoctions adorned with lavish blossoms everywhere from New York to Paris.  According to reviews, the floral fascination is making a splash and is leaving their audiences in awe.  


photo credit:

Is this a fleeting trend?


A hoax?


photo credit:

A desperate attempt to re-infuse clothing with personality and intrigue?


I don’t think so…  Talented designers are making serious headway by creating fashion forward ideas that will revolutionize what is shown on the cover of magazines and storefront windows.   Flowers have asserted themselves as being the new vogue when it comes to clothing and judging by these pictures, there’s no questioning why.  Take a look at these popular new looks and ask yourself if you see yourself dripping in daisies the next time you plan on attending a function!

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Flower Styles From Around The World

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jan 20, 2016


I bet you didn’t know that because we live in Boston, we have access to some of the finest florists in the world!  Complete with their own sense of style and flair, Boston is ranked one of the top twenty best performing floral designers across the globe.   

I bet you didn’t know that each region has their own unique way of floral designing, making their pieces distinct and unique.  Really, it’s true!

Each designer has their own influence on how they manipulate color, texture and size and it’s mainly due to the specific geographic location where he or she has learned their talents!  For instance, Boston is pretty conservative when it comes to floral presentation but we also enjoy constant change in varieties mainly due to the fact that we experience a varying four-season climate.  Another fact about our area’s likes and dislikes are that we have an inherent taste for blending shades instead of separate color tones.  Even all white wedding work commonly has a pinch of peach or green added to create a richer balance.  

Are you curious about what other worldwide florists are designing?  Take a look at these nationally acclaimed floral industry masters and compare them to see where your taste truly lies.  You might be surprised where you find the answer!


photo credit:

Italian Fiori

Italian floral arrangements are influenced largely by the Tuscany theme, which relies heavily on wildflowers and species representative of this region’s infamous product, grapes.  The essence usually revolves around romantic and sensual aspects, often cultivating opulent palettes of gem tones.  Historically, Romans often offered poppies to the gods as a gift making them to this day a popular addition to many    Italian bouquets.  


photo credit: Jeff Leatham    

French Fleurs

French floral design is without a doubt, some of the most beautiful work the world has ever seen.  The reason why is because regional designers have an eclectic style that stretches from single color clumping to erratic spectrums, incorporating bright shades of blues, yellows and oranges.  Popular flowers used are (of course) native to the area’s agriculture, including French iris, tulips, ranunculus and my favorite, French roses.  


       Japanese Hana


The Japanese style focuses on constructing intricate and contemporary designs that depend on architectural shape and balance.   Many experts deem this method as “cutting edge” within the industry and are impressed by the ability to break free from traditional pieces.  Often, floral centerpieces are looked upon as more than simply adding stems to a vase but viewed as “true art” because of the sophisticated techniques and creativity utilized.  While orchids still remain as one of the top ten varieties used in the culture’s floral décor, other species such as gerbera daisies, delphinium and hydrangea are also highly requested.

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Jewel Tone Flowers - Fad or Timeless Classic ?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Sep 18, 2015


A diamond is said to be a girl’s best friend but so isn’t a stunning bouquet of brightly colored flowers!  Boston florists are well aware of this fact and have decided to take the “jewel tone” fad to another level.  By matching precious stones to varieties of plants and flowers, they are able to create majestic looking arrangements that are just as showy as their customer’s jewelry preference.  Bean Town’s designers are getting so good at it, they have even been able to make pieces to match a birthstone for birthday orders!  Now who wouldn’t love to receive a specifically tailored vase of blossoms that is uniquely thematic just for them?  Selecting product that is the same color of gems has also been extended to include wedding anniversaries as well as family heirlooms.  If you haven’t yet been introduced to the growing sensation of flower decorating, here is a list to find your perfect jewel tone bloom!  My birthstone is the diamond so I can’t wait to see if a giant bouquet of lily of the valley or white phalaenopsis arrives for me on my special day!

photo credit:

Amber (orange/brown)  - orange tulips, gerbera daisies, poppies

Sapphire (deep blue)      - delphinium, bachelor buttons, hydrangea, iris

Citrine (green/yellow) - cypripedium orchids, fritillaria, amaranthus, sedum  

Emerald (green) - bells of ireland, hellebore, cymbidium orchids

Garnet (deep red) - roses, amaryllis, ranunculus

Onyx (black) - calla lilies, chcoolate cosmos

Opal (iridescent) - antique hydrangea

Tanzanite (purple) - hydrangea, lilacs, roses,

Diamond (clear/white) - roses, phalaenopsis orchids, delphinium, larkspur, calla lilies






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Back to School Flower Arrangements

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Sep 16, 2015

The kids are finally back in school- yahoo!  Okay, we’ll miss the little whipper snappers from time to time but honestly, it’s time for fall to put us back on track that includes our flower arrangements!  Boston florists are already in full swing preparing for a product line dedicated to bring out the autumn feel.  Red, yellow and gold will likely be the featured palette for the next few months so why don’t we add a little something to the mix?  Bean Town’s flower lovers are asking their designers to create back to school styled pieces that reflect the very essence within texture, color and sizing.

photo credit: Flower Factor/ 

For a minute, a few of our finest florists were stumped as to how to deliver such a request but after a little research, they have come up with some pretty cool ideas!   The best part is, if you have a garden still flourishing outside in your backyard, you might even be able to make some of these styles on your own!  They don’t cost a lot and are most likely varieties native to New England’s present climate.  Farm stands are also a great resource to find workable material so make sure you check those out, too!  Here are a few ideas to get the apple rolling!  

photo credit Flower Factor/

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Boston Floral Designers Offer Worldwide Inspiration

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Sep 09, 2015

September Designing

September is here and there are a bunch of new styles that are going to dazzle the flower lovers of Boston!  This season promises a fresh outlook on vase work and centerpieces including new shades of glass and interesting textured plants.  Cut stems are also being used within contemporary techniques, promising complicating structure and woven detail.  New York customarily supersedes the floral efforts of Boston possessing a firmer understanding of cutting edge industry fads and trends but this year Boston will shine!  Due to extensive overbroad studies in champion floral countries such as France and Holland, Bean Town’s creative efforts are predicted to trump the competition from surrounding cities.  Check these out for a preview of this autumn’s impressive floral line.

Okay, you may have seen this angular look before but this time, designers are using bold colors of yellow, orange and red to express this dynamic piece for weddings and other high-end events.  Showcased in a glass rectangle with a slim opening and six inch height, stems dramatically are bunched together and fold outwards creating a gorgeous and sophisticated presentation that is perfect for Boston’s nightlife! This image holds blossoms of calla lilies, roses and amaryllis.

Another funky creation that uses architecture to bend and mold is this cool and fresh rectangle vase that is being sold by the millions to our city’s most posh hotels.  These black calla lilies are visually impressive alone but really pack the “wow” factor when constructed similarly to this piece where their stems are carefully woven and tied to form a bridge shape.  Needing little water and maintenance, this style of arrangement also promises longevity, which Boston businesses appreciate from their florists.  

Boston is going to show the northeast its talents by reflecting what we have to offer which is a rich history, particularly in terms of Thanksgiving tradition.  This seasonal arrangement encompasses this theme perfectly using deep toned stems of protea, roses, anthurium and hypericum berries.  Wonderful for weddings as centerpieces or bouquets, Bostonians can also add this to their holiday wish list!  

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Outdoor Design Trends for Summer 2015

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jun 26, 2015

The summer is bringing on the heat and that means we are able to transition from hiding within the limitations of our homes to the fun season of outdoor living!  There will be holidays, barbecues, pool parties and dinners served alfresco so we’ll need to amp up the décor of our decks, patios and backyards.  No, we won’t need to ring up extravagant home shopping bills just yet.  With a few lighting, color and texture tips, you’ll be able to transform that dull yard into a fabulous Eden for you and your friends to enjoy.  Here’s what’s hot this summer for 2015 according to some of my favorite design companies!




                              photo via Restoration Hardware

I’m in love with the new lighting ideas that are making their way out of design rooms this season.  Particularly the “filament bulb strung lights” models are grabbing my attention, which are perfect to be hung on trees or deck eaves.  They are replacing the lantern look of previous summer catalogs and providing a more sophisticated look for evening settings.  The gentle luminescence of the bulbs provide a romantic glow to your nighttime affairs and are exactly what’s needed for those intimate moments when things start warming up in July and August!


                                                            Ceramic Potting Gardens


                                               photo credit: Pottery Barn

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited for this look to be returning this summer, which is being showcased by Pottery Barn!  Ceramic pots are not only super easy to pick up on your travels for low cost but they actually become more trendy when they have been a little chipped or the paint has worn down.  Make sure you clean them well before potting your favorite plants and try to get creative by adding complimentary pops of color to your containers.  Once they have been designed, place the pots strategically on your deck, patio or around the barriers of your backyard garden, pool or lounging area. 


Bright Fabric Is In


            photo credit: Crate & Barrel

Another fab line from Crate & Barrel has decided to go bright and bold with their outdoor pillows and cushions.  Orange, lime green and teal seem to be this company’s go-to color palette, adding popular ocean and beach themes within the textiles.  You might frown a bit at the cost but keep in mind that these are so cute and versatile that they can be brought indoors once the cool weather returns to New England.

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