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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Boston Floral Designers Offer Worldwide Inspiration

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Sep 09, 2015

September Designing

September is here and there are a bunch of new styles that are going to dazzle the flower lovers of Boston!  This season promises a fresh outlook on vase work and centerpieces including new shades of glass and interesting textured plants.  Cut stems are also being used within contemporary techniques, promising complicating structure and woven detail.  New York customarily supersedes the floral efforts of Boston possessing a firmer understanding of cutting edge industry fads and trends but this year Boston will shine!  Due to extensive overbroad studies in champion floral countries such as France and Holland, Bean Town’s creative efforts are predicted to trump the competition from surrounding cities.  Check these out for a preview of this autumn’s impressive floral line.

Okay, you may have seen this angular look before but this time, designers are using bold colors of yellow, orange and red to express this dynamic piece for weddings and other high-end events.  Showcased in a glass rectangle with a slim opening and six inch height, stems dramatically are bunched together and fold outwards creating a gorgeous and sophisticated presentation that is perfect for Boston’s nightlife! This image holds blossoms of calla lilies, roses and amaryllis.

Another funky creation that uses architecture to bend and mold is this cool and fresh rectangle vase that is being sold by the millions to our city’s most posh hotels.  These black calla lilies are visually impressive alone but really pack the “wow” factor when constructed similarly to this piece where their stems are carefully woven and tied to form a bridge shape.  Needing little water and maintenance, this style of arrangement also promises longevity, which Boston businesses appreciate from their florists.  

Boston is going to show the northeast its talents by reflecting what we have to offer which is a rich history, particularly in terms of Thanksgiving tradition.  This seasonal arrangement encompasses this theme perfectly using deep toned stems of protea, roses, anthurium and hypericum berries.  Wonderful for weddings as centerpieces or bouquets, Bostonians can also add this to their holiday wish list!  

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