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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Introducing Creativity Kits For At Home Inspiration

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Apr 24, 2020

Working from home? Want flowers in your house? Now you can use the same ingredients our floral designers use. We have flowers from five countries or more every day of the year.

creativity kits

Introducing Creativity Kits. Flowers in bulk sent wrapped or boxed. They will arrive with fresh flower preservative.

Bang for the Buck: includes flowers like carnations and daisy poms. Hardy flowers where less money goes further for more stems. $50

Seasonal Mix: e.g., tulips in the spring or sunflowers in the summer. $75

Back Bay Blend: roses, from Ecuador, Oriental Lilies from Canada, alstromeria from Columbia or lisianthus from the Netherlands are just jew examples of what you might find in this assortment of fresh flowers; a higher-end enough to fill a vase that measures 5"X5"X10". If you're looking to replicate our work, start here. $100

Flowers in bulk sent wrapped or boxed. They will arrive with fresh flower preservative, 

*** Remember always cut each and stem and use the flower food. The cooler the area, the longer they last.

** Photo does not represent flowers that will be sent, selection varies daily**




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What's Your Flower Arranging Style 

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Apr 09, 2018

If you love flowers, then you probably do your fair share of visiting public gardens, reading books about floral arranging and grabbing a bunch of fresh blossoms for your home any chance that you get.  It’s also a pretty safe assumption that you’re also a frequent customer to local flower shops in the area who tempt you with stunning bouquets every time you walk through their door. You’re a personality easily tracked in the floral industry where professionals dedicate much of their time and energy trying to study what people like you prefer for blooms.  Are you big into country varieties that you might see at a local farm stand or perhaps you’d rather enjoy a sleek bundle of all white roses? These taste differentiations make all the difference in the world to buyers and designers who attempt to please customer bases in a consistent manner. Even if you’ve never self-reflected on what you tend to gravitate towards, it’s a safe bet you do in fact have a favorable color palette, design frame and odor criteria when ordering centerpieces.  If you’re unaware where you lie on the flower spectrum, check out this variety of creations that are all unique from one another and can tell us a lot about you in the process.


Wild Flower Design

If you love to watch the naturally stunning flowers bud up by the side of the road, you probably fall within the wild flower category.  Species such as Bachelor Buttons, Queen Anne’s Lace and daisies will be right up your alley and easily either ordered by your florist or grown in your summer garden.

autumn gemstones

Bright and Beautiful

This is one of the most popular methods of arranging because it appeals to a wide demographic of flower lovers.  Purple, orange and lime green pops from any vase and sends a message of happiness to whoever receives it. If you ever get depressed during the drearier months of the year, this type of arrangement is the perfect medicine.

topaz flowers


This style isn’t for everyone but if you are a creative person who loves drama in your flower pieces, contemporary design is just right for you!  These mixtures are usually architecturally compelling and strive to be different from anything else on the designing bench. The key to this genre is modernization with a focus on artistic composition.


European Designing

This is my sweet spot when it comes to flower arranging because the style originates in the countries of France and Holland.  Instead of stretching stems and strong contrasting color, European methodology relies heavily on the simple blends of similar hues, which are typically placed in a compact shape.

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Introducing the Indian Summer Bouquet

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 14, 2017

indian summer.jpg

Featuring orchids and hydrangeas, Indian Summer lets us hold onto summer just a bit longer. 
Loaded with texture, this arrangement feeds our memories of summer as we head into fall.
Shown at $99.95, we also offer a modest version at $74.95 and a Premium uograde at $149.95
We can deliver this bouquet same day anywhere in the 617 area code and most of the 781. When you need a Boston flower delivery, we've been here for eighty eight years. Pick up is also available at our florist at 609 American Legion Highway in Roslindale.

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Flowers for the Sea Lover

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Aug 04, 2017

I love just about anything connected to the ocean including the sand, surf and all wildlife crawling about the shores.  It’s a place in my life where serenity is naturally cultivated by the sounds, scents and views saturating every inch of canvas making the seaside my number one destination for retreat.  I’m assuming I’m not alone and perhaps you feel the same way about your annual summer visits to the beach.   Being in New England, unfortunately our time spent there is fleeting due to the fact we only have a few months to enjoy it.  I know I can admit to having serious withdrawals once September rolls around since I know it’s not long before the warmth is replaced by the bitter realities of winter.  It’s hard to say goodbye to somewhere you love when you know it will be another nine months before it’s time to pull out the umbrella and towels once again…


If you’re like me and have experienced this depressing moment of truth, maybe I can give you a bit of advice on how to resurrect the blissful ocean ambiance until the new season calls upon us?  There are a lot of helpful tips including adding scented candles to your home, making sand terrariums, listening to wave recordings, or painting rooms in similar shades of blues and seafoam green.  All of these ideas are great suggestions and are bound to help you through the snowy months of the calendar but might I suggest another coping mechanism to get you over the chilly hump?  


photo via

Flowers make excellent props for setting a similar beach scene within the comfort of your own home and will also provide you with the perfect dose of aromatherapy to boot!  Yes, certain species of plants and blooms will give the suggestion to your brain that you can still experience the attributes of the shore while you’re still bundled up inside.  Check out this list of sandy shore flowers, which will enhance your mood and senses until you’re back in the ocean swimming again…

Beach Flowers:

Beach Roses American Beach Grass Eastern Showy Aster

Rose Hips Beach Pea Columbine

Hydrangea Black Grass Lavender

Golden Rod Heather Beach Plum

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The Best Orange Flowers

Posted by Olive Smith on Fri, Jun 16, 2017

What flowers are excellent choices if your favorite color is orange?  TONS!  Orange is a very popular color in the flower industry for a few reasons…  First of all, the tint has many cultural ties as well as several symbolic meanings associated with worldly celebrations, holidays and other rites.  The second reason attains to the usefulness designers have with this shade since it contrasts nicely against both bold and light colors.  The third explanation for the high demand of orange blossoms is simply because it makes people HAPPY!  I general, those who are attracted to this color are known to be upbeat, enthusiastic and energetic so having a bouquet in the same color spectrum will only boost you further up!  If you think you’re at a loss of knowledge when it comes to orange flowers then keep reading.  Here are a few examples of blooms that might just be the right match for you!

  1. Orange Lilies-Otherwise known as “Tiger Lilies” these star-like flowers can grow just about anywhere as well as be picked for indoor centerpieces.  Due to their adaptable living capability, there are no shortages of this variety, causing purchases to be affordable and accessible.

  1. Orange Helenium- I love orange helenium and almost always include at least two planting every year within my garden.  The sweet face is joyful in itself plus the wildflower will regenerate and spread if the temperature and weather conditions are suitable.  A tip to the wise, helenium behaves better outside and will last longer if not used as a cut flower.

  1. Orange Marigolds- I have fond memories of my great aunts growing marigolds on their windowsills as a child and remember how the frilly edged blooms brightened up their faces.  Yes, some people might believe these flowers are old fashioned but really, they remain a favorite to many.  Marigolds are also hearty so they will do well in bud vases as well as potted plants.

  1. Birds of Paradise- These exotic flowers are a huge hit for those who enjoy tropical plants and flowers because of their unusual structure and cool presence within arrangements.  The head honestly looks like a bird and is perfect for parties and events where you want to make a big impact.

  1. Orange Protea- Protea is another favorite for orange flowers and has several properties, which make it desirable to customers.  Typically grown in Africa, they are shipped here, where they are used quite often in dramatic centerpieces essential for upscale events (they aren’t cheap to buy but worth it).  Their longevity also makes them attractive as well as the unusual texture of soft needles extending throughout the entire head.  Want one more reason to pick up a few stems of protea?  These flowers mix well with others or are perfect standing alone.


Flower credit via Flower Factor

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Flowers in a Box - Trend or Foe

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Mar 29, 2017

As you might suspect, most florists fulfill orders by sending mixed bouquets and other carefully arranged floral pieces, which have been designed to present a professional appeal.  For the most part, this used to be the preferred way of doing things where artistically constructed flowers were sold in vases as a finished product and ready for presentation as soon as they’re delivered.  Traditionally, this is the way the retail aspect of the industry has operated for centuries although recently, Bostonians have been making a request that is leading florists towards unchartered waters.  Interestingly enough, clientele are asking to arrange their own varieties of bouquets, nosegays and other blooming treats instead of designers doing it for them.  Where most flower shops have always done the mass creating single handedly, more and more people are begging to give floral styling a try for themselves.

 exotic flowers in boston.jpg

While designing your own flowers has made the supermarkets the floral powerhouse they are. Why would you ever gift someone flowers that need assembly. It's like buying the ingredients to a great meal and asking them to cook it themselves.

Of course, if you are gifting yourself and who doesn;t like to treat themselves. Flowers are the perfect treat and arranging them gets your creativity going. 

We recommned tulips, roses, hydangeas, sunflowers, hyacinth, peonies and gerbera daisies as easy to work with while your beautifying your space. 

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How to get Your Kids to Love Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Nov 05, 2016

If you’re a big fan of flowers, you might want to pass along your hobby to your children.  Whether you have boys or girls, floral enthusiasts understand the importance of nourishing their child’s connection to nature, particularly when it comes to flora and fauna.  The reason lies in the benefits, which include a healthy development of curiosity, creativity and a stronger bond to our surrounding environment.  According to scientific study, kids that play with flowers grow up to have a stronger nurturing tendency towards both nature and human beings.  Many lessons can be learned by all who raise a family with fresh flowers in and around their homes, which are beneficial to all long term.  If you’re stumped as to how you can begin educating your children about the importance of appreciating flowers, try these fun activities and projects to get you started!


photo credit via

Fun and Easy Activities to Nourish a Child’s Bond to Flowers

  1. Pick a patch of land and start a flowerbed in your backyard!  Allow your child to hand select their desired varieties of packaged seeds and let them get digging!
  2. Literally, make your kids stop and smell the roses.  The effects of aromatherapy are said to cure issues such as anxiety and depression without having to use over the counter drugs.  When they feel better, they’ll instantly tie flowers with positive feelings and mindsets.
  3. Crafting with flowers shows little ones the vast usage of heads, petals and stems while simultaneously opening the door to their imaginations.  Try having them glue dried petals to construction paper and let them make cards, bookmarks or beautiful pictures to hang up on the wall.
  4. Encourage your kids to play “florist” and allow them to manifest their own arrangements using cut flowers that are either purchased from local shops or simply cut from the backyard.  Don’t focus on the perfection of the piece, instead emphasize creativity and see what their tiny hands can come up with!  Who knows?  You might just have a brilliant designer in the making!
  5. Do your neighborhood some good and have the kids mix together small bouquets that they can gift to friends and family.  They’ll see the immediate joy and happiness they elicit and seek out to replicate that reaction over and over again.

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Lovely Little Flower Bouquets

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Nov 03, 2016

You’ve heard them say, “The best gifts in life come in the smallest packages,” and that remains to be true even when talking about flowers!  Although large, bountiful and cascading creations still cause quite an affect on audiences, smaller vase work and nosegays are brimming up excitement for the “Less is More” end of the floral spectrum.  People are starting to become enticed by miniature arrangements and the precision that goes into making them.  Tiny pots, jars and urns are being snatched up by designers and filled with the most delicately beautiful blooms from the best wholesale markets in town.  Word has it that they’re being utilized in a massive array of situations including weddings, restaurant/hotel functions, personalized presents, holiday décor and interior decorating.  Because of their wide screen of desirability, florists are having a grand ole time projecting what their product needs will be for future sales.  


photo credit via Flower Factor

According to them, it ain’t easy…

One reason is due to the fact that orders are ranging in all types of design and color including contemporary vs. French styles and bold hues vs. pastels.  Some local Boston buyers are even saying that tropicals are starting to show up within this trend as well as succulents and cacti.  Apparently, anything is up for arranging when it comes to these tiny wonders.  


photo credit via Flower Factor

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Woodland Themed Floral Arrangements

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Oct 20, 2016

October and November are sensational months to take advantage of a stroll through New England’s gorgeous woodlands.  Everything is alive with warm color and freshly scented-perfection when it comes to autumn magnificence along our forest pathways. Fortunately, nature enthusiasts aren’t the only ones becoming inspired by this stunning setting.  In fact, the florists of Boston are also paying close attention to this seasonal display and are actively transforming their September centerpieces into new designs that reflect this current trend.  By utilizing particular shapes, hues, sizing and scents, designers are successfully replicating a forest motif throughout their floral work and are seeing a huge appeal from their clientele.

woodland_florals_francoise_weeks.jpgphoto Ted Mishima via

Internationally recognized floral designer Francoise Weeks will be hostong a floral workshop in Arlington, MA this weekend. 

Friday and Saturday, November 4 & 5, 2016, 9AM to 4PM each day

Hosted by Barbara Popolow of:
Derby Farm Flowers & Gardens
218 Massachusets Ave
Arlington, MA 02474

If you are looking to ramp up your design skills, the staff at Exotic Flowers in Boston recommends this workshop. 

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Halloween Flowers in Boston - What is Hot ?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Oct 12, 2016

October is a time for warm fires, cozy sweaters, apple cider and jumping into leaf piles.  For many New Englanders, it is their favorite time of year, but there is one group in particular who seems to be inspired by the crisp change of the seasons the most.  That’s right-Boston florists love the autumn months because a fresh batch of product containing different hues of color and texture begin to arrive.  


Not only are many of the varieties longer lasting than the species within the summer collection, but they possess interesting new textures that are fun to play with.  From farm stands to backyard gardens, these beauties are bursting through the earth ready to take their moment in the spotlight and it’s up to us to come up with fantastic ways to do just that!  New species that are usually in high demand during October are orange sunflowers, millet, chrysanthemums, wheat and deep colored roses.  For right now, we’re going to shelve the pastel look but there’s still a ton of wiggle room for those who don’t prefer the rich combination of orange, red and yellow that we usually see now.


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