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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Exotic Flowers Boston Joins Nationwide Effort to ‘Petal It Forward’

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Oct 24, 2018

Local Business Spreads Smiles and Stress Relief, Two Bouquets at a Time


Roslindale, MA, (October 24, 2018)– Today, Exotic Flowers is joining floral industry businesses in more than 400 cities nationwide to surprise unsuspecting passersby in Roslindale with two free flower bouquets each – one to keep and one to give to a friend, family member, colleague, or even a stranger. The random-acts-of-kindness effort -- called Petal It Forward and organized by the Society of American Florists (SAF), of which Exotic Flowers is a member -- is designed to help people start their day with more smiles and less stress. The effort illustrates new research from the University of North Florida (UNF) that shows living with flowers reduces stress.


“Petal It Forward is the floral industry’s way of giving back,” said Jennifer Sparks, SAF’s Vice President of Marketing, citing the nationwide effort was purposefully planned for a Wednesday to help the mid-week slump. Rick Canale of Exotic Flowers wanted to be a part of the nationwide mood-boosting effort, and make a difference in the community. “We have been in this location for 88 years and we want to help make someone's day in the community,” said Canale. “Through the positive effects of flowers, we hope to make someone’s day brighter, and provide a much-needed moment of calm amidst the hectic pace of life,” he added.


The research findings on flowers and stress relief, and the need for mood-boosting gestures, seem timely: A survey by Wakefield Research in July showed that 68 percent of Americans experience stress weekly, and 32 percent report feeling stressed daily. Women are even more affected, with 25 percent reporting feeling stress multiple times a day.


Canale says the original idea behind Petal It Forward’s ‘keep one, share one’ concept, which started in 2015, came after looking at statistics that showed while 80 percent of people reported receiving flowers makes them happy, even more (88 percent) said that giving flowers makes them happy. “We want to give people the chance to experience both,” said Canale. 


In addition to the new research on stress, previous behavioral studies conducted by Rutgers and Harvard scientifically demonstrate the positive impact flowers have on emotional well-being. For information on the effects of flowers on stress research, visit For research on all of the health benefits of flowers, visit

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Flowers at Breakfast

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Apr 13, 2018

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day where we gain most of our energy, preparing ourselves for the tasks ahead.  Florists are the first ones to agree with this philosophy although they make their own amendment to the belief by suggesting that breakfast should be served with more than just a side of eggs.  Yes, designers are inclined to advice their clients to accompany the first meal of the day with a fresh bouquet of flowers which can contribute specific essentials to maximize the success of a person’s day.  Just by setting a vase of perky daffodils in the center of your table while you munch on some toast can:

-Incrhospitality-resized-600ease one’s overall mood

-Adjust self-modulation for better interpersonal connections

-Increase serotonin levels

-Apply aromatherapy benefits

-Encourage relaxation and deflect anxiety

-Promote problem-solving skills at work and at home

-Generate an increase of creative thinking in the brain

-Help to facilitate an organic and natural start to your day

Wow!  That’s a lot of persuasive reasoning to include a bunch of your favorite florets into your morning rituals and luckily, I’ve found some perfect examples of blooms which pair perfectly with delicious breakfast menus.  Take a peek and see if these stunning blooming companions are what you’re looking for next time you sit down to eat a bagel. You’ll be amazed what the change can do for your health and happiness!


Your Basic Eggs and Bacon

If you’re an easy going fellow who likes plain old eggs and bacon then matching this dish with another simple, yet satisfying flower bouquet such as daisies or gerberas is exactly what you need.  The scent will not interfere with the aroma of the food but the color will properly compliment the plate, making it even that more enjoyable to taste.

Waffles Loaded with Butter and Syrup

If this is your idea of the perfect plate to wake up to, then I know you’re into the richer things in life-stuff you can really sink your teeth into…  In this case, adding a bouquet of chocolate cosmos, burgundy scabiosa or plum calla lilies is what will appeal to your appetite! The intoxicating hues will melt right into the cuisine, accentuating the scrumptious texture while not interfering with the enjoyment of the plentiful stacks.

Pastry, Pastry and More Pastry

You’ve got a sweet tooth alright so we want to make sure that the flowers on your table will mirror this personality trait.  Stick with scented garden roses, lily of the valley or peonies to add to the tray or pastel ranunculus that have a delicate appeal similar to the baked goods.  Any spring smell will only make things better so don’t be afraid to venture out into more intoxicating scents. 

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Plants and Flowers Should Be the First Items Bought for A New Home

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Mar 02, 2018

Are you getting ready to move into a new home soon?  Are you finding yourself buried beneath boxes of stuff and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole process?  A great way to relieve stress accumulated by the experience of relocation is to make sure one particular item is at the top of your “To Be Purchased” list.  Funny enough, the answer isn’t silverware, furniture or plates but something else that can provide you with pleasure, relaxation and also an aesthetic appeal-plants and flowers.  According to flower shop owners, a large percentage of their clientele is derived from people who have just moved into a new apartment or purchased their first home and are looking for greenery to spruce up their abodes.  Luckily, these florists are prepared with a list of their own that can guide customers towards personalized choices which are just right for them!  From garden growers to those who lack a green thumb, there is something for everyone to help make the moving day more fun!  Take a look at these top picks for yourself that also make wonderful gifts for friends.

daffodils boston.jpg

Nothing says “Smile!” like a fresh bouquet of spring daffodils to brighten up a place.  These beauties are both cheerful in color but also contain an aroma that will fill any space with a sweet scent.  These flowers are stunning in a simple vase and work best when arranged in large clumps with several stems.  The daffodil comes in shades of yellow, white, peach and variegated shades of peach so you’ll have fun picking out the right tone you’re looking for.  Another benefit of purchasing daffodils is that they are usually relatively inexpensive can be bought in several different locations including your yard if it happens to be the right time of the year.

If you’re more of a plant person than you have a ton of options that are perfect for dressing up a new home and all are readily available from your local florist. First off, we have the Spathiphyllum plant that is almost unkillable with even the worst plant care. These pretty plants are tropical in appearance and require little water or sun to do just find on their own.  Other great ideas are Boston ferns which are a bit fussier but are gorgeous on a hanger or placed in urns as well as the cactus plant- another ideal variety for those who are too busy to pamper a plant.  

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Can Flowers Make You Less Hungry

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 12, 2018

Come on… Admit it…

Who out there DOESN’T put on a few pounds during the holiday season?  The cookies, pies, desserts, roasts, casseroles and buttery goodness- who can resist?  The deliciousness that extends across our tables during the yuletide month is a joyous treat to dine on with family and friends but once January rolls around, you’re well aware of the damage it may have caused to your waistlines.  Are those pants feeling a bit snug once the advent calendar has been put away?  Well, have no fear!  A healthier you is just around the corner with a little exercise, low calorie menu and awareness for smaller proportions.  Believe it or not, there’s also a few tips local florists might be able to supply customers with such as a bountiful bouquet of blooms that might actually decrease your yearning to clean out the kitchen cabinets.  Temptation can be a hairy monster to deal with when attempting to pull off a couple of pounds but luckily, there are flowers said to curtail an over brooding appetite and replace it with soothing vibes of happiness and relaxation.  By adding a few stems of flowers with powers to hook your senses with fragrance, eye appeal and texture, you’ll be well on your way to tightening up that bod in time for bikini season!  Try requesting these species from a talented designer and see if these blooming effects work on you!


Red Roses

Red roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day!  Study shows that people surrounded by the color red while dining are more likely than not to eat less than a person surrounded by blue or white.  Some experts believe the reason lies with a human being’s natural inherency to associate red with danger or harm.  Even poison labels typically use the shades red and black to signify the product is harmful so it’s no wonder why we may shy away from the color while ingesting food.  The scent of the rose helps as well depending on the variety.  The stronger the sweetness of the aroma, the less likely it is for you to go for that second helping of dessert!

nicotiana_alata_ FINE GARDENing.jpg

photo via


Before you get all in a tizzy- I don’t mean to imply everyone should start smoking if they want to shave off a couple of notches on the old belt.  What I mean by “Nicotiana” is actually the beautiful plant that produces white blooms and grows pretty, soft green foliage.  The smell of the sepals reminds most of the herb pepper, which is typically labeled an unappetizing scent.  Try placing a few pots of this on your patio and see if the effects of Nicotiana aids in decreasing your spoonsful of pasta next spaghetti night. You’ll also like the fact that this species is relatively cheap in cost unlike a package of cigarettes can run you.

Green Calla Lilies

Green Callas are another great breed of flowers to try adding to your home because they remind one to generally add fruits and veggies to their plates every day.  The shade of green is also a solid choice to purchase for plates as well because “going green” extends to healthy eating habits, specifically food grown from the earth.  The curve of the bloom is another excellent distraction for binge eaters because the shape symbolizes fullness and completeness.

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Sweet Gestures to Make with Just a Stem of Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Dec 26, 2017

Life has its ups and downs as we all very well know and it can be hard to see someone we care about go through tough situations when there’s little much we can do.  People have the natural instinct to reach out to someone they love when they’re struggling and often want to make a kind gesture to tell them they are thinking of them but aren’t sure exactly how this should be done.  Being a florist, I’ve taken thousands of orders from those experiencing these exact same sentiments which urges industry professionals to continue brainstorming ideas that will help our clients with this task.  Yes, sending a floral arrangement with a teddy bear is a very nice thought and continues to be a popular answer for many in this spot but sometimes a simple stem can turn the worst day for someone into believing there’s hope after all.  


Creativity plays a huge part within coming up with suggestions on how to impress a loved one who is down on his or her luck.  While a florist is readily available to help you come up with individualized schemes on how to gift a single rose in a clever way, here are some general notions for you to surprise a special someone to lift their moods up today.  

  1. Place a stem of flowers in the door handle of their car. Trust me-it will make them melt when they see what you’ve left them on their way to work.   
  2. If you’re liking the car motif, leave a rose on their windshield where it’s the first thing they see when they start the ignition.
  3. Hang a handmade, floral wreath on their door.  Try using soft stemmed varieties like daisies and pussy willow to have the most success.
  4. Wrap a small bundle of lavender in their napkin before sitting down at the table.  They’ll love how simple the act of kindness is and love the aroma they smell all throughout dinner.
  5. I know it seems like it’s been done to death but placing an exotic blossom of orchids on their pillow will really impress them and send them off to sleep with sweet dreams of recovery.
  6. Another oldie but goodie is to leave a sprig of hearty blooms like mums or asters outside their door to make it a secretive present from an anonymous friend.
  7. If you have some experience with designing, figure out how to hang a stem of phalaenopsis down from the ceiling using tape and a string.  Not only will this be a clever approach but it will also add drama to your message.
  8. If you are dealing with someone who loves their computer, select their favorite flower and lay it across the keyboard where they’ll you know they can’t miss it.
  9. Thoughtfulness fills the pages of several plots we find in novels so why not leave a few stems of sweet pea used as a bookmark?  
  10. You.  Use yourself to hand deliver their favorite bloom and see for yourself face to face the magic gifting flowers can do…

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Flowers to Match your November Birthstone

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Nov 01, 2017

The Topaz is the official gemstone for the month of November, which is not only beautiful but powerful as well.  Produced in several different shades although this festive tone of mid to dark amber (sometimes orange in appearance) is the most popular, topaz still remains one of the most sought-after rocks by meditative healers dating back to centuries ago.  Among one of the reasons is its supposed ability to bring good luck and fortune, nicknamed the “bringer of abundance” by many natural enthusiasts.  Originally, the stone dates back to 2000 years ago where it was found on a tiny Greek island that was eventually named Tapazios in honor of the prosperity being mined there.  Later the name was changed to St. John’s Island where many tourists visit each year to enjoy the opulent surroundings.  

Though, being a wealth inducer is only one property of Topaz, wearers will also be thrilled it may also lower anxiety, increase relaxation and relief stress.  It is said that those who are less engaged with western medicine would rather place topaz stones around their homes to boost overall health and discourage illness for anyone present in the home.  One more reason to invest in this gem is if you’re a romantic who has an upcoming wedding anniversary!  Blue topaz is officially the gift for celebrating four years of marriage while the golden imperial represents the sixteenth and twenty-third but in general, this is a wonderful stone to present to your spouse on any occasion.

topaz flowers.jpg

photo credit via

If you’re a florist who is trying to replicate the appearance of the topaz within a special flower arrangement, you have some options available to you due to the large spectrum of color that exists.  In some cases, designers might want to rely on the “feel” of the stone such as its regal personality or magical sense.  Here are a few suggestions to browse over if you have a special someone celebrating a November topaz birthday.

Orange mango callas just might be the most beautiful contrast to the topaz gemstone.  These beauties are a “no-fuss” variety that are truly gorgeous when they are placed in a vase with no other species mixed in to distract attention.  Easy, elegant and enticing, you can’t go wrong with a similar arrangement.

These delicious orange mokara orchids will also do the trick and have your special someone in awe over this delicate tropical display.  The puffy blooms run up and down the stem and possess a longevity property that will keep them healthy for over a week or more when taken care of properly.

Everyone’s favorites are usually the gerbera daisy because of their sweet and happy appeal so why not request a bundle in the topaz shades of orange?  The gerbera daisy has a significantly long list of colors to choose from which are shipped to the U.S daily.

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Saying “I’m Sorry” with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Oct 25, 2017

So, you’ve found yourself in the doghouse again and this time a quick apology isn’t going to save the day or your relationship.  We’ve all been there- after all love is an imperfect game where partners can change players all the time.  But if you think you’ve found your special someone and aren’t ready to throw in the towel quite yet, you’re going to really have to show that special someone how regretful you are when you’ve made a mistake.  In this case, a sweet gesture just may warm your interest back up again and pave the way for forgiveness.  One opinion is to send a small gift that conveys your feelings.


While jewelry is one of the most popular solutions to fix these sorts of dilemmas, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings can run rather pricey and be misconstrued as a “payoff present.  Since you don’t want to stir the kettle any more than it already is, option number 2 may reveal better results in the long run plus won’t impale your wallet to terribly.  The second common way to say “I’m sorry” are flowers which have been revered as the highest recognized symbol for romance and love.  Since the beginning of time, couples have used the presentation of blossoms to convey several messages to their life mates, particularly when needed for an apology.  You’ll have a huge range of options to choose from allowing you to control expenses as well as be able to order a bouquet that is specifically tailored to him or her. Here is a list of currently trendy floral species used by Boston florists and a couple of examples describing what the arrangements might look like.

Varieties that are perfect for sending an apology are:

  1. Lilies- so fragrant they’ll forget what they are so mad about.
  2. Orchids-exotic orchids represent passion and fire.
  3. French Tulips- decadently strong in appearance, these say you were meant to last.
  4. Sweet Pea- nothing says how you feel like a fresh bunch of pink sweet pea.
  5. Roses- a timeless classic that stands for everlasting romance.     

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What Adding a Weekly Floral Account Can Do for Your Business

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Oct 04, 2017

If you’re a small business owner in the New England area, you already know it’s the personal touches conveyed through your goods and services that keeps a company in healthy territory.  Dependability, efficiency and cost effectiveness are all important factors management must keep constantly in mind to survive the dips and growth spurts of the US economy.  When there is a noticeable decrease in a business’s profits, it’s imperative to take a step back and come up with a plan for what could be done differently.  Many times, there are simple tweaks that can be implemented to increase the bottom line and just as importantly, raise the bar for clientele satisfaction.  While some proprietors decide to invest in expensive décor or pricey marketing materials that may not show the return as expected, others have chosen to lift their company’s presentation in a clever, less expensive way…


Data supports the fact that adding a weekly flower account to your store or office creates a significant difference in several impertinent areas.  For starters, as potential customers enter your shop to browse your selection, they are instantly greeted with a warm welcome that says, “I want your experience here to be one that you remember.”  A bloom’s natural features such as texture, scent and color all positively influence the mass majority of our population’s attitudes which can only bring greater chances for business prosperity.  Another truth to adding florals to your budget is that a pretty arrangement can also increase employee performance as well.  When you make the workplace a happier, more pleasant setting, those who work for you will also experience a better mindset that will likely affect their ability within sales and service responsibilities.  So, you see, it’s a win-win situation all the way around.    

Now that I’ve got your attention and you’re ready to contact the local florist to help set up an account, you might be wondering what are some good options to choose from?  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to add a vase of buds to your business setting.  Adding flora and fauna can be as simple as purchasing a plant or a single stem of roses.  Whatever you budget allows for, there are numerous ways to go about this so don’t get flustered.  These are some top choices that create a beautiful look, plus they won’t break the bank in the process.

Peace Lilies are great plants to invest in, particularly if you do not desire a strong-smelling flower.  Just water once a week and they should stay healthy for a long period of time.  If you want a brighter impact, ask for a 6’’ bubble bowl filled with seasonal cut flowers or request an architecturally interesting design of calla lilies to really display an eye-catching piece.

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The Benefits of Exposing Babies to Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Oct 02, 2017

f you’re a new parent, you’ve probably recently been bombarded with people offering their expertise on what your little one needs to grow up to be the best person they can be.  “You’ll need to take them to every storytime at the local library”, “You must only feed that child organic food” and “Learning baby sign language should be a top priority” may be just three of the hundreds of pieces of advice being thrown at you.  It can be overwhelming to say the very least and a bit confusing as to which suggestions hold water and which don’t.  


According to several Boston’s florists, they also have their own point of view when it comes to child rearing and interestingly enough, protest a special set of floral tips that are said to be beneficial to children.  Just by regularly exposing babies and kids to blooms styled in arrangements or grown outside the home, they will be receiving crucial developmental and emotional influences supportive to their growth.  

Some advantages include:

  1. Lower incidences of anxiety and depression.
  2. Increased talents found in creativity.
  3. A greater appreciation of all things that grow.
  4. A general promotion of health in all areas, specifically within sleeping and eating.
  5. An efficient tool for encouraging fine motor skill development.
  6. Increased development of the smell and tactile senses.

These are some great reasons to expose your children to the positive effects of flowers but now you’re going to need to know what are some ways to do it?  It’s a common question but you’ll find the answers are really quite simple.  Just by engaging in one or more of these activities, you’ll soon see the payoff blooms can add to your new family while also receiving some of the benefits yourself.  Check this list out to begin adding florals to your life today!

  1. Plant a garden in your backyard.  This is probably the most obvious but if you don’t have a green thumb don’t worry.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to cultivate a flower bed.  Just dig up a small patch of land and add seeds of seasonal bulbs that will sprout during the temperate times of the year.  Water and feed accordingly.
  2. Educate your children by browsing a local florist and ask an employee to tell you a few of the varieties they carry.  Kids can begin to recognize various species and perhaps take a fresh bouquet home with them after their lesson.  
  3. On the next rainy day, go to a flower shop and purchase some stems of your favorite species and let the kiddos arrange the blooms in vases.  You can teach them about the delicate nature of the plant while also allowing them to learn about color, size and texture.  

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I'm Sorry Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Aug 28, 2017

“Make Up or Break Up” – we’ve all been there before, probably on both sides of the fence at least once or twice where we find ourselves struggling to either fix the broken aspects of a relationship or decide to cut the cord.  It might not be the most pleasant period of a romance but it is one, which gifts us with useful experience to bring into the future even when it can be painful.  While some partnerships are just not capable of repairing irrevocable damage, there are others that are in fact salvageable, particularly when showing the depth of which you care.


Boston florists understand this fact all too well and are quite accustomed to assisting the broken hearted in their efforts to win back the object of their affection by offering a token- a floral token.  For centuries, eons and light years across history, both men and women have been using the gesture of gifting flowers to smooth the bumpy course of love and heal the damaged facets of their relationships.  As you can imagine, there’s never a “sure thing” outcome.  After all, each partnership is different and requires its own unique medicine when it comes to mending fences but flowers are always a great place to start.

So how big or small of an effort should you make?  Well, that depends on your partner’s taste and just how serious of a problem you’re facing.  In most situations, if it’s a guy who’s purchasing the flowers, he’ll typically opt for a generous bundle of fresh blooms hoping to make an impressive impact.  When you’re talking about women doing the apologizing, the opposite is usually true where she’ll decide upon a smaller bouquet or even a single stem.  Why is this true?  I have no idea but industry experts report the statistics in their experience and apparently this holds water.  Does it mean you’re limited to this framework?  Absolutely not but if you’re not sure on how to go about buying flowers for your pickled partner, this is a solid piece of advice.  Another aspect you’ll want to keep in mind is favorite scents, colors and varieties your partner may have.  Also, get creative and think back to better times when things were more romantic and offer flowers that have some sort of importance in your relationship’s history.  A walk through a daisy field, roses from a Valentine’s Day first date or a vase of sweet pea celebrating a past anniversary are usually effective winners and could be your best bet.

Good luck and don’t worry if the flowers don’t do the trick.  Chances are, it just wasn’t meant to be…

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