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Saying “I’m Sorry” with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Oct 25, 2017

So, you’ve found yourself in the doghouse again and this time a quick apology isn’t going to save the day or your relationship.  We’ve all been there- after all love is an imperfect game where partners can change players all the time.  But if you think you’ve found your special someone and aren’t ready to throw in the towel quite yet, you’re going to really have to show that special someone how regretful you are when you’ve made a mistake.  In this case, a sweet gesture just may warm your interest back up again and pave the way for forgiveness.  One opinion is to send a small gift that conveys your feelings.


While jewelry is one of the most popular solutions to fix these sorts of dilemmas, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings can run rather pricey and be misconstrued as a “payoff present.  Since you don’t want to stir the kettle any more than it already is, option number 2 may reveal better results in the long run plus won’t impale your wallet to terribly.  The second common way to say “I’m sorry” are flowers which have been revered as the highest recognized symbol for romance and love.  Since the beginning of time, couples have used the presentation of blossoms to convey several messages to their life mates, particularly when needed for an apology.  You’ll have a huge range of options to choose from allowing you to control expenses as well as be able to order a bouquet that is specifically tailored to him or her. Here is a list of currently trendy floral species used by Boston florists and a couple of examples describing what the arrangements might look like.

Varieties that are perfect for sending an apology are:

  1. Lilies- so fragrant they’ll forget what they are so mad about.
  2. Orchids-exotic orchids represent passion and fire.
  3. French Tulips- decadently strong in appearance, these say you were meant to last.
  4. Sweet Pea- nothing says how you feel like a fresh bunch of pink sweet pea.
  5. Roses- a timeless classic that stands for everlasting romance.     

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I'm Sorry Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Aug 28, 2017

“Make Up or Break Up” – we’ve all been there before, probably on both sides of the fence at least once or twice where we find ourselves struggling to either fix the broken aspects of a relationship or decide to cut the cord.  It might not be the most pleasant period of a romance but it is one, which gifts us with useful experience to bring into the future even when it can be painful.  While some partnerships are just not capable of repairing irrevocable damage, there are others that are in fact salvageable, particularly when showing the depth of which you care.


Boston florists understand this fact all too well and are quite accustomed to assisting the broken hearted in their efforts to win back the object of their affection by offering a token- a floral token.  For centuries, eons and light years across history, both men and women have been using the gesture of gifting flowers to smooth the bumpy course of love and heal the damaged facets of their relationships.  As you can imagine, there’s never a “sure thing” outcome.  After all, each partnership is different and requires its own unique medicine when it comes to mending fences but flowers are always a great place to start.

So how big or small of an effort should you make?  Well, that depends on your partner’s taste and just how serious of a problem you’re facing.  In most situations, if it’s a guy who’s purchasing the flowers, he’ll typically opt for a generous bundle of fresh blooms hoping to make an impressive impact.  When you’re talking about women doing the apologizing, the opposite is usually true where she’ll decide upon a smaller bouquet or even a single stem.  Why is this true?  I have no idea but industry experts report the statistics in their experience and apparently this holds water.  Does it mean you’re limited to this framework?  Absolutely not but if you’re not sure on how to go about buying flowers for your pickled partner, this is a solid piece of advice.  Another aspect you’ll want to keep in mind is favorite scents, colors and varieties your partner may have.  Also, get creative and think back to better times when things were more romantic and offer flowers that have some sort of importance in your relationship’s history.  A walk through a daisy field, roses from a Valentine’s Day first date or a vase of sweet pea celebrating a past anniversary are usually effective winners and could be your best bet.

Good luck and don’t worry if the flowers don’t do the trick.  Chances are, it just wasn’t meant to be…

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Can a Trip to the Local Florist Save General Petraeus ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Nov 12, 2012

Petraeus Flowers
Not to capitalize on the misfortune of others, but flowers have always been a symbol of apology. Often times, men and women call or come into our store looking to bring flowers to their loved ones who they wronged. Can General Petraeus' marriage be saved by a visit to his local florist ? Maybe, maybe not.
Flowers are certain to help start the healing process. The 'Exactly How Mad Is She' bulletin board is famous for showing that flowers are a universal symbol of apology. 
Even if General Petraeus does not choose to bring flowers to his wife, then he still can romance his two mistresses with roses.

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