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Sweet Gestures to Make with Just a Stem of Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Dec 26, 2017

Life has its ups and downs as we all very well know and it can be hard to see someone we care about go through tough situations when there’s little much we can do.  People have the natural instinct to reach out to someone they love when they’re struggling and often want to make a kind gesture to tell them they are thinking of them but aren’t sure exactly how this should be done.  Being a florist, I’ve taken thousands of orders from those experiencing these exact same sentiments which urges industry professionals to continue brainstorming ideas that will help our clients with this task.  Yes, sending a floral arrangement with a teddy bear is a very nice thought and continues to be a popular answer for many in this spot but sometimes a simple stem can turn the worst day for someone into believing there’s hope after all.  


Creativity plays a huge part within coming up with suggestions on how to impress a loved one who is down on his or her luck.  While a florist is readily available to help you come up with individualized schemes on how to gift a single rose in a clever way, here are some general notions for you to surprise a special someone to lift their moods up today.  

  1. Place a stem of flowers in the door handle of their car. Trust me-it will make them melt when they see what you’ve left them on their way to work.   
  2. If you’re liking the car motif, leave a rose on their windshield where it’s the first thing they see when they start the ignition.
  3. Hang a handmade, floral wreath on their door.  Try using soft stemmed varieties like daisies and pussy willow to have the most success.
  4. Wrap a small bundle of lavender in their napkin before sitting down at the table.  They’ll love how simple the act of kindness is and love the aroma they smell all throughout dinner.
  5. I know it seems like it’s been done to death but placing an exotic blossom of orchids on their pillow will really impress them and send them off to sleep with sweet dreams of recovery.
  6. Another oldie but goodie is to leave a sprig of hearty blooms like mums or asters outside their door to make it a secretive present from an anonymous friend.
  7. If you have some experience with designing, figure out how to hang a stem of phalaenopsis down from the ceiling using tape and a string.  Not only will this be a clever approach but it will also add drama to your message.
  8. If you are dealing with someone who loves their computer, select their favorite flower and lay it across the keyboard where they’ll you know they can’t miss it.
  9. Thoughtfulness fills the pages of several plots we find in novels so why not leave a few stems of sweet pea used as a bookmark?  
  10. You.  Use yourself to hand deliver their favorite bloom and see for yourself face to face the magic gifting flowers can do…

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I'm Sorry Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Aug 28, 2017

“Make Up or Break Up” – we’ve all been there before, probably on both sides of the fence at least once or twice where we find ourselves struggling to either fix the broken aspects of a relationship or decide to cut the cord.  It might not be the most pleasant period of a romance but it is one, which gifts us with useful experience to bring into the future even when it can be painful.  While some partnerships are just not capable of repairing irrevocable damage, there are others that are in fact salvageable, particularly when showing the depth of which you care.


Boston florists understand this fact all too well and are quite accustomed to assisting the broken hearted in their efforts to win back the object of their affection by offering a token- a floral token.  For centuries, eons and light years across history, both men and women have been using the gesture of gifting flowers to smooth the bumpy course of love and heal the damaged facets of their relationships.  As you can imagine, there’s never a “sure thing” outcome.  After all, each partnership is different and requires its own unique medicine when it comes to mending fences but flowers are always a great place to start.

So how big or small of an effort should you make?  Well, that depends on your partner’s taste and just how serious of a problem you’re facing.  In most situations, if it’s a guy who’s purchasing the flowers, he’ll typically opt for a generous bundle of fresh blooms hoping to make an impressive impact.  When you’re talking about women doing the apologizing, the opposite is usually true where she’ll decide upon a smaller bouquet or even a single stem.  Why is this true?  I have no idea but industry experts report the statistics in their experience and apparently this holds water.  Does it mean you’re limited to this framework?  Absolutely not but if you’re not sure on how to go about buying flowers for your pickled partner, this is a solid piece of advice.  Another aspect you’ll want to keep in mind is favorite scents, colors and varieties your partner may have.  Also, get creative and think back to better times when things were more romantic and offer flowers that have some sort of importance in your relationship’s history.  A walk through a daisy field, roses from a Valentine’s Day first date or a vase of sweet pea celebrating a past anniversary are usually effective winners and could be your best bet.

Good luck and don’t worry if the flowers don’t do the trick.  Chances are, it just wasn’t meant to be…

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Floral Dreams and Their Meanings

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Aug 23, 2017

Have you ever woken up from a strange dream and wondered, “What the heck was that all about?”  Do you dream about climbing the tallest mountain, being diagnosed with a fatal disease or find out that you’re pregnant while fast asleep?  Maybe you dabble in the erotic side of REM relaxation and wake up with a whole story wrapped up in romance just for you?  We’ve all let our imaginations go while safely tucked beneath our covers and often contemplate what the meaning of each voyage means.  There are books upon books describing the different possibilities, which may define our unconscious interpretation of reality versus fantasy.  Personally, I’ve had countless dreams over the years that have left me dumbfounded and even concerned by the ones curetted during the more stressful times in life.


One re-occuring episode I experienced over and over again was dreams about flowers while working in the wholesale floral industry.   It was commonly practiced that I’d imagine bunches of roses and freesia rambling around in my mind, which I guess is normal for people who work with flowers, isn’t it?

Apparently not…

It turns out that those who have images of blossoms swimming around in their heads are dreaming about plants for a particular reason.  If the flowers you’re dreaming about are colorful, it means that you are full of kindness and compassion or you have just completed an act in the same spirit.  This can also mean that you are about to come into a financial gain and it might be wise to close that business deal you’ve been keeping on the fence or splurge on a raffle ticket.  Another meaning can signify perfection and spirituality, which often translates into the person’s actual personality.  In general, a colorful bouquet is a dream you want to hold onto because it can only mean good things are ahead.

If it’s a singular flower on the other hand…


photo via McQueens Flower, London, UK

Flowers that are dreamt about of a particular species can translate into deeper inferences, both good and unfortunately bad.  Take the sunflower for instance which can stand for wealth but also the idea of being wronged blindly by another person.  Bachelor Buttons are another interesting example since this blue stunner can signify a weakness in a lover’s relationship that might need significant nurturing.  If you are not currently attached to someone and have this dream anyways, it can mean you are lonely and wanting to find companionship.  Keep your eyes peeled for a red rose because this is surely an omen that romance is on its way!

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Sexy Flowers to Enhance Your Love Life

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jul 26, 2017

They say that scented candles, oysters, exercise and some pretty negligee are the only things you’ll need if you want to spark up your love life.  I don’t know about you but I’ve tried all of these ideas and still- I’m looking for more options to make the romance department even hotter than it was before.  Being married for several years, I bet I’m not alone when it comes to brainstorming for inspiration to help spice things up between you and your mate.  Realizing that everyone has different strokes for different folks, there are a wide variety of tactics one can implement to assist within these matters. You might even find that certain flowers are capable of putting the “pop” back into your relationship magic, according to industry experts.  


Now I’m not just preaching to the choir since I was a florist many years ago.  If you think about it, flowers possess several attributes, which affect essential “sex driven” aspects of our senses.  Smell, sight and touch can all be found within the characteristics of some of Mother Nature’s most impressive beauties, particularly within the rose and orchid families.  I’m sure you have experienced a seductive aroma that’s gotten your tail wagging so why is it so hard to believe that bloom can have the same effect?  Some of the most expensive perfumes in the world are made from flora and fauna, making the real deal even better.  As crazy as it may sound, there are actually scientists who experiment with this very hypothesis and have come to the conclusion that certain varieties of flowers will in fact heat things up in the bedroom if you know what I mean...

Curious what they are?  I thought you might be…

Passion Flower    

Garden Roses



       Lavender           Oncidium


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Flower Colors Affect Your Moods

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Mar 08, 2017

When you visit your flower shop to pick up a fresh bouquet of blooms, you may have a difficult time making your selection with so many varieties to choose from.  Maybe you’re a rose lover or perhaps delphinium is what catches your eye but whatever your favorites are, you might want to keep in mind the color.  The shade of a bloom can affect your mood in more ways than one and can actually elevate or decrease your present state of mind.  Sound like a bunch of bologna to you?  It is a proven fact that colors are capable of creating emotions just by having visual contact so why wouldn’t this apply to flowers, too?  Here’s a general chart and some suggested options to match the right flower to you!


Red signifies passion, love and heat but it can also trigger emotions of anger and combativeness.  If you’re planning a hot date with your significant other, than load up on red roses.  If on the other hand, you’re having a rough week, you might want to switch to gerbera daisies that will soften your mood and deflate your temper.


Orange can bring about a playfulness in others as well as adventure and fascination.  This is the perfect tint for flower selection when you are going on an exciting vacation or preparing for a large event.  Cosmos and orange Stars of Bethlehem are excellent examples to use.


photo credit via


Yellow is typically associated with cheerfulness but it’s also been known to aid in the healing process.  If you know someone who is just getting out of the hospital, a vase of yellow sunflowers or daffodils is a sure fire medicine to cheer them up!


Green is a stimulating color, a color that often represents renewal and rebirth.  In the spring, we see many green flowers such as bells of Ireland, tulips and hellebores, which are fantastic considering the theme during this season.  Green can also encourage financial developments so you might want to grab a nice bunch of Green Goddess callas if you’re about to close a business deal!


Blue is a soothing hue that’s wonderful if you are feeling anxious or upset over a recent difficulty in life.  Suggested species might be hyacinth, bachelor buttons and delphinium to brighten your spirits!



Purple denotes an imperial influence divined from royalty and opulence but can also mean wisdom and intelligence.  If you’re studying for a big test, buy a phaelenopsis stem or perhaps alliums and sweet pea to stimulate your brain!   

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Athletics Brett Lawrie's Good Deed Goes Viral

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Jun 11, 2015

 If you are not familiar with the term, Going Viral: becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the Internet:

Last Friday at Fenway Park, Athletics 3B Brett Lawrie broke his bat. The piece flew into the stands and put fan and mother, Tonya Carpenter in the hospital with a fractured skull. More importantly than anything, Tonya is recovering and doing much better.

On Saturday, my contact at the Red Sox reached out to me on behalf of Lawrie to send her flowers and a card. At the time Carpenter was in serious condition and unable to receive flowers. By Tuesday, her condition had improved and we were able to deliver the flowers along with Lawrie's card message " Sending my thoughts and prayers, Brett Lawrie "


By Tuesday evening, Carpenter's family had sent a message of thanks to Lawrie along with pictures of flowers and the card, where we were prominently showcased on WCVB News, WBZ News and FoxNewsBoston.


This act of kindness then caught fire and was picked by the Boston Globe,  Boston Herald, CNN, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, NECN, NESN, US World News, and ABC News. It was posted and liked on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by tens of thousands which in turn created millions of consumer impressions.

By the time Wednesday morning came, our friends, clients and colleagues were all talking about it and sending us messages and mentioning in the flower market and SAF also picked up the story for their weekly newsletter.

This act of kindness is great for the entire floral industry. But most importantly she is recovering. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tonya as well. 

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Can a Trip to the Local Florist Save General Petraeus ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Nov 12, 2012

Petraeus Flowers
Not to capitalize on the misfortune of others, but flowers have always been a symbol of apology. Often times, men and women call or come into our store looking to bring flowers to their loved ones who they wronged. Can General Petraeus' marriage be saved by a visit to his local florist ? Maybe, maybe not.
Flowers are certain to help start the healing process. The 'Exactly How Mad Is She' bulletin board is famous for showing that flowers are a universal symbol of apology. 
Even if General Petraeus does not choose to bring flowers to his wife, then he still can romance his two mistresses with roses.

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