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Flower Colors Affect Your Moods

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Mar 08, 2017

When you visit your flower shop to pick up a fresh bouquet of blooms, you may have a difficult time making your selection with so many varieties to choose from.  Maybe you’re a rose lover or perhaps delphinium is what catches your eye but whatever your favorites are, you might want to keep in mind the color.  The shade of a bloom can affect your mood in more ways than one and can actually elevate or decrease your present state of mind.  Sound like a bunch of bologna to you?  It is a proven fact that colors are capable of creating emotions just by having visual contact so why wouldn’t this apply to flowers, too?  Here’s a general chart and some suggested options to match the right flower to you!


Red signifies passion, love and heat but it can also trigger emotions of anger and combativeness.  If you’re planning a hot date with your significant other, than load up on red roses.  If on the other hand, you’re having a rough week, you might want to switch to gerbera daisies that will soften your mood and deflate your temper.


Orange can bring about a playfulness in others as well as adventure and fascination.  This is the perfect tint for flower selection when you are going on an exciting vacation or preparing for a large event.  Cosmos and orange Stars of Bethlehem are excellent examples to use.


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Yellow is typically associated with cheerfulness but it’s also been known to aid in the healing process.  If you know someone who is just getting out of the hospital, a vase of yellow sunflowers or daffodils is a sure fire medicine to cheer them up!


Green is a stimulating color, a color that often represents renewal and rebirth.  In the spring, we see many green flowers such as bells of Ireland, tulips and hellebores, which are fantastic considering the theme during this season.  Green can also encourage financial developments so you might want to grab a nice bunch of Green Goddess callas if you’re about to close a business deal!


Blue is a soothing hue that’s wonderful if you are feeling anxious or upset over a recent difficulty in life.  Suggested species might be hyacinth, bachelor buttons and delphinium to brighten your spirits!



Purple denotes an imperial influence divined from royalty and opulence but can also mean wisdom and intelligence.  If you’re studying for a big test, buy a phaelenopsis stem or perhaps alliums and sweet pea to stimulate your brain!   

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