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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Gerbera Daisies Are a Symbol of Happiness

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Aug 01, 2018

Gerberas are one of the most popular varieties of flowers in the industry- a fact that has held true for decades.  The reasons why are fairly simple when regarding the flower and can be easily understood based on their color, texture and shape.  Gerberas = Happiness to most people; a statement that has been held in truth across a wide variety of demographics. Both young and old have always enjoyed requesting this bloom for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or just to take home for a vase for themselves.  Boston florists recognized the need to keep their inventory of this particular species well packed in coolers, especially in the summer months where their popularity really skyrockets. Commonly associated with the sunflower (another summer bloomer of particular interest during June –September) and the daisy (hence its name), people just can’t get enough of the beautiful, unscented fleur that has been synonymous in meaning to “happiness” and “joy” since the beginning of time.


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Hot Pink Roses and Their Meaning

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, May 02, 2018

Pink roses have long held a sentiment of grace, beauty and sweetness although different shades of the color can denote different sentiments.  For instance, there is a vast contrast between light vs. magenta shaded petals when gifting flowers as a present to someone special.  While light pink often signifies gentleness and innocence, a darker hue can intensify in meaning such as thoughtfulness, allure and attraction.  While it is customary to give younger women bouquets of soft blush roses, you may see a florist opting for a darker variety when designing for an older clientele.  Teenagers in particular will often request a hot pink styled piece for a love interest, particularly when prom time rolls around and boutonnieres and corsages become high in demand.   The idea behind this tint is fun, flashy and sexy while also being more on the flirtatious side instead of a deeper red of intensity.  


Along with these meanings, magenta roses can also signify gratitude towards an elder.  Mother’s Day is an extremely popular time of year when moms are gifted with large assortments of these bright hued pink flowers.  While lilies, peonies and sweet pea are significant on the request board, magenta roses still remain front and center during this holiday celebration.  This is also the reason why “respect” can also be associated with this variety as well as “honor” and “praise”.  What better feelings could you possibly associate a stunning arrangement for mom on Mother’s Day with than a flower that represents all three?

If you’re interested in learning more about magenta roses, take a look at these stunning varieties grown around the globe.

Magenta Roses Grown from Ecuador             Magenta Roses Grown from Holland

“Lola” “Acapella”

“Hot Lady” “Cherry-O”

“Pink Floyd” “Ensemble”

“Topaz” “Fresh”

“Pizzazz” “Marina”

Magenta Roses Grown from California                             Magenta Roses Grown Seasonally

in New England

“Germini” “Royal Jubilee”

“Yolande d'Aragon” “Young Lycidas”

“Blueberry” “Sophy’s Rose”

“Cool Paris” “Skylark”

“Rhapsody” “Carefree Beauty”

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How to Say Thank You with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Apr 20, 2018

We’ve all been taught at a very young age that saying our “thank you’s” is one of the most important manners we can ever learn.  The idea is drilled into us over and over again along with a multitude of different ways we can express our gratitude. For some of us, it’s a personal speech, while others prefer to write a touching letter or perhaps the gesture of sending a thoughtful gift.  For those who love to shower loved ones with beautiful blooms, sending a floral bouquet to express appreciation is a wonderful deed to get in the habit of doing. Not only will a fresh vase of blossoms brighten their day but the act can also communicate a deep sentiment unlike other options you may have tried in the past.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank with overly expensive arrangements or purchase enormous centerpieces to get your point across. Nope- you can make a clear and concise “thank you” statement just by selecting an affordable mix of springtime flowers. If you have a special someone who you’d like to express recognition for making a difference in your life, check out these sensational styles that your local florist is bound to already showcase.

tiger lilies

It’s a well-known fact that roses go with just about everything, which makes this species the perfect choice to praise someone with.  Pink, orange and yellow hued varieties are the most popular when fulfilling this type of order but you can request just about any shade you want and they’re promised to be a hit.  Just watch out when sending red roses since this can certainly come across as a mixed message.


Sunflowers are one of the top requested blooms for cheering someone up, apologizing and yes-sending a big thank you for something wonderfully done.  Sunflowers are now available pretty much year-round making them an easy choice, plus they are likely to survive a bit longer than other comparable varieties.  Pair with yellow roses, freesia and mimosa for a stunning bouquet or simply send a single package of a ten-stem bouquet. Both will knock the socks of their recipients!

Lilies are a frequently sold variety for this type of purchase because of their showy presence and overall like-ability with customers.  Pink lilies are a wonderful shade to say “thank you” as well as Asiatic breeds such as orange and yellow. Although white lilies are often associated with death and funerals, there’s no rule against swapping their meaning to show your sentiment of gratitude.  

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Flower Personality Quiz

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Apr 16, 2018

Variety is the spice of life as you all well know which is why the flower world is the perfect place to find your personality with a multitude of different varieties.  Just like anything else-there are specific characteristics one seeks to find in their favorite fleurs and each aspect is directly correlated to match a person’s unique self.  Not everyone loves roses just because they are a common bloom and not everyone prefers gerbera daisies just because they have a reputation for signifying happiness. Yes-there’s a bud for each individual person out there- the trick is to be savvy enough to recognize it!  How does one approach this conundrum? The answer lies in pursuing a personality test that directly ties tastes and preferences to specified flowers. Does this actually work? Heck yes! Give it a try and see what your favorite flower might be!


The mantra you start your day with is:

  • The sooner I get up, the sooner I can get back to bed.
  • Today Could Be the Day…
  • Yippee!  Rise and Shine!

For lunch, you prefer:

  1. Ham and Cheese on Rye Sandwich
  2. Sushi with a Side of Salad
  3. Meatball Sub with Loads of Cheese.  What the hell- you only live once!

You like to wear to bed:

  1. Sweats and a T-Shirt.  Comfort is priority.
  2. A Slinky Negligee
  3. Nothing.  You Like to Sleep in the Buff.

Your favorite pastime is:

  1. Hitting the Couch to Watch the Sports Channel
  2. Hiking in the Woods
  3. Sky Diving

You would rate your last relationship as being:

  1. A Total Nightmare.  You’re done with dating…
  2. Lukewarm.  You haven’t met your Prince Charming yet but you know he’s out there!
  3. Hot like Fire!  They usually all are…

You would rate your personality as being:

  1. Quiet, Shy and Keeps to Oneself
  2. Social with Friends but always in Bed by Ten
  3. A Total Party Animal!

If most of your answers were “A”, you probably prefer a dependable stem with an adequate blooming time.  Try roses, carnations or lilies to add to your home.

If most of your answers were “B”, you have a love for things traditional but aren’t afraid to branch out and try new things.  Bouquets of anemones, sweet pea and sunflowers are your perfect match!

If most of your answers were “C”, then you’re a wild child who will do best with orchids, calla lilies and other exotic varieties that will appeal to your adventurous, fun side!  

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The Symbolic Meaning of Red Roses

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Feb 07, 2018

Ok, let’s have a raise of hands out there who has ever gifted a special loved one with a fresh bouquet of red roses?  Perhaps for Valentine’s Day, Birthday or other special occasion?  Chances are you’re included in this poll but have you ever wondered exactly what the stems mean that you’re sending?  Sure, obviously the color red means passion and love but to tell you the truth-the blooms extend their symbolism far beyond these two notions.  In reality, the history of these flowers date back decades ago and have quite honestly earned their reputation for becoming the icon for those who are in love.


It all started back in Greek times where we find the Gods and Goddesses of Olympia constantly fighting for their chosen betrothed.  According to lure, the red rose was initially tied to Aphrodite who was said to have run across a field, pricking her ankles as she rushed to her dying lovers side.  Myth reveals that she is responsible for attaching sentiments of “pain” to love, although as we well know, love can also be the most beautiful feeling one can experience.  The “yin” and “yang” factor of falling in love is directly connected to Aphrodite’s broken heart and why red roses became her signature flower.

Centuries later, another important figure used red roses as a symbolic emblem who was none other than the Virgin Mary.  The red of the petals is significant to mean “The Blood of Our Lord” and is clearly a revered symbol since the rosary is one of the most sacred tokens in Christianity.  The original significance stemmed from the idea that a red rose bush grew at the site of Christ’s death.  This is why red roses are also used as a sign of mourning and grief and are used frequently in funeral flowers.


In this day and age, a beautiful gift of crimson flowers is typically known to be primarily and expression of love and adoration.  The variety still remains the #1 species ordered during floral gifting holidays (especially Valentine’s Day) and is now grown in over 200 varieties around the world.  If you are interested in browsing some beauties, check out this list of gorgeous red roses!

Red Roses Varieties

Black Magic Black Baccara Freedom Forever Young

Blaze Montana Darcy Amalia

Eternity Dublin Bay Florentina Chrysler

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What Is The Meaning of a Peach Rose

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 05, 2018

While roses are now grown in a thousand different shades of color, many people don’t realize that each and everyone means something specific in nature.  As some stand for feelings of romance and love, others represent sentiments associated with encouragement, sympathy or even mystery (see blog about blue roses).  The array of symbolic meanings attached to this flower is one of its best attributes, making roses a favorite species by florists who are sent requests for particular blooms carrying specific tidings.  Red, orange, yellow and pink roses are among the most popular used for an expressive gift but how about the delicate and sometimes understated color peach?  Not many are familiar with the significance of this pretty blush tone that is quickly becoming increasingly highlighted in floral design but what does it really mean?


photo crdit via

Peach is directly associated with the expression of modesty, earnestly and innocence.  Although the color has no direct connotation with strong feelings of love or lust, peach does signify a warm feeling of friendship and caring.  Often, businessmen and women will send a gift of peach roses to clients after they have had a successful meeting in order to “bless” the transaction with a good omen.  Closely related is the sentiment of saying, “Thank You” with this particular variety of rose which makes a great gift sent to hosts from a houseguest as a token of gratitude.  Another theme that is tied to the peach bloom is the idea of “civility”, “poise” and “grace”.  An example of this can be seen in films set in the south where many of the homes are filled with peach colored roses or even tulips (although the heat will kill them) which is meant to emulate the thought of elegance.  


If you are interested in presenting someone with peach roses for these symbolic reasons or just fancy the shade that expels an overall delicate beauty, you might want to browse these varieties that are stunning for all occasions!  

Top Favorite Peach Varieties Imported Into the US

  1. Free Spirit 6.  Tiffany
  2. Chillis 7.  Finesse
  3. Peach Avalanche 8.  Versillia
  4. Nevado 9.  Juliet
  5. Campanella 10. Milva

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What Does an Orange Rose Mean ?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Feb 02, 2018

Orange roses just might be the most underestimated shade of blooms in the floral industry.  Cultivated back in the 20th century by cross-breeding red with yellow species, orange roses have introduced a whole new, fresh and fiery appeal within floral design that flower lovers simply can’t get enough of.  Even though the variety was born from rose hues typically symbolizing “love” or “friendship”, this bright flavor has been deemed to represent sentiments of “creativity” and “fascination”.  Appropriate to be given as a gesture of “friendship” or “intimate interest”, the orange rose has also become a popular gift for painters, writers and others centered in the arts who enjoy the vibrancy and allure of the petals.  “Subtlety” is not in this variety’s description and is instead sought after for the contemporary splash of color that traditional centerpieces lack.  Excitement, pleasure and inspiration are all ideas tied to this pretty stunner that is implemented most frequently by designers during the summer months of the year.  Although Halloween season is another period where you see orders of orange roses spike, it’s no secret that wedding planners are infusing bridal bouquets with hints of orange petals more often than ever before.  If you haven’t noticed, New England wedding magazines are featuring this rose shade as the “up and coming trend” for next fall’s line so if you’re planning to say “I do” next autumn, you might want to browse this list of varieties!


Orange Roses Grown from Ecuador             Orange Roses Grown from Holland

“Manitou” “Pinata”

“Twilight” “Arancio”

“Movie Star” “Carioca”

“Voodoo” “Corvette”

“High Intense” “Contrast”

Orange Roses Grown from California                             Orange Roses Grown Seasonally

in New England

“Abraham Darby” “Roald Dahl”

“Trumpeter” “Lady Emma Hamilton”

“Just Joey” “Lady of Shallot”

“Fragrant Cloud” “Crown Princess Margareta”

“Irish Elegance” “Livin’ Easy”

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What is the Meaning of a Blue Rose

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jan 31, 2018

Everyone likes a little mystery in their life and that includes flower enthusiasts!  While red is the color of love and pink is the color of friendship, many wonder what to order from their florist when they are trying to implement a theme of intrigue to their gift.  Is it a green orchid or a white calla lily that will reflect this sentiment adequately?  According to professionals in the industry, the blue rose is what you are supposed to be requesting if you are attempting to dazzle a special someone secretly…

blue roses-1.jpg

The anomaly of the blue dyed rose (yes, it is dyed because although growers are amazing at cultivating new shades,blue roses are not possible yet naturally) has been a big trend in the last ten years which is still increasing exponentially.  This variety’s undoubtable popularity is particularly driven by younger demographics who are usually looking for contemporary options when sending flowers.  The blueness of the petals is feisty, fun and full of interpretive meaning, which is exactly why florists located near college campuses always have bunches loaded in stock.

But what are we really saying when sending a bouquet of blue roses?  There are a few different possibilities to consider before buying…


The primary theme of blue roses is the thought of MYSTERY.  This can be transcribed in several ways, either meaning a mysterious admirer or an unknown comradery or partnership with someone.  A bunch of these roses can also mean that there is a mystery in the works and for someone to be on the lookout for clues.  Want a fun birthday idea?  Send this variety in a box along with a scavenger hunt clue tucked in the stems.  They’ll have loads of fun playing this tracking game and also get to enjoy a stunning bouquet as a well!


Here is a much different meaning from the previous explanation but you can have a lot of fun gifting blue roses, particularly if they are going to someone creative.  Yes, blue roses can also stand for “inventiveness” so if a friend is having an opening at an art gallery, showcasing a new gadget they’ve designed or recently problem solved a tricky situation, you might want to consider these beauties as a present.


A third explanation for the meaning of blue petals is the attachment to the idea of “change”.  Do you have someone close to you who just started a new job or recently decided to partake on a new adventure?  Then these are the perfect petals to say “Good Luck!” and “Well Wishes!”

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What is the Meaning of a Light Pink Rose

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jan 29, 2018

As you might already know, different floral colors represent an assortment of sentiments ranging all the way from love to sympathy.  Depending on the specific thought you are trying to transfer to the recipient, proper research should be done beforehand to make sure your message is clear.  For example, light pink roses have long been in demand for those wishing to convey forgiveness to someone they have wronged and remain one of the top five shades of roses to be requested when attempting reconciliation with a loved one.  For couples in trouble within their relationship, blush toned petals have become a predominant symbol for “I’m Sorry!” in the flower world.  


Another popular theme attached to light pink roses is “beauty”, “gratitude” and “grace”.  Quite often, a bunch of soft pink rosebuds will be gifted to parents of a newborn baby girl to symbolize the perfection of the new human just brought into their lives.   The “gratitude” angle is often seen when appreciating a person who continues to bring assistance to their life such as a babysitter, close friend or administrative assistant.  Light pink roses are still the #1 variety requested for Secretaries Day by bosses which has held true since the beginning of the holiday tradition.  “Grace” is the third theme held to this particular shade of bloom, which is no surprise because they are the most popular species to give performers such as dancers and ballerinas.

If you are interested in learning more about light pink roses, here is a list of some of the most beautiful types grown around the world…

Light Pink Roses Grown from Ecuador Light Pink Roses Grown from Holland

“Mother of Pearl” “My Girl”

“Grateful” “Picture Perfect”

“Katherina” “Sweet Akito”

“Novia” “Aqua Bella”

Light Pink Roses Grown from California                        Light Pink Roses Grown Seasonally

in New England

“Keira” “Heritage”

“Rosalind” “Spirit of Freedom”

“Augusta Luise” “Quietness”

“Aphrodite” “Gentle Hermione”

“Constance” “James Galway”

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What is the Meaning of a Yellow Rose

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 26, 2018

There’s nothing like beautiful, yellow roses to brighten up the day, wouldn’t you agree?  This is probably the reason why this shade of rose is typically associated with happiness, cheer and warmth.  Reminding one of the sun, yellow bouquets are often gifted to those we have a closeness of friendship and comradery with.  While red and pinks are commonly associated with a deeper level of love and commitment, yellow is a softer gesture, offering an innocent feeling of kindness between one another.  If you are someone who usually screws up the sentiment of gifts, you might want to keep this species in mind since it’s almost impossible to screw up the meaning in terms of intention.  Yellow roses are also a wonderful arrangement choice to wish someone well after a surgery or illness since the bright hues of the bloom are guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits.  Associations in this instance may represent “speedy recovery”, “thinking of you” or “you’re in my thoughts”.


Interestingly enough, yellow roses did not originate on European soil but in the Middle East where they grew wild and were used for several festivities and traditional customs.  It wasn’t until they were discovered by adventurers who brought specimens back to France and Holland where the universal love for yellow roses was born.  Today, this particular shade of blossom is celebrated across the globe and sent to people for a variety of different reasons although “friendship” continues to remain the #1 symbolic meaning of the flower.

If you’re interested in learning more about yellow roses, take a look at these stunning varieties grown around the globe.

Yellow Roses Grown from Ecuador             Yellow Roses Grown from Holland

“Sonrisa” “Julia Child”

“Yellow Timeless” “Mida Touch”

“Jupiter” “Charles Darwin”

“Conga” “Shine”

“Skyline” “Marisa”

Yellow Roses Grown from California                             Yellow Roses Grown Seasonally

in New England

“Papillon” “Graham Thomas”

“Suella” “Teasing Georgia”

“Yellow Island” “Yellow Submarine”

“Lindsey” “Sunny Sky”

“Gelosia” “Winter Sun”

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