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Exotic Flowers in Boston


Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Nov 02, 2021


In partnership with FOREVER ROSE NEW YORK, Exotic Flowers is excited to announce that these elegant gift boxes are in our Roslindale store.

Rose Forever creations are crafted by exceptional rose artisans, widely experienced in floral art designs. 

Every creation is the result of extensive research and attention to fine detail.

The preserved roses used at Rose Forever come from a well-cultivated rose field. Each rose is cared for until it reached its peak, and then carefully picked. From there, each rose is treated with a formula to help preserve them.

With proper care, our preserved roses will last a year or more.

Preserved roses are fresh real roses that have been through solutions composed of only natural oils and color pigmentation to give them their magnificent wide of colors.

The roses cannot be taken out of their environment. Each preserved rose are placed within the box carefully, removing the roses might damage the arrangement greatly.




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Why Do We Send Gold Roses on New Years

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Dec 30, 2020

gold roses

Italians eat lentils on New Year's Eve for wealth and prosperity because the flat legumes were once believed to resemble Roman coins. 

At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we import thousands of roses from Ecuador every week. This year, our friends in Ecuador gifted us with metallic gold roses. In a year of depression and loss, this rose not only lifted our spirits but has been our talisman. The roses are magical. Our sales have been steady as we have endured the retail effects of the pandemic.

Stop into our Roslindale location for a dozen or order them online for delivery in the Boston area. 

A little good fortune goes a long way. 

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Message In A Bottle; Flower Bouquets with Recommended Card Messages

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Apr 27, 2020


Say It With Flowers has been a catch phrase of the floral industry for decades. It makes sense. What better to express your emotions that to connect with flowers.

At Exotic Flowers, we are rolling out card stunning rose bouquets that also give you a hint at waht to say in case you are at a loss for words.

rubies and pearls roses in boston

Rubies and Pearls Bouquet

This exciting bouquet of red and white roses in a dazzling silver cube is guaranteed to show you care. Simple, stylish. 

Card Message Recommendation: "I want to shower you with rubies and pearls." or "The jewelry store is closed but these gems are for you."

blue roses

When looking for a truly unique reaction. Our sapphire blue roses are grown and dyed in Ecuador. This long-lasting rose is an ideal unique gift.

Card message recommendation: "I know you love sapphires and want you to have these."

rainbow roses boston

Rainbow Roses

Each petal is individually dyed to create a kaleidoscope of color. These roses are imported from Ecuador and are not available often.

Card Message Recommendation: "You are the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow."

Walked out this morning, I don't believe what I saw
A hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore
Seems I'm not alone in being alone
A hundred billion castaways looking for a home

- The Police

There's no coincidence that a message in a bottle is a romantic metaphor immortalized by Van Halen and The Police.

Saying it with flowers is awesome but words matter too. Let us help write the card, they will keep that card long after the flowers are gone. Your card will become a living memory of the gorgeous flowers you sent.


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Introducing the Rose Bomb from Exotic Flowers in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Mar 02, 2020



Inspired by those who always raise the bar. This is the Alpha of flower gifts. Formalize an apology or Put a Statement on Your Affection.

500 Roses $2000 -

Your Rose Bomb will arrive in multiple vases to maximize impact. All of our roses are imported from Ecuador.

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Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jul 18, 2018

Many believe there’s nothing sexier in this world than a hot car.  The speed, body and build of an automobile has been known to be one of the greatest aphrodisiacs- a real turn on to those who love to live life in the fast lane.  There is something to be said of this theory since many models are engineered to entice buyers by their “sex appeal” in the showroom. How about you? Do fast cars turn you on?



If they do, you may be interested in knowing that for every perfect car, there is the perfect flower by which it should be accompanied with.  Judging by the same means of style, shade and personality, we can accurately “couple” classic beauties with their blossoming counterparts. So, the next time you’re cruising the streets for a great bunch of blooms that will look snazzy with your baby on wheels, think about one of these varieties.  Chances are that your taste for cars will carry over with the same preference for flowers!



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How to Make Rose Beads

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jun 01, 2018

When I was a little girl, I remember a special gift my parents gave me for my seventh birthday, a necklace made from rose beads.  Being a lover of flowers starting from a young age (I figure it was in my blood since both mom and dad were florists), I adored anything and everything made from the petals of blossoms.  When I opened the tiny pink box to see the delicate piece of jewelry, I immediately believed that I would cherish them for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, my education in horticulture was only just beginning because I hadn’t yet understood that my trinket was almost 100% organic and would eventually disintegrate.  Nevertheless, I did my best to preserve the pretty bauble in the hopes that I would one day pass it down to my daughter. Thirty-four years later, this is merely a sweet memory of my childhood I carry with me and smile thinking about every time I spot a similar styled necklace in a store window.

black pearl roses

Along with a rose beaded necklace being a lovely way to show your affection for flowers, this form of jewelry is actually the outcome of some interesting history dating back to centuries ago.  Before even the 1500’s, rose beads were used as tools for counting, originating in the country of India. Easy to make and a reliable resource, they were made by the bushel and used to teach science and mathematics.  As time continued, they found their way into the religious realm, specifically by the Christians who formed necklaces as a sign of worship. The delicate yet stunning presentation of the strung roses made them a precious commodity-some of which survived to be passed to future family members. Today, they are still used in religion although you probably see them more often as a metallic chain called, “the rosary”.

Get togethers called, “Beading Bees” still exist today and are still quite popular all over the United States.  During these group meetings, friends and family join to make their own rose beads to use as bracelets or necklaces.  If you are interested in trying out a simple and fun recipe to make your own, follow these simple instructions to create them today!

  1. De-petal a dozen roses (preferably red) and discard the center core.
  2. Boil a pot of distilled water and throw the petals in until they are soft.
  3. Drain the water and place in a blender.  Puree until they have a doughy consistency.
  4. Add a few drops of rose incense to replace any aroma that has escaped.
  5. Let the dough dry until it is easily capable of being formed into balls.
  6. Roll small balls to whatever size you would like and push a sewing pin through the center.
  7. Let the rose beads dry in the sun and string for decoration!

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The Symbolic Meaning of Red Roses

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Feb 07, 2018

Ok, let’s have a raise of hands out there who has ever gifted a special loved one with a fresh bouquet of red roses?  Perhaps for Valentine’s Day, Birthday or other special occasion?  Chances are you’re included in this poll but have you ever wondered exactly what the stems mean that you’re sending?  Sure, obviously the color red means passion and love but to tell you the truth-the blooms extend their symbolism far beyond these two notions.  In reality, the history of these flowers date back decades ago and have quite honestly earned their reputation for becoming the icon for those who are in love.


It all started back in Greek times where we find the Gods and Goddesses of Olympia constantly fighting for their chosen betrothed.  According to lure, the red rose was initially tied to Aphrodite who was said to have run across a field, pricking her ankles as she rushed to her dying lovers side.  Myth reveals that she is responsible for attaching sentiments of “pain” to love, although as we well know, love can also be the most beautiful feeling one can experience.  The “yin” and “yang” factor of falling in love is directly connected to Aphrodite’s broken heart and why red roses became her signature flower.

Centuries later, another important figure used red roses as a symbolic emblem who was none other than the Virgin Mary.  The red of the petals is significant to mean “The Blood of Our Lord” and is clearly a revered symbol since the rosary is one of the most sacred tokens in Christianity.  The original significance stemmed from the idea that a red rose bush grew at the site of Christ’s death.  This is why red roses are also used as a sign of mourning and grief and are used frequently in funeral flowers.


In this day and age, a beautiful gift of crimson flowers is typically known to be primarily and expression of love and adoration.  The variety still remains the #1 species ordered during floral gifting holidays (especially Valentine’s Day) and is now grown in over 200 varieties around the world.  If you are interested in browsing some beauties, check out this list of gorgeous red roses!

Red Roses Varieties

Black Magic Black Baccara Freedom Forever Young

Blaze Montana Darcy Amalia

Eternity Dublin Bay Florentina Chrysler

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What Is The Meaning of a Peach Rose

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 05, 2018

While roses are now grown in a thousand different shades of color, many people don’t realize that each and everyone means something specific in nature.  As some stand for feelings of romance and love, others represent sentiments associated with encouragement, sympathy or even mystery (see blog about blue roses).  The array of symbolic meanings attached to this flower is one of its best attributes, making roses a favorite species by florists who are sent requests for particular blooms carrying specific tidings.  Red, orange, yellow and pink roses are among the most popular used for an expressive gift but how about the delicate and sometimes understated color peach?  Not many are familiar with the significance of this pretty blush tone that is quickly becoming increasingly highlighted in floral design but what does it really mean?


photo crdit via

Peach is directly associated with the expression of modesty, earnestly and innocence.  Although the color has no direct connotation with strong feelings of love or lust, peach does signify a warm feeling of friendship and caring.  Often, businessmen and women will send a gift of peach roses to clients after they have had a successful meeting in order to “bless” the transaction with a good omen.  Closely related is the sentiment of saying, “Thank You” with this particular variety of rose which makes a great gift sent to hosts from a houseguest as a token of gratitude.  Another theme that is tied to the peach bloom is the idea of “civility”, “poise” and “grace”.  An example of this can be seen in films set in the south where many of the homes are filled with peach colored roses or even tulips (although the heat will kill them) which is meant to emulate the thought of elegance.  


If you are interested in presenting someone with peach roses for these symbolic reasons or just fancy the shade that expels an overall delicate beauty, you might want to browse these varieties that are stunning for all occasions!  

Top Favorite Peach Varieties Imported Into the US

  1. Free Spirit 6.  Tiffany
  2. Chillis 7.  Finesse
  3. Peach Avalanche 8.  Versillia
  4. Nevado 9.  Juliet
  5. Campanella 10. Milva

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Can Flowers Make You Less Hungry

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 12, 2018

Come on… Admit it…

Who out there DOESN’T put on a few pounds during the holiday season?  The cookies, pies, desserts, roasts, casseroles and buttery goodness- who can resist?  The deliciousness that extends across our tables during the yuletide month is a joyous treat to dine on with family and friends but once January rolls around, you’re well aware of the damage it may have caused to your waistlines.  Are those pants feeling a bit snug once the advent calendar has been put away?  Well, have no fear!  A healthier you is just around the corner with a little exercise, low calorie menu and awareness for smaller proportions.  Believe it or not, there’s also a few tips local florists might be able to supply customers with such as a bountiful bouquet of blooms that might actually decrease your yearning to clean out the kitchen cabinets.  Temptation can be a hairy monster to deal with when attempting to pull off a couple of pounds but luckily, there are flowers said to curtail an over brooding appetite and replace it with soothing vibes of happiness and relaxation.  By adding a few stems of flowers with powers to hook your senses with fragrance, eye appeal and texture, you’ll be well on your way to tightening up that bod in time for bikini season!  Try requesting these species from a talented designer and see if these blooming effects work on you!


Red Roses

Red roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day!  Study shows that people surrounded by the color red while dining are more likely than not to eat less than a person surrounded by blue or white.  Some experts believe the reason lies with a human being’s natural inherency to associate red with danger or harm.  Even poison labels typically use the shades red and black to signify the product is harmful so it’s no wonder why we may shy away from the color while ingesting food.  The scent of the rose helps as well depending on the variety.  The stronger the sweetness of the aroma, the less likely it is for you to go for that second helping of dessert!

nicotiana_alata_ FINE GARDENing.jpg

photo via


Before you get all in a tizzy- I don’t mean to imply everyone should start smoking if they want to shave off a couple of notches on the old belt.  What I mean by “Nicotiana” is actually the beautiful plant that produces white blooms and grows pretty, soft green foliage.  The smell of the sepals reminds most of the herb pepper, which is typically labeled an unappetizing scent.  Try placing a few pots of this on your patio and see if the effects of Nicotiana aids in decreasing your spoonsful of pasta next spaghetti night. You’ll also like the fact that this species is relatively cheap in cost unlike a package of cigarettes can run you.

Green Calla Lilies

Green Callas are another great breed of flowers to try adding to your home because they remind one to generally add fruits and veggies to their plates every day.  The shade of green is also a solid choice to purchase for plates as well because “going green” extends to healthy eating habits, specifically food grown from the earth.  The curve of the bloom is another excellent distraction for binge eaters because the shape symbolizes fullness and completeness.

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These Light Saber Roses Glow in the Dark

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Dec 11, 2017

We love Star Wars and cannot wait for the release of The Last Jedi. We are celebrating the Star Wars franchise by bringing back our Glow in the Dark Roses. 


GLOW GARDEN- glow in the dark roses- I gotta say, they are pretty cool!!! Although a very new product in the market, there are three different versions of glow in the dark roses.

star wars roses.jpg

  • Type 1- are ALL NATURAL by Glow Gardens- The brand we had at our facility to sample were by Glow Gardens. This product is all natural, no harmful chemicals. There is only one distributor (Glow Gardens) in Colombia and Ecuador. This is liquid that is applied to the actual petals of the flower. There is no residue, build-up etc on the flowers. By looking at them, you would never know there was a glow in the dark liquid.

The Last Jedi releases December 15th. Stop into Exotic Flowers in Roslindale from December 15th-24th and mention this blog for a free Star Wars gift. 


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