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What is the Meaning of a Light Pink Rose

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jan 29, 2018

As you might already know, different floral colors represent an assortment of sentiments ranging all the way from love to sympathy.  Depending on the specific thought you are trying to transfer to the recipient, proper research should be done beforehand to make sure your message is clear.  For example, light pink roses have long been in demand for those wishing to convey forgiveness to someone they have wronged and remain one of the top five shades of roses to be requested when attempting reconciliation with a loved one.  For couples in trouble within their relationship, blush toned petals have become a predominant symbol for “I’m Sorry!” in the flower world.  


Another popular theme attached to light pink roses is “beauty”, “gratitude” and “grace”.  Quite often, a bunch of soft pink rosebuds will be gifted to parents of a newborn baby girl to symbolize the perfection of the new human just brought into their lives.   The “gratitude” angle is often seen when appreciating a person who continues to bring assistance to their life such as a babysitter, close friend or administrative assistant.  Light pink roses are still the #1 variety requested for Secretaries Day by bosses which has held true since the beginning of the holiday tradition.  “Grace” is the third theme held to this particular shade of bloom, which is no surprise because they are the most popular species to give performers such as dancers and ballerinas.

If you are interested in learning more about light pink roses, here is a list of some of the most beautiful types grown around the world…

Light Pink Roses Grown from Ecuador Light Pink Roses Grown from Holland

“Mother of Pearl” “My Girl”

“Grateful” “Picture Perfect”

“Katherina” “Sweet Akito”

“Novia” “Aqua Bella”

Light Pink Roses Grown from California                        Light Pink Roses Grown Seasonally

in New England

“Keira” “Heritage”

“Rosalind” “Spirit of Freedom”

“Augusta Luise” “Quietness”

“Aphrodite” “Gentle Hermione”

“Constance” “James Galway”

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