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Animal Lovers Guideline to Safe Flowers for Your Home

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Sep 05, 2018


Are you an animal lover who also adores flowers but are too afraid your puppy or kitty will likely be tempted to snack on potentially harmful plants and foliage?  Many times, people who have recently adopted a pet just believe it’s too risky to display centerpieces or house plants in their homes in fear of the possibility of ingesting poison.  Who can blame these responsible parents for making this decision when sometimes it’s unclear of what is safe and not for this type of décor? Thankfully, there are many resources available, which list helpful tips on risky plants and blooms to avoid exposure to your animals.  If you are curious about what some of those are, here is a list of a few botanicals that should be avoided:


Flowers: Many of these blooms cause diarrhea, vomiting and profuse drooling.  Kidney failure, soft tissue damage and several other serious medical issues, including death may occur if not seen by a veterinarian immediately.  


Azaleas Lily of the Valley

Tulips Monkshood

Hyacinth Morning Glories

Plants: Similar to harmful flowers, the results of ingestion from many of these plants will result in vomiting and diarrhea.  In some cases, hallucinations, organ deterioration and possible heart failure may also occur.  


Holly Juniper

Dieffenbachia Bitter Sweet

Palms Oleander


So, what are the safe flowers to showcase in your home that won’t hurt your cat or dog?   Try asking your local florist for varieties such as roses, bachelor buttons, jasmine and bamboo to dress up any room!

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How to Say Thank You with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Apr 20, 2018

We’ve all been taught at a very young age that saying our “thank you’s” is one of the most important manners we can ever learn.  The idea is drilled into us over and over again along with a multitude of different ways we can express our gratitude. For some of us, it’s a personal speech, while others prefer to write a touching letter or perhaps the gesture of sending a thoughtful gift.  For those who love to shower loved ones with beautiful blooms, sending a floral bouquet to express appreciation is a wonderful deed to get in the habit of doing. Not only will a fresh vase of blossoms brighten their day but the act can also communicate a deep sentiment unlike other options you may have tried in the past.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank with overly expensive arrangements or purchase enormous centerpieces to get your point across. Nope- you can make a clear and concise “thank you” statement just by selecting an affordable mix of springtime flowers. If you have a special someone who you’d like to express recognition for making a difference in your life, check out these sensational styles that your local florist is bound to already showcase.

tiger lilies

It’s a well-known fact that roses go with just about everything, which makes this species the perfect choice to praise someone with.  Pink, orange and yellow hued varieties are the most popular when fulfilling this type of order but you can request just about any shade you want and they’re promised to be a hit.  Just watch out when sending red roses since this can certainly come across as a mixed message.


Sunflowers are one of the top requested blooms for cheering someone up, apologizing and yes-sending a big thank you for something wonderfully done.  Sunflowers are now available pretty much year-round making them an easy choice, plus they are likely to survive a bit longer than other comparable varieties.  Pair with yellow roses, freesia and mimosa for a stunning bouquet or simply send a single package of a ten-stem bouquet. Both will knock the socks of their recipients!

Lilies are a frequently sold variety for this type of purchase because of their showy presence and overall like-ability with customers.  Pink lilies are a wonderful shade to say “thank you” as well as Asiatic breeds such as orange and yellow. Although white lilies are often associated with death and funerals, there’s no rule against swapping their meaning to show your sentiment of gratitude.  

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Tiger Lilies for the Tiger Woman

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Oct 09, 2017

We all know that many of us choose to match our personalities with other decisions we make throughout the day.  Our clothing habits, foods, books, movies, friendships, careers all typically revolve around the true inner person that exists inside of us all.  We make these choices to confirm and celebrate the differences from those around us to better express our feelings and emotions.  It is one of the fundamental principles that we as humans possess that is exercised consistently throughout our lives.  As women, we tend to depend on this response more than our male counterparts, primarily because there is said to be a higher ability of creativity with the female hormone system.  Interesting, right?  This means that our favorite colors, styles and scents are constantly being reflected in every area where we have the option to inflict our preferences.

tiger lilies.jpg

When it comes to flowers, this is no exception and holding true to the last stat I mentioned, women tend to be pickier about what florals they showcase in and around their living spaces.  One reason is because they are trying to complement their persona with the designs seen at their local florist, which sometimes can cause a bit of confusion.  Due to this issue, many professionals in the industry are now displaying charts which give clients suggestions based on their unique personalities.  For instance, a woman who leans on the sweeter side of things is more apt to enjoy a fresh bunch of garden roses, sweet peas or peonies.  A woman regarded as slightly more intense (here’s where I lay on the spectrum) would more likely enjoy bolder varieties such as orchids, callas , lilies- specifically tiger lilies.

A fun fact about tiger lilies is that these flowers can either be cultivated in specialized greenhouses or grow wildly in the outdoors.  Their color availability is as broad as the sun, giving women like me a tremendous selection to choose from.  Red, orange, yellow, white, cream-you name it and chances are, your florist will be able to find it.  Once you have picked the shade you prefer, you can move onto whether or not you’re the kind of gal who likes clumps of a single bloom species or the opposite-a mixed arrangement with many different types of florals included.  For me, I almost always go with the single variety option because of the simplicity in beauty and uniform coloring. 

tiger woman.jpg

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