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Flower Personality Quiz

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Apr 16, 2018

Variety is the spice of life as you all well know which is why the flower world is the perfect place to find your personality with a multitude of different varieties.  Just like anything else-there are specific characteristics one seeks to find in their favorite fleurs and each aspect is directly correlated to match a person’s unique self.  Not everyone loves roses just because they are a common bloom and not everyone prefers gerbera daisies just because they have a reputation for signifying happiness. Yes-there’s a bud for each individual person out there- the trick is to be savvy enough to recognize it!  How does one approach this conundrum? The answer lies in pursuing a personality test that directly ties tastes and preferences to specified flowers. Does this actually work? Heck yes! Give it a try and see what your favorite flower might be!


The mantra you start your day with is:

  • The sooner I get up, the sooner I can get back to bed.
  • Today Could Be the Day…
  • Yippee!  Rise and Shine!

For lunch, you prefer:

  1. Ham and Cheese on Rye Sandwich
  2. Sushi with a Side of Salad
  3. Meatball Sub with Loads of Cheese.  What the hell- you only live once!

You like to wear to bed:

  1. Sweats and a T-Shirt.  Comfort is priority.
  2. A Slinky Negligee
  3. Nothing.  You Like to Sleep in the Buff.

Your favorite pastime is:

  1. Hitting the Couch to Watch the Sports Channel
  2. Hiking in the Woods
  3. Sky Diving

You would rate your last relationship as being:

  1. A Total Nightmare.  You’re done with dating…
  2. Lukewarm.  You haven’t met your Prince Charming yet but you know he’s out there!
  3. Hot like Fire!  They usually all are…

You would rate your personality as being:

  1. Quiet, Shy and Keeps to Oneself
  2. Social with Friends but always in Bed by Ten
  3. A Total Party Animal!

If most of your answers were “A”, you probably prefer a dependable stem with an adequate blooming time.  Try roses, carnations or lilies to add to your home.

If most of your answers were “B”, you have a love for things traditional but aren’t afraid to branch out and try new things.  Bouquets of anemones, sweet pea and sunflowers are your perfect match!

If most of your answers were “C”, then you’re a wild child who will do best with orchids, calla lilies and other exotic varieties that will appeal to your adventurous, fun side!  

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