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What is the Meaning of a Yellow Rose

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 26, 2018

There’s nothing like beautiful, yellow roses to brighten up the day, wouldn’t you agree?  This is probably the reason why this shade of rose is typically associated with happiness, cheer and warmth.  Reminding one of the sun, yellow bouquets are often gifted to those we have a closeness of friendship and comradery with.  While red and pinks are commonly associated with a deeper level of love and commitment, yellow is a softer gesture, offering an innocent feeling of kindness between one another.  If you are someone who usually screws up the sentiment of gifts, you might want to keep this species in mind since it’s almost impossible to screw up the meaning in terms of intention.  Yellow roses are also a wonderful arrangement choice to wish someone well after a surgery or illness since the bright hues of the bloom are guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits.  Associations in this instance may represent “speedy recovery”, “thinking of you” or “you’re in my thoughts”.


Interestingly enough, yellow roses did not originate on European soil but in the Middle East where they grew wild and were used for several festivities and traditional customs.  It wasn’t until they were discovered by adventurers who brought specimens back to France and Holland where the universal love for yellow roses was born.  Today, this particular shade of blossom is celebrated across the globe and sent to people for a variety of different reasons although “friendship” continues to remain the #1 symbolic meaning of the flower.

If you’re interested in learning more about yellow roses, take a look at these stunning varieties grown around the globe.

Yellow Roses Grown from Ecuador             Yellow Roses Grown from Holland

“Sonrisa” “Julia Child”

“Yellow Timeless” “Mida Touch”

“Jupiter” “Charles Darwin”

“Conga” “Shine”

“Skyline” “Marisa”

Yellow Roses Grown from California                             Yellow Roses Grown Seasonally

in New England

“Papillon” “Graham Thomas”

“Suella” “Teasing Georgia”

“Yellow Island” “Yellow Submarine”

“Lindsey” “Sunny Sky”

“Gelosia” “Winter Sun”

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