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What Does an Orange Rose Mean ?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Feb 02, 2018

Orange roses just might be the most underestimated shade of blooms in the floral industry.  Cultivated back in the 20th century by cross-breeding red with yellow species, orange roses have introduced a whole new, fresh and fiery appeal within floral design that flower lovers simply can’t get enough of.  Even though the variety was born from rose hues typically symbolizing “love” or “friendship”, this bright flavor has been deemed to represent sentiments of “creativity” and “fascination”.  Appropriate to be given as a gesture of “friendship” or “intimate interest”, the orange rose has also become a popular gift for painters, writers and others centered in the arts who enjoy the vibrancy and allure of the petals.  “Subtlety” is not in this variety’s description and is instead sought after for the contemporary splash of color that traditional centerpieces lack.  Excitement, pleasure and inspiration are all ideas tied to this pretty stunner that is implemented most frequently by designers during the summer months of the year.  Although Halloween season is another period where you see orders of orange roses spike, it’s no secret that wedding planners are infusing bridal bouquets with hints of orange petals more often than ever before.  If you haven’t noticed, New England wedding magazines are featuring this rose shade as the “up and coming trend” for next fall’s line so if you’re planning to say “I do” next autumn, you might want to browse this list of varieties!


Orange Roses Grown from Ecuador             Orange Roses Grown from Holland

“Manitou” “Pinata”

“Twilight” “Arancio”

“Movie Star” “Carioca”

“Voodoo” “Corvette”

“High Intense” “Contrast”

Orange Roses Grown from California                             Orange Roses Grown Seasonally

in New England

“Abraham Darby” “Roald Dahl”

“Trumpeter” “Lady Emma Hamilton”

“Just Joey” “Lady of Shallot”

“Fragrant Cloud” “Crown Princess Margareta”

“Irish Elegance” “Livin’ Easy”

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