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Exotic Flowers in Boston

The Best Orange Flowers

Posted by Olive Smith on Fri, Jun 16, 2017

What flowers are excellent choices if your favorite color is orange?  TONS!  Orange is a very popular color in the flower industry for a few reasons…  First of all, the tint has many cultural ties as well as several symbolic meanings associated with worldly celebrations, holidays and other rites.  The second reason attains to the usefulness designers have with this shade since it contrasts nicely against both bold and light colors.  The third explanation for the high demand of orange blossoms is simply because it makes people HAPPY!  I general, those who are attracted to this color are known to be upbeat, enthusiastic and energetic so having a bouquet in the same color spectrum will only boost you further up!  If you think you’re at a loss of knowledge when it comes to orange flowers then keep reading.  Here are a few examples of blooms that might just be the right match for you!

  1. Orange Lilies-Otherwise known as “Tiger Lilies” these star-like flowers can grow just about anywhere as well as be picked for indoor centerpieces.  Due to their adaptable living capability, there are no shortages of this variety, causing purchases to be affordable and accessible.

  1. Orange Helenium- I love orange helenium and almost always include at least two planting every year within my garden.  The sweet face is joyful in itself plus the wildflower will regenerate and spread if the temperature and weather conditions are suitable.  A tip to the wise, helenium behaves better outside and will last longer if not used as a cut flower.

  1. Orange Marigolds- I have fond memories of my great aunts growing marigolds on their windowsills as a child and remember how the frilly edged blooms brightened up their faces.  Yes, some people might believe these flowers are old fashioned but really, they remain a favorite to many.  Marigolds are also hearty so they will do well in bud vases as well as potted plants.

  1. Birds of Paradise- These exotic flowers are a huge hit for those who enjoy tropical plants and flowers because of their unusual structure and cool presence within arrangements.  The head honestly looks like a bird and is perfect for parties and events where you want to make a big impact.

  1. Orange Protea- Protea is another favorite for orange flowers and has several properties, which make it desirable to customers.  Typically grown in Africa, they are shipped here, where they are used quite often in dramatic centerpieces essential for upscale events (they aren’t cheap to buy but worth it).  Their longevity also makes them attractive as well as the unusual texture of soft needles extending throughout the entire head.  Want one more reason to pick up a few stems of protea?  These flowers mix well with others or are perfect standing alone.


Flower credit via Flower Factor

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