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Halloween Florist Costume

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Oct 11, 2017

If you live in New England, then it’s pretty safe to say that fall festivities are right up your alley.  One annual tradition that is of particular importance is the one night where we can all transform into anyone we want… Yes, I’m talking about Halloween!  You may have noticed that I used the word “all” because contrary to what you may think, Halloween is a holiday for all of us (not just the kiddos).  Perhaps you’ve been invited to a party or maybe an office celebration where friends and coworkers will be whipping up wardrobe creations and you just haven’t found the inspiration yet to make your own?  No problem!  For those who love to garden or have a fancy for florals, I have just the ideas for you and most of the materials needed can be found already at home.


photo: Victor VIRGILE—Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Become a Wrapped Bouquet!

This costume is too cute if you love flowers, plus it’s quick and simple so you don’t need a whole lot of time to accomplish the look.  Just wrap yourself in an extra-large piece of paper and tie with a ribbon.  Add blossoms to the packaging by cutting large blooms out of construction paper and either glue to the back of the paper or attach to sticks that can be inserted inside the cone.  Be sure to dress in a single color such as black, navy or red and presto!  Your Halloween look is complete.  If you own a flower shop and have an employee who is willing, have them put on this outfit on October 31st to greet customers at the door. Patrons will get a kick out of the company’s holiday spirit as well as attract others who might be passing by.

Become the Flower Dude!

This design is quick and easy to throw together in a pinch since all you really need is a smock, clipboard and maybe either a small arrangement or bouquet of roses to hold.  Simple jeans and a t-shirt are the best pieces to wear underneath and letting a little stubble grow in will also add to the effect.  Florists are typically NOT glamourous people who often work long hours contrary to what most believe.  Sporting fancy jackets, pants or expensive jewelry will draw away the authenticity of “florist role” so be sure to stay in character as much as possible.  If you know a florist already, ask them to borrow some arrangement cards that you can put in your front pocket or hand out to others as an added accessory.  If you really want it to look real, hold a dixie cup in your hand and tell people it’s coffee.  I haven’t met a florist yet who isn’t addicted to the stuff!

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Halloween Flowers in Boston - What is Hot ?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Oct 12, 2016

October is a time for warm fires, cozy sweaters, apple cider and jumping into leaf piles.  For many New Englanders, it is their favorite time of year, but there is one group in particular who seems to be inspired by the crisp change of the seasons the most.  That’s right-Boston florists love the autumn months because a fresh batch of product containing different hues of color and texture begin to arrive.  


Not only are many of the varieties longer lasting than the species within the summer collection, but they possess interesting new textures that are fun to play with.  From farm stands to backyard gardens, these beauties are bursting through the earth ready to take their moment in the spotlight and it’s up to us to come up with fantastic ways to do just that!  New species that are usually in high demand during October are orange sunflowers, millet, chrysanthemums, wheat and deep colored roses.  For right now, we’re going to shelve the pastel look but there’s still a ton of wiggle room for those who don’t prefer the rich combination of orange, red and yellow that we usually see now.


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What in the World is a Halloween Rose ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Oct 30, 2015

VIP Roses in Holland creates the coolest roses. These roses not only look like dessert, but smell llike it too. They are real roses and dipped in wax to look like chocolate and frosting. They are not for consumption.

Looking for meaning ?? These roses not only trick you into thinking they are dessert, but are a true treat for flower lovers.

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Frankenstein Flower Arrangements for Halloween

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Oct 16, 2015

It’s time again to start getting a little spooky decorating for Halloween!  Not only will our homes need to be accessorized with cob webs, witches hats and fake spiders climbing the walls, our flower arrangements needs to be made to reflect this ghostly spirit as well!  Boston florists are devising cleverly creepy pieces for their customers who possess a fun imagination and passion for celebrating this BOO-tastic holiday in style.  Designers are considering all elements when putting together arrangements including style, décor and texture that will coincide with this scary time of year.  That means the slimier, furrier, scalier, sweeter and eerier we can make these floral presentations – the better!  Halloween flowers are among the top most requested ornamental pieces for New England residences and particularly for businesses.   Local establishments even claim that one of these festive arrangements can actually increase sales and revenue for the month of October.  

My husband always sends me Halloween flowers. The one above was created with a Frankenstein mask. He used candy for the eyeballs. His head rests on top of spanish moss. his scar is celosia flower, while the blood drip from his mouth is an orchid. Red roses and bittersweet provide the ideal frame for this creepy floral creation.


Last year, Ricky sent me this Frankenstein  arrangement at the Westwood Public Library. The focal point is the Universal Studios Frankenstein action figure. Antique hydrangea and sheet moss set the stage while pink and yellow spray roses, freesia, free spirit roses and bittersweet frame the arrangement. 

Neither of these floral designs will break the bank and either one will set your Instagram account on fire. 

Happy haunting.

- Suzie

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A Florist's Halloween Poem by Suzie Canale

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Oct 23, 2014

Who says Halloween is just for kids,
Or only for the Salem tourists?
This is a poem to tell of you about,
Boston's frightfully scary florists.
You sell all of them have a particular interest,
Towards sharing their eerier side,
By serving their clients with a fun festive flair,
Of bouquets made with spookily pride.
Indeed if you're looking for special treat,
Something more than just pumpkins and candy,
You might to consider some help from these guys,
Your florist just might come in handy.
Bright orange replaces the blush shades of pink,
To create the most ghoulish effect,
Millet, Bat Orchids, and black witches' thimble,
I can assure you are "creepy" perfect.
For those of you who have romance on the mind,
And want blossoms that promise a scare,
Glow in the dark roses are the right pick for you,
Turn all the lights out if you dare...
Did you know there were blooms that were named for this eve,
To celebrate this special night ?
Candy Corn, Black Magic, Devil's Claw and Ghost
All show beauty with cunning fright.
So as you prepare for the haunts and the screams, 
And you shiver from all that is seen,
Don't forget to choose flowers that will scare up a thrill,
And have a happy, happy Halloween!

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New Release: Halloween Flowers, The Spooky Surprise Bouquet

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Sep 30, 2013

halloween flowers in Boston resized 600Just in time for Halloween parties in Salem, Boston and New England, Exotic Flowers in Boston has partnered with Teleflora of Los Angeles to offer the Spooky Surprise Bouquet. 

This festive arrangement arrives in a ceramic keepsake pumpkin and serves as a great conversation piece. The fresh arrangement features miniature roses, safflower and curly willow along with a spooky ghost. Available in Boston for same day delivery, Exotic Flowers can also send this flower arrangement nationwide.

The Spooky Surprise Bouquet retails for $59.95, $74.95 (as shown) and $89.95. 

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A Halloween Poem by Boston Author Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Oct 24, 2012

Halloween is finally here,
With costumes, masks and treats,
As children run from door to door,
Ghosts and witches fill the streets!
But don’t forget the best of all,
The symbol of this night,
Pumpkins carved both big and small,
Glowing their toothy smiles bright!
halloween flower delivery resized 600
What’s that you say? Where should you go?
To find your perfect pick?
Exotic Flowers has the best in town,
Just ask for Sonny, Marie or Rick!
So stop on by to choose your favorites
Of orange, white or green,
Then get your candy bags in hand,
And have a Happy Halloween!
- Suzie Canale

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Funky Flowers For Your Halloween Centerpiece

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Oct 22, 2012

hocus pocus roses in boston
Inspired by a recent tweet from PR Maven, Kimberley Ring - Exotic Flowers presents some funky flowers for Halloween in Boston. As florists in Boston, we forget that clients need guidance on choosing flowers for their holiday parties. For Halloween, flowers choices range from blood red roses to creeping amaranthus. Some of our favorites can be seen in this post. Above is the Hocus Pocus Rose, natural burgundy splashed with yellow streaks, this rose is magical.
Halloween Party Flowers
Celosia is brainlike in appearance. This cut flower comes in red, yellow, orange and green. There is no better way to create brain matter with cut flowers than clustering celosia blooms in a skull like vessel.
Klingon flowers
Having a science fiction themed Halloween Party ? Klingons and Trekkies can both agree that pincushion protea would be an ideal flower for an interplanetary theme. Pincushion protea is readily available in orange, yellow and multi color fuzz as well.
bat flower resized 600
If you really want to raise the bar for your Halloween party, then check out the bat flower. A little gross and kind of scary, the bat flower is sure to be the conversation piece of your event. Please know that the bat flower is quite rare, so get your order in as soon as possible for Halloween.

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Haunted Halloween Flowers in Boston by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Sun, Oct 30, 2011

BlackCalla2 resized 600

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in New England.  Bright orange pumpkins and jac o' lanterns adorn every doorstep. Hayrides carry  laughing children along eerie trails. Homes fill their bowls  with  candy corn, Snickers and M & M's.  Halloween casts a spell over Boston, enchanting its residents  to not only participate in the spooky fun but to decorate  with spider webs, creepy ghouls  and scary music.   

Halloween is also a popular wedding date for the mysterious and  enchanted. Halloween wedding centerpieces  feature burnt oranges, burgundies, purples along with spirited accessories.  With a few easy tricks and treats, anyone can change a common table floral arrangment  into an eye catching and haunted floral presentation.

Purple, orange, cream and black are the most traditional colors for Halloween flowers.  These colors work well as a monochromatic design and complement each other as well. If you cannot find the right color balance, include a few stems of lime green hydrangea or celosia pop the colors  in your wedding centerpiece.  This palette of color has some store bought limitations, but florists like Exotic Flowers in Boston can provide all the flowers you need.

Rose Black Dyed Twilight1 resized 600

 Deep purples and violets  are readily available in ornamental kale or lisianthus. Pumpkin oranges include mango callas, spray roses and gerbera daisies.  For wedding like creams, ecuadorean roses and kale are great choices.  Black flowers will give you your spooky sensation, Schwartzwalder mini calla lillies, bat flowers and Twilight Black Roses are some the favorites of the Exotic Flowers in Boston design staff.

bat flower 2 resized 600

Here are a few tips to enhance the  spirit of Halloween in your floral arrangements.  Add a few wisps of store bought cobwebs to the tops or to the sides of the bouquet to give you that Addams family look. Invest  in a few plastic spiders found in any local party (Iparty in West Roxbury) or craft store (AC Moore in Dedham,).  Place the spiders  in one or two spots, making them appear that they are hiding within the flower arrangement.  For an added value with minimum investments, lightly sprinkle candy corn in a circular shape around the bottom of your vase. 

Happy Halloween!

Suzie Canale

follow me at

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Exotic Flowers in Boston's Horror Hall of Fame Class of 2011

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Oct 28, 2011

universalmonsters deadlymovies resized 600
October 2011 - Boston
Exotic Flowers Announces its Horror Hall of Fame
Like The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, Exotic Flowers in Boston has its own Hall of Fame. Founded in 2011, Exotic Flowers will announce an induction class to its Horror Hall of Fame every Halloween. The inaugural class mirrors the likes of Cobb, Ruth and Matthewson; the Exotic Flowers in Boston Horror Hall of Fame presents the Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhes and Michael Myers.
The Exotic Flowers Boston Horror Hall of Fame will be a virtual homage to Horror Movies. 
* Wolfman - popularized in 1941 by Lon Chaney. The Wolfman has been creating scares and copy cats
for seventy years.
* Dracula - dating back to Bram Stoker, Dracula is the reason we have Twilight, Interview with the Vampire and
an obsession with all things Vampire including the popular Twilight black roses.
* Frankenstein - Mary Shelley may not have known what type of monster she really created when bringing
this legend to life.
* Jason Voorhes - his character began at the end of Friday the 13th. But after donning a hockey mask, Jason
became the main character in many nightmares.
* Freddy Krueger - "nine, ten. never sleep again."
* Michael Myers - maybe the eeriest of the modern era. Michael Myers' myth shows how music
can create the character.
freddy vs jason vs michael myers promo 5 resized 600

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