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How to get Your Kids to Love Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Nov 05, 2016

If you’re a big fan of flowers, you might want to pass along your hobby to your children.  Whether you have boys or girls, floral enthusiasts understand the importance of nourishing their child’s connection to nature, particularly when it comes to flora and fauna.  The reason lies in the benefits, which include a healthy development of curiosity, creativity and a stronger bond to our surrounding environment.  According to scientific study, kids that play with flowers grow up to have a stronger nurturing tendency towards both nature and human beings.  Many lessons can be learned by all who raise a family with fresh flowers in and around their homes, which are beneficial to all long term.  If you’re stumped as to how you can begin educating your children about the importance of appreciating flowers, try these fun activities and projects to get you started!


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Fun and Easy Activities to Nourish a Child’s Bond to Flowers

  1. Pick a patch of land and start a flowerbed in your backyard!  Allow your child to hand select their desired varieties of packaged seeds and let them get digging!
  2. Literally, make your kids stop and smell the roses.  The effects of aromatherapy are said to cure issues such as anxiety and depression without having to use over the counter drugs.  When they feel better, they’ll instantly tie flowers with positive feelings and mindsets.
  3. Crafting with flowers shows little ones the vast usage of heads, petals and stems while simultaneously opening the door to their imaginations.  Try having them glue dried petals to construction paper and let them make cards, bookmarks or beautiful pictures to hang up on the wall.
  4. Encourage your kids to play “florist” and allow them to manifest their own arrangements using cut flowers that are either purchased from local shops or simply cut from the backyard.  Don’t focus on the perfection of the piece, instead emphasize creativity and see what their tiny hands can come up with!  Who knows?  You might just have a brilliant designer in the making!
  5. Do your neighborhood some good and have the kids mix together small bouquets that they can gift to friends and family.  They’ll see the immediate joy and happiness they elicit and seek out to replicate that reaction over and over again.

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