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Back to School Flower Arrangements

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Sep 16, 2015

The kids are finally back in school- yahoo!  Okay, we’ll miss the little whipper snappers from time to time but honestly, it’s time for fall to put us back on track that includes our flower arrangements!  Boston florists are already in full swing preparing for a product line dedicated to bring out the autumn feel.  Red, yellow and gold will likely be the featured palette for the next few months so why don’t we add a little something to the mix?  Bean Town’s flower lovers are asking their designers to create back to school styled pieces that reflect the very essence within texture, color and sizing.

photo credit: Flower Factor/ 

For a minute, a few of our finest florists were stumped as to how to deliver such a request but after a little research, they have come up with some pretty cool ideas!   The best part is, if you have a garden still flourishing outside in your backyard, you might even be able to make some of these styles on your own!  They don’t cost a lot and are most likely varieties native to New England’s present climate.  Farm stands are also a great resource to find workable material so make sure you check those out, too!  Here are a few ideas to get the apple rolling!  

photo credit Flower Factor/

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