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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Flower Couture

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Jan 28, 2016

The fashion world is getting a fresh taste of inspiration in 2016 and it doesn’t include a designer’s variation in fabrics.  Flowers of every variety and dimension are hitting the runway, featured in some of the most elite fashion events of the year.  Around the world, florists are becoming involved within this competitive industry where they are showing innovative techniques and presentations with the use of imported product.  Orchids, roses, willow, and an eclectic multitude of tropical leaves are being sewn, glued and stapled onto dresses, blazers, hats, pants, skirts, shirts and more!  Contributing a breathtaking flare and contemporary vision, models are strutting these striking concoctions adorned with lavish blossoms everywhere from New York to Paris.  According to reviews, the floral fascination is making a splash and is leaving their audiences in awe.  


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Is this a fleeting trend?


A hoax?


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A desperate attempt to re-infuse clothing with personality and intrigue?


I don’t think so…  Talented designers are making serious headway by creating fashion forward ideas that will revolutionize what is shown on the cover of magazines and storefront windows.   Flowers have asserted themselves as being the new vogue when it comes to clothing and judging by these pictures, there’s no questioning why.  Take a look at these popular new looks and ask yourself if you see yourself dripping in daisies the next time you plan on attending a function!

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