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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Jewel Tone Flowers - Fad or Timeless Classic ?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Sep 18, 2015


A diamond is said to be a girl’s best friend but so isn’t a stunning bouquet of brightly colored flowers!  Boston florists are well aware of this fact and have decided to take the “jewel tone” fad to another level.  By matching precious stones to varieties of plants and flowers, they are able to create majestic looking arrangements that are just as showy as their customer’s jewelry preference.  Bean Town’s designers are getting so good at it, they have even been able to make pieces to match a birthstone for birthday orders!  Now who wouldn’t love to receive a specifically tailored vase of blossoms that is uniquely thematic just for them?  Selecting product that is the same color of gems has also been extended to include wedding anniversaries as well as family heirlooms.  If you haven’t yet been introduced to the growing sensation of flower decorating, here is a list to find your perfect jewel tone bloom!  My birthstone is the diamond so I can’t wait to see if a giant bouquet of lily of the valley or white phalaenopsis arrives for me on my special day!

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Amber (orange/brown)  - orange tulips, gerbera daisies, poppies

Sapphire (deep blue)      - delphinium, bachelor buttons, hydrangea, iris

Citrine (green/yellow) - cypripedium orchids, fritillaria, amaranthus, sedum  

Emerald (green) - bells of ireland, hellebore, cymbidium orchids

Garnet (deep red) - roses, amaryllis, ranunculus

Onyx (black) - calla lilies, chcoolate cosmos

Opal (iridescent) - antique hydrangea

Tanzanite (purple) - hydrangea, lilacs, roses,

Diamond (clear/white) - roses, phalaenopsis orchids, delphinium, larkspur, calla lilies






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