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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Baseball Inspired Flower Arrangements

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, May 21, 2018


Like many Bostonians, there is a huge rush of energy in the city lately and that’s all due to the opening of our beloved Fenway Park!  Get your peanuts, pretzels and soft drinks ready kids because this year, the Red Sox seem to be planning on having a sensational six months ahead of them!  Last week, just happens to be my first time back to the old ballpark and boy- was it great to be sitting in those familiar red seats waving at Wally again.  Everyone around me seemed to be taking in the smells, sounds and sights that are synonymous with Fenway such as the decadence of sweet sausage and authentic hot dogs, the brightness of the overhead lights and the cheer of the crowd as the first ballplayer took his turn up at bat.  Visiting the park really is an experience in itself that many people keep the memories of long after they’ve left. How do you keep these fond thoughts alive? We can browse through old programs, take a look at snapshots or wear our favorite team member’s jersey you’d do anything to be just like!

baseball flowers-1

If you are a flower lover who happens to share the same adornment with Boston’s favorite baseball team, you can even combine the two notions to make a gorgeous piece of memorabilia!  There’s zillions of ways to make a beautiful Red Sox arrangement to either showcase at your next birthday party or simply keep for yourself. The first step to designing this piece is to keep in mind the obvious:  the colors of the team are red, blue and white. This might seem tricky at first glance but in actuality, there are several varieties of flowers that are grown in these hues. The obvious answer might be to whip up a bubble bowl stuffed with red roses to encircle the vase.  This, no doubt works perfectly with little fuss but if you’re looking for a challenge-here are a few more ideas to mull about.

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