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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Behind The Florist Counter

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Jul 22, 2020

Sometimes we hear people's darkest secrets. Sometimes they make us laugh. A recent phone call below:

EF: 'Good morning, Exotic Flowers'

JM: 'Hi, my husband sent me flowers but you sent the wrong item.'

EF: 'Let me look it up. His name?'

JM: (name blanked to protect the innocent);

EF: 'We do not have anyone by that name in our system. What is yours?'

JM: name given

EF: 'Yes, we have your order 18 red roses.'

JM: 'My husband did not order that'

EF: 'I helped him myself. He was clear about what he wanted'

JM: 'No, we did not order that'

EF: 'He was here this morning and showed me what he wanted'


JM: 'My husband is out of the country.'
EF: 'Anthony? He paid me in cash'
JM: 'Oooooh, that's not my husband'
EF: 'Let's not tell your husband then'
JM: 'Don't tell Anthony either'

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