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The Exotic Flowers in Boston Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jun 03, 2014

Father's Day is Sunday June 15th. Don't take your dad for granted. He appreciates being appreciated. Whether you buy him a card, a balloon or even a rose. Let your dad know how much you love him.
At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we currently have five full time fathers on staff. The dads at Exotic Flowers have put together a list of the gifts they would love receive this Father's Day.
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  • An antispasto fileld with tasty bites of olives, cheeses and salty meats is sure to please the men in your life. Throw in a bottle of red wine, an afternoon of the History channel and you have an event that rivals Super Bowl Sunday.
Fathers Day Gift
bean radio resized 600
  • The mini solar emergency radiofrom LL Bean. Hurricane season started June 1st. This is a must-have item for your dad's or husband's emergency kit, bedside stand or car. Or even if he just likes to listen to Joe Castiglione and the Red Sox in the back yard. Affordable, practical and comes from one of our favorite companies, LL Bean. Exotic Flowers in Boston has taken many pages from the LL Bean customer service program.
fathers day steaks
  •  They say a way to man's heart is through his stomach. While dad is listening to his new radio in the back yard. Why not pick him up a few thick ribeyes from Butcher Boy in North Andover. Of course, you do not have to leave Boston to buy beef, but Butcher Boy is the best in business. 
fathers day gifts boston resized 600
  • While your dad is in the backyard grilling his steaks and listening to the Red Sox, why not help beautify the yard. Many make the mistake of buying dad tools and plants for him to plant. Why not give him a break and have the staff at Exotic Flowers send our Mixed Summer PlanterThis delightful planter bustles with lovely flowers and long-lasting garden plants. With so much to offer, it'll make the days of summer brighter.
boston childrens book
What better way to celebrate father's day than reading your children a book. This is one of the best memories you can ever share with children, a father reading to their child.

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