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Exotic Flowers in Boston

The Meaning of Roses in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Jan 23, 2014

Roses in BostonBoston residents, employees and visitors often send roses. At Exotic Flowers, we sell over 10,000 Ecuadorean roses every week. We carry at least ten colors to choose from every day. From blue to blush and red to raspberry, many clients love the many choices of roses to send throughout the Boston area.

Some clients not only want to know which color lives longest, but they also ask if the rose has any meaning. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we know you will read many different meanings for rose colors. We are proud to offer the meanings chart below to help[ make sending roses in Boston easier.

  • white roses in boston resized 600White Rose: innocence; I'm worthy of you.
  • Burgundy Rose: Unconscious Beauty: Beauty Within
  • Lavender Rose: Affection; Enchantment
  • Green Rose: Envy; Infatuation
  • Light Pink: Grace; Friendship; Joy
  • Yellow: Joy; Friendship; Let Us Forget
  • Magenta: Encouragement; Message of Love
  • Dark Pink: Thankfulness
  • Orange: Variety; Creativity; Fascination
  • Peach: Desire; Gratitude; Appreciation
  • Red: Love; Passion; Respect; I Love You.
  • Purple: Reward of Virtue; Worthy of Royalty
  • Blue: Mystery
  • Rainbow: Party Time

red roses in boston resized 600Whether you choose to send red roses or yellow; remember Exotic Flowers in Boston carries large full headed ecuadorean roses. Impressive upon delivery and long lasting. Send red roses in Boston via Exotic Flowers.



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