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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Could Paris Hilton Work at Exotic Flowers in Boston ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Jul 29, 2011

Of course.

Paris Hilton

Paris would be an asset to any company whose vision statement is' Reaction Guaranteed.' Paris is a marketing genius who reinforces her personal brand daily. Born with no marketable talents like singing, acting or nuclear science - Paris Hilton has turned her charm, looks and enthusiasm into a multi-million dollar empire.

Paris Hilton lives out loud. She engages with her fan base through social media outlets like Twitter. She grows her brand through shock and awe. Arrested, vilified, and x-rated; Paris' star only shines brighter. She is a fighter. Exotic Flowers in Boston believes in this energy. She turns lemons into lemonade and rarely hurts anyone in the process.

paris hilton02 resized 600

Although Paris has never exhibited the work ethic we look for in employees, she has proved her mettle by doing all types of labor intensive jobs to succeed. And at Exotic Flowers in Boston, we are looking for go-getters like Paris. Paris lives out loud. She is a trail blazer who generates revenue. What business would not want an employee who is rings the cash register? Paris Hilton is a rain maker and every small business especially florists could use a rain maker.

Paris also recognizes her fan base, also known as her customers. Paris realizes every fan matters. Just like Exotic Flowers realizes every customer matters. When a fan asks for an autograph request, her response. "Of course.'  Paris Hilton gets it. She is in the marketing customer service business. Paris knows every customer helps build her brand/business.

And of course, by evidence of the photo below: Paris Hilton loves flowers too. So Paris, if you're interested; you have a job at Exotic Flowers in Boston.

Paris Hilton and Roses

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