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Christmas Flowers and Color Combinations

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Dec 08, 2014

Christmas is filled with beautiful arrangements created in festive colors and designs using a variety of flowers and accessories.  While the poinsettia is definitely a seasonal favorite because of its deep red pigmentation and traditional sentiment, florists are looking to expand this year’s selection by offering new options for December floral décor.  Wreaths,Christmas Flower Delivery Bostongarlands and trees are essential but there is no rule against looking outside the flower box and trying something new!  Stray away from the ho-hum greens and ornamental basics by delving into a more contemporary style that mixes customary basics with a modern flair.  Stumped as to how to accomplish this presentation without wandering too far away from the Christmas favorites?  Here are a few simple tricks to step up your holiday floral game!

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Roses are a stunning substitute for the poinsettia plant because it holds well in arrangements (particularly in oasis) and grows in a massive spectrum of color.  Roses also hold a simple but compact shape that compliments other varieties of flowers without overcrowding the piece.  Just because the expected tints of green, red and white are popular, don’t be afraid to throw in your own idea of Christmas spirit by adding shades of blue, purple or maybe even pink.  Furling together tones of blush, beige and cream sprinkled with glitter and finished with a few sprigs of pine can be perfectly wonderful combination for the dinner table centerpiece.  Not only does it hold the quality of longevity but expresses a sophisticated feel with a unique body of texture.  If you really want to try an interesting look, dip white roses in red sparkle glitter and let them dry before inserting them in vases.  You’ll be surprised as to the elegance this expels and without a doubt; it will become a strong conversational piece for holiday parties. 

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Suggestion color palettes to mix this season’s Christmas centerpieces:

Hot pink, orange and lime green

            White, blush and beige (lambs ear or pine sprigs for greenery)

            Blue, white baby forest green

            Dark red, peach and baby yellow

            White, cream and brown


Suggested Natural Accessories

            Box Tree

            Pine Cones

            Seasonal Nuts

            Pine (A staple)

            Birch Bark

            Pine Needles

            Seedling Trees


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Suzie is a published children's book author, avid gardener and enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.


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