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Gemstones Matched with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jun 20, 2018

Along with gardening, I’m a big book lover who enjoys reading anything from middle grade/YA to thrillers.  Recently, I began the novel, “Grump” by Liesl Shurtliff which gives the (fairly) true story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  Geared towards kids in grades 5-7, this fun and whimsical tale gives a new spin on what the real deal with the 7th dwarf really is.  Were they all kind and supportive of the little girl’s path towards becoming the “fairest of them all”, a title that would earn her the crown or did one of the tiny men have an agenda of their own?  There’s nothing better than a great fairytale but when you get a chance to see the story from a new perspective-it’s even more enjoyable.

grump novel

Now, if you’re interested in “Grump” then you’ll need to know the first basic trait of the dwarf.  Dwarves LOVE to eat gemstones! Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires just scrape the surface of these creatures bountiful and VALUABLE preferred dinner menu.  Not only do they dine on only the finest of treasures but they are also consuming the powers that are present with the stone such as strength, purity, and cleverness.  As I was browsing all of the powers the gems possessed, it got me to thinking about the same ability many flowers also retain and the influence they have over those they surround.  Blossoms have their own magic to give others and can be closely related to these stones and maybe even put into similar categories. Here is a list where I’ve matched the gems mentioned in “Grump” with a blooming counterpart with similar properties.  Take a peek and see if one or both pairings matches your taste!

GEM           POWER            FLOWER

 Amber        Protection         Heather

Amethyst    Peace                Apple Blossom

Diamond     Strength            Gladiolus

Emerald       Intuition            Calla Lily

Opal            Creativity           Lupine

Pink Topaz   Optimism          Daffodils

Ruby             Long Life          Peach Blossom

Sapphire       Truth                Chrysanthemum


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