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Keeping You and Your Kids Moving During Cruddy New England Winter Weather

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 22, 2016

I’m looking out my window and watching huge, icy snowflakes fall to ground and the only thing I can manage to think of is my longing for the warmer days of summer to return.  I miss gardening outdoors, the visits to the beach and the general ability to move about without becoming stuck indoors from yet another snowstorm.  This feeling of “Blah” is indescribably hard to shake during this time of year when energy is low and the only thing you really feel like doing is foraging the fridge for food that your not truly hungry for anyways.  February is cold.  It’s bleak.  But most of all, iit’s unbelievable challenging to insert a healthy doses of exercise on a daily basis.



Plus- we’re not alone in the battle to find fun and fit activities.  Let’s not forget our kids who have also been trapped in their homes, bouncing off of the walls, desperate to find some sort of activity to channel their vigor.  They’re also suffering not being able to freely roam about and are often succumbing to hours upon hours of television and video games.  Face it-they’re in the same situation as the rest of us.





Our waistbands are starting to expand and our emotional state is plummeting dramatically so what is the answer to fix this problem?  Find ways to simply MOVE!  That’s right!  I’m not suggesting you start running laps around the house or do a thousand pushups when a blizzard occurs.  I’m merely saying that there are little ways that you can to get you and your family up and about again even if you’re stuck in the confinement of your homes.  Try these tricks and tips for a happier and more energetic winter snow day!


  1. Have an indoor scavenger hunt where kids can go on an adventure to find items hidden around the home!  If you really want to make things interesting, add a theme such as their favorite movie or a special place they like to visit where the objects can reflect that theme.  (Other fun games you might want to try are “Twister” and Hide and Go Seek”)


  1. If you have a gamer on your hands, you probably know that a good storm is all that they need to find an excuse to be locked in front of their console with a remote control in their hands for hours.  Try switching the Mario Bros. to a “Dance Party” tournament or other game that enables the players to move.  Tech companies are realizing this growing demand for interactive play so there is more and more to choose from for both parents and kids.  


  1.   Bad weather can also be a great excuse to stay inside and reorganize areas of your home that may have become cluttered after the holiday season.  Attics, basements and closets are great places to start a little early spring cleaning and don’t forget the kids bedrooms where they can chip in and help clean up things on their end.

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