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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Mountain Lodge Floral Design

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Feb 21, 2018

Calling all ski lovers out there!  I bet you have been enjoying this snowy winter and hitting the slopes as much as possible… Am I right?  From the months of December through March, thousands of New Englanders race to places like Sugar Loaf and Wachusett to pass this chilly time of year with some fun on the peaks.  Exercise, entertainment and beautiful views keep skiing the top hobby for most Bostonians, with new families joining each year to learn the ropes.  If you’re one of these people, you know there’s nothing better than flying down a mountain at warp speed with the wind rushing through your hair as you take that next jump with maybe one exception…  Perhaps some down time in the lodge?

ski lodge floral decor.jpg

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Experts in this industry know that a large percentage of customer satisfaction depends on the client’s comfort when they return from a day out in the snow.  Top architects and interior designers purposefully create areas that are warm and pleasing to the eye with the intention of refueling guests with luxury surroundings.  Crackling fireplaces, soft leather couches and a stained wood interior reflecting the natural beauty of the great outdoors are all a part of the floor plan owners look to present to increase winter vacation experiences.  The overall goal being to send visitors home in a relaxed mindset.

Of course, if we’re talking about how to set the stage for a stunning snow lair, we obviously can’t forget the impertinent role of accessorizing with flowers, right?  If you’ve ever stayed at any one of these ski resorts, I’m sure you’ve noticed there is almost always a floral centerpiece featured inside the lobby which reflects the sentiment of the location.  Often, these pieces utilize varieties mirroring the essence of the mountains such white astilbe, heather and flowering branches.  The idea is to design arrangements that appeal to all the senses while visually being free flowing.  Berries such as privet are great additions to this look as well as hypericum and bittersweet when the season allows.  Often, many assume that these flowers have to be “Christmasy” in color but red, white and green are not the only hues to choose from.   Beautiful mixes include white/gray/green, lavender/green/gray and blush/gray/white are a few color combos to put at the top of the list.  There can always be variations of these pairings but I like these the most when trying to reconstruct the efforts in my own home.  Yes, that’s right-there’s nothing stopping you from making your own mountain lodge ski piece even if you have no plans of hitting the slopes this year.  Just remember these tips and you’ll be able to whip up your own wintery bouquet!

-Select stems that are longer in length as opposed to short.

-Bend branches to make a waterfall-like shape rather than a compact format.  

-Choose varieties customary to mountain regions such as wildflowers, feathery foliage and leafy greenery.

-This is one time when you might want to forget roses and go for something more daisy oriented to create an authentic presentation.

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Ten Things to Keep You Healthy During A New England Winter

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 20, 2017

So far, we’ve been pretty lucky in New England this winter avoiding snow storms and other undesirable weather but for many who like to keep active outdoors with sports, it’s been a bit of a challenge.  Without a nice blanket of snow to cover the ground, activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are out of the question.  Yes, I know you can always visit a ski resort which pumps that white stuff out no matter what the temperature is but not everyone wants to pay for expensive tickets. The sky is dark, frigid and often depressing to say the least so what can we do to stay active, healthy and happy until the warmer months arrive?  



The state of your health depends on more than just the number read on your scale and demands further attention to maintain a balance for your mind, body and soul.   By including some of these suggested pursuits in your weekly agendas, you’ll see fast, positive changes that will support your health when the dreariness of the season gets to you!


We know that’s it’s important to keep our mind just as strong as our body but sometimes we forget and neglect the fact that our brains need to exercise, too!  Your local library is the perfect place to begin looking for preferred material that will get your neurological thinking directed in the right place and spinning again like a well oiled machine.  Read a great new novel (maybe even join a book club), check out the programs offered and start using that library card of yours!  You’ll find a huge assortment of material to devour plus engage within a community that possesses both literary and socializing attributes.


You may not be able to stand the cold long enough to enjoy a long walk in the woods for the next few weeks but there are many movements you can do to keep yourself limber until the sun warms us up again!  Five minutes of simple calisthenics everyday will get your blood flowing and you endorphins spiking, plus you can do them anywhere in your home making it hard to make excuses.  Think knee bends, sit-ups or jumping jacks to get you started and don’t forget a trip to the mall or grocery store can also promote healthy benefits due to all that walking you’ll be doing while you shop!


Feeding your soul is a lot simpler than most people think…  It can be anything that relaxes you such as attending a yoga class, enjoying a favorite hobby or even just listening to music.  Don’t over think this to the point where your booking flights to tropical islands because most of the time, all you need is a few minutes to take care of you.

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Keeping You and Your Kids Moving During Cruddy New England Winter Weather

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 22, 2016

I’m looking out my window and watching huge, icy snowflakes fall to ground and the only thing I can manage to think of is my longing for the warmer days of summer to return.  I miss gardening outdoors, the visits to the beach and the general ability to move about without becoming stuck indoors from yet another snowstorm.  This feeling of “Blah” is indescribably hard to shake during this time of year when energy is low and the only thing you really feel like doing is foraging the fridge for food that your not truly hungry for anyways.  February is cold.  It’s bleak.  But most of all, iit’s unbelievable challenging to insert a healthy doses of exercise on a daily basis.



Plus- we’re not alone in the battle to find fun and fit activities.  Let’s not forget our kids who have also been trapped in their homes, bouncing off of the walls, desperate to find some sort of activity to channel their vigor.  They’re also suffering not being able to freely roam about and are often succumbing to hours upon hours of television and video games.  Face it-they’re in the same situation as the rest of us.





Our waistbands are starting to expand and our emotional state is plummeting dramatically so what is the answer to fix this problem?  Find ways to simply MOVE!  That’s right!  I’m not suggesting you start running laps around the house or do a thousand pushups when a blizzard occurs.  I’m merely saying that there are little ways that you can to get you and your family up and about again even if you’re stuck in the confinement of your homes.  Try these tricks and tips for a happier and more energetic winter snow day!


  1. Have an indoor scavenger hunt where kids can go on an adventure to find items hidden around the home!  If you really want to make things interesting, add a theme such as their favorite movie or a special place they like to visit where the objects can reflect that theme.  (Other fun games you might want to try are “Twister” and Hide and Go Seek”)


  1. If you have a gamer on your hands, you probably know that a good storm is all that they need to find an excuse to be locked in front of their console with a remote control in their hands for hours.  Try switching the Mario Bros. to a “Dance Party” tournament or other game that enables the players to move.  Tech companies are realizing this growing demand for interactive play so there is more and more to choose from for both parents and kids.  


  1.   Bad weather can also be a great excuse to stay inside and reorganize areas of your home that may have become cluttered after the holiday season.  Attics, basements and closets are great places to start a little early spring cleaning and don’t forget the kids bedrooms where they can chip in and help clean up things on their end.

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Things To Do During February School Vacation

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Feb 05, 2016

Oh God, say it isn’t true?  There’s another school vacation coming up?!  Weren’t the kiddies just out for the holiday break, clamoring around the house, bouncing off the walls, frantic to be entertained every second of the day and now they’ll be let out again!  


If you’re anything like me, I’m a mom who loves her children but when it comes to these adorable little weeklong breaks from the classroom, I panic just a bit.  Every other month it seams as though I’m pulling out the activity section of the paper or scrolling down local events on Google searching desperately for something that the three of us can do.  If you’re a family who goes away skiing or flies off to a warm beach, you wont know what I’m talking about but for those of us stuck in the trenches we’re most likely calling “S.O.S.”


Luckily, I’ve recently compiled a list of places and projects that might keep my six-year-old and eleven-year-old boys busy for the duration of their vacation.  New England is tough during this time of year making most activities housebound due to the weather.  Keeping this in mind, with a little research we can make the most of our time.  Don’t worry about horrendous credit card bill statements or empty pocket change in our wallets- where there’s a will there’s a way!  Check out these local family favorites and enjoy February break in a relaxing, anxious free environment.  After all, it is called a vacation so enjoy it!



  1. Visit your local library and sign up for their February break programs.  They’re really cool and FREE!
  2. Visit the Museum of Science and Aquarium.  

(Don’t forget to grab passes before from your local library!)

  1. Trampoline Parks are a great way to burn off energy and luckily, establishments such as Sky Zone and Launch are awesome indoor facilities that provide hours of bouncing entertainment.
  2. Go to an art museum-Boston has hundreds!  My favorite places include the Peabody-Essex, De Cordova, Isabella Stewart and Museum of Fine Arts.
  3. The Ecotarium in Worcester is having guests inventors show kids their wacky inventions.  Most related activities are free with the price of admission.


Things to Do at Home

  1. Get out every art supply you own and let everyone paint, draw or sculpt.
  2. Let the kids choose their favorite recipe from a cookbook and have a day whipping up recipes and sweet treats to pass the time.
  3. Sledding and Snow Hiking can be a lot of fun if you’re located near the woods.  It’s great exercise and New England is so beautiful during the wintertime.
  4. Turn the house into a giant tent by tacking up old sheets and blankets to the furniture.  The children will adore camping while snug and warm in their homes.
  5. A Board Game Tournament is wicked fun and will create memories for years to come.  Top games for this include Parcheesi, Sorry, Guess Who and Clue.  

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Chinese New Year – The Year of the Monkey

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 01, 2016

The Chinese New Year begins on February 8th, the beginning of the Chinese calendar that is also referred to as the “Spring Festival”.  The date marks the start of the new lunar schedule as well as the reunion of family and friends to gather together at their homes the eve before.  The traditional meal served at this time is actually called Reunion Dinner, which kicks off the celebratory festival.  Typically red envelopes are given with cash as the whole house is decorated in similar colors to symbolize the hope of “wealth”, “happiness” and “good fortune”.  In order to encourage good luck to the family, a massive cleaning of the home takes place, ridding the space of dirt and other unhealthy essences.  Once the family is content that the abode is unblemished and cleansed thoroughly, it is the belief that luck will soon find its way through the doors.  


Every New Year is dedicated to a specific animal, known to hold particular characteristics and fortunes for anyone born within the particular twelve-month segment.   2016 has been deemed the “Year of the Monkey” including the years 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004.  If you have been born into this category, it’s a pretty safe bet that you are intelligent, curious, witty and a bit mischievous which can sometimes get you into a bit of trouble.  Your magnetic personality offsets this flaw because monkeys are often energetic, clever and creative although clumsiness is another trait most possess.  Due to your intellect, great jobs for you include banking and accounting but try to find a job closer to the city since it is also likely that you prefer urban living to the countryside.


Here’s what else you should look out for during the Chinese New Year of the Monkey!


Luck Days:  14th and 28th


Lucky Numbers:  9 and 4


Favorite Flowers:  Chrysanthemums, crape-myrtle


Best Colors:  Gold, White and Blue  


Best Advice:  Focus on your health this year and remember to take a vacation.  


Worst Advice:  Don’t take greedy risks or illegal advances where money is    concerned.  You’re going to get caught!


Best Love Match:  Rabbit/Ox


Worst Love Match:  Pig/Tiger

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What Should A Valentine’s Day Card Reveal?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 29, 2016

Valentine’s Day is February 14th, the most popular day of the year to send flowers to loved ones.  It’s also the time when many people choose to reveal their feelings for a special someone, which makes sense since it is the holiday dedicated for “L-O-V-E”.  This can add a lot of pressure to those poor guys and gals who aren’t quite sure how to put their sentiments into words since there has to be a card attached to the arrangements sent by florists.  What is the right thing to write when you’re in this sticky situation?


Well, it depends largely on what the circumstances are.  After all, you wouldn’t want to send a card that wasn’t appropriate because saying too little or saying too much can blow your chances in a heartbeat.  You have to be clever and creative when finding the correct words for Valentine’s Day, focusing on tailoring the message for that specific person.  If you’re stumped for ideas and are at a loss for words, here are a few funny, romantic, sweet and even poetic phrases to woo your love interest this Valentine’s Day!



  1. Meh…You’ll Do…
  2. I Love You More Than Pizza….
  3. I Way OveLay Ouyay!
  4. Flowers today. Fireworks tonight!
  5. Cupid's aim is still pretty good.



  1. I send a kiss inside the petals of each rose...
  2. Thank you for filling my life with love.
  3. If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.
  4. Just because you’re amazing!
  5. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.



  1. Your face lights up my world.
  2. I discovered true happiness the day you walked into my life.
  3. Thank you for coming into my life... I will love you now and forever!
  4. Have a beautiful day. I'll have one just thinking of you.
  5. You are in my thoughts, you are in my dreams, and You are in my heart!



  1. I bet you a cuddle, I bet you a kiss, I bet you'll never guess, who sent you this?
  2. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, My Favorite Valentine is You!
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue, carnations are sweet, and so are you!
  4. A hundred hearts would be too few, to carry all my love for you.
  5. Even in a fairy tale where every dream comes true, I could never hope to   find a husband/wife as sweet as you.

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How To Survive A Snow Day

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

The snow is piling up outside and inch-by-inch the outlook doesn’t look so hot.  Your family is crowded around the television listening intently to see whether or not school will be closed for the day.  Kids are getting excited while mom and dad shake their heads in fear of the fatal news and then it happens…school is officially closed due to inclement weather.  You start to panic as your children cheer “Snow Day!” with zeal and you wonder how you will make it through a twenty-four hour period trapped in the house?  It’s a familiar situation for many Bostonian families as the winter is flung into full gear.  Blizzards, ice storms and frigid temperatures are all part of the New England package but don’t fret yet.  There are a few sure fire tips to surviving these messy predicaments that will allow you and your children a comfortable, stress free and (dare I say), fun snow day together!



I don’t care what other experts say, food is key to surviving a snow day so make sure that you’ve made a trip to your grocery store before the storm hits.  Stock up on munchies like chips and ice cream, something that is a special treat that you don’t ordinarily buy on a regular basis.  Water, fruits and veggies of course are a staple, but make sure that you have some fun nibbles.  Foods that make the house smell good are also a great idea like pot roasts, Crockpot dishes and marinara sauces.  Baked goods like cupcakes and cookies that you can make together are also smart choices and will help to entertain the troops if boredom sets in.



Never underestimate the power of playing games to whisk away the hours while still spending quality time together.  My favorites are Clue, Sorry, Monopoly, Parcheesi and Scrabble.  A deck of cards can come in handy, too and will supply your family with entertaining tournaments of war, go fish, rummy and old maid so always have a deck on hand. 



Along with making a stop to your grocery, don’t forget to drop by your local library for a great selection of DVD’s.  Movies are a wonderful way to pass the time and you’ll be happy with the cost since it’s free.  Trilogies are smart since you can watch one right after the other like Home Alone, Star Wars and Jurassic Park.  Pop up some popcorn and enjoy a great show!


Arts and Crafts

Grabbing a few projects for the kiddos is another fabulous way to get through a snowstorm and can be very inexpensive if you have the right supplies.  Empty egg cartons, pipe cleaners, tissue, construction paper, crayons and paints are a simple way to bulk up your arts and craft inventory.  Browse Pinterst from some great ideas or just let the creativity flow with some fun winter themes like making snowflakes or glitter snowmen!

RICKY_AND_SUZIE_CANALE Suzie, Lance, Rick & Ryan Canale, Westwood, MA 

Suzie works in the children's department at the Westwood Public Library. She can help supply you with books and movies to combat any winter storm.

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What’s in the Stars for Capricorns and Aquarius in the Year 2015?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Jan 03, 2015

It’s the beginning of a new year and by the reading of the stars, it’s going to be a big one!  January possesses two astrological signs; the Capricorn and Aquarius, where birthdays fall from December 22 through January 20th and January 21st through February 19th.  While Capricorns (the goat) are considered the darkest sign of the zodiac, people who fall within this segment are also thought of as the hardest working often utilizing a business like approach to life in general.  The Aquarius (the water bearer) on the other hand, is fueled by a passion for humanitarian efforts, philanthropy and a desire to make the world a better place.  Although these two signs might seem polar opposites, they fuse together to make some amazing personalities, movie star personalities to be exact.  According to the overall horoscope prediction for January in the year 2015, “seers” are predicting big things!  This being the year of the ram, it is predicted that this is the time for “breakthrough” moments of life.  Big changes are to be expected with a stress on taking extra care of your health, particularly in the first ten days of the month.  Other aspects include being extra vigilant about business transactions with a stress on entrepreneurial endeavors and reality transactions.   Take a look at some of the specific aspects and the “who’s who” of the January zodiac!


                                                ink by Stefan Stenudd

Horoscope for Capricorns 2015

Capricorns should listen to their inner voices during the first half of the year and allow some ”deep” and “serious” space to be alone.  The winter is an excellent time to retreat or plan a vacation because for the last two years, you’ve been working extra hard on building that career of yours.  You’ve been learning the ins and outs of your work but its time for a break.  You’ll need it because the latter part of the year promises massive changes within your home and family life.  Relatives are almost guaranteed to be difficult, particularly in-laws both current and past.  Be on the lookout for generous gifts, too, although remember to show gratitude or these acts of kindness will turn into trouble. 


                                           ink by Stefan Stenudd

Horoscope for Aquarians 2015

Easy and steady should be your motto for 2015.  Rushing into new business partnerships is a big “no-no” as well, so be careful of those looking to take advantage of you or your finances.  Relationships are stronger now since you’ve most likely been on a two-year hiatus-it’s time to start the fires burning in the kitchen again!  Your psychological side will also come into focus as family and friends may be expressing a wide range of emotions that you are not negatively effected, yet you are intrigued by.  Travel is also calling your name with the urge to take any and all opportunities to fly, boat or drive to new locations.  Inspiration is the key word for you in 2015, so go for it!


Hollywood Stars with Birthdays in January

January Jones                       Age 36                                    January 5th

Bradley Cooper                     Age 39                                    January 5th

Nicolas Cage                        Age 50                                    January 7th

David Bowie                          Age 67                                    January 8th  

Rod Stewart                          Age 69                                    January 10th

Jimmy Page                          Age 70                                    January 9th

florist_costume Suzie Canale

Suzie checks her horoscope often and is an Aries.

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