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How to Deck the Halls “Bad Moms 2” Style

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Nov 24, 2017

 bad moms 2 christmas.jpg

If you’re a mom, you might have already seen the movie, “Bad Moms 2” where our favorite off tilt mommies are at in again with their shenanigans.  It’s definitely a decent sequel to the first which continues the storyline to include their mothers on the train wreck to parenthood.  Yes, the film is pretty funny but being a previous florist and decorator, I couldn’t help not to notice the beautiful staging used to create Christmas displays within the homes.  Throughout the flick, there is a constant battle between mother and daughter to solve the question of who does it better when sprucing up for a Christmas holiday-the root of the plot’s conflict.  While one depends on a traditional look of a simple lights, homemade cookies and a stolen tree from Foot Locker, the style is vehemently opposed by dear mom who prefers to kick things way up into an affluent ordeal.  Think crystal, matching wrapping paper, blue tinsel and a musical display of “Twelve Days of Christmas”.  Yep-this one was a little over the top for even me but it was really interesting how the set designers contrasted the two different styles while keeping them both stunning for visual appeal.  Which Bad Mom are you?   Take a look at the trends to see which yuletide decorating fashion suits you!

bad moms 2.jpg

Traditional Daughter

You’re probably low key in nature and like to reuse ornaments from previous years over and over again to memorialize past Christmas’s ago.  Red, green and white are your go-to colors for palette and multi- hued lights with the big bulbs are favorites to load onto the tree and outside the home.  Other designer preferences that you adore are homemade crafts from the kids, fresh pine roping to hang in every corner of each room, newspaper for wrapping and cut-out white snowflakes you also cut out on your own.


Contemporary Grandma

You’re in this holiday season to make a big bang and to let every neighbor out there know- you own this holiday thing! There’s no way you’ll rely on the same ho-hum trinkets you’ve used in previous years because whatever is the hot trend seen in Times Square is what you’ll be replicating for family and friends.  Silver, gold and blue turn you on since red and white have been done to death and there will be no strings of tinsel that will make your tree appear unkept. You’ll also like roping made of faux material because those needles will make a mess when they drop and untidy the presentation you’ve worked so hard to propel.   Clear crystal glassware will be a necessity for dining as well as for lighting which will be strung in perfect ringlets across tree(s) and living space.  

White bulbs are all you’ll tolerate to keep things looking crisp and immaculate so don’t even think about flashing rainbow lights!


Best Case Scenario- The Compromise

Truth be told, both of these styles are really beautiful but when put together, the result will be even more gorgeous than expected.  Compromise by allowing some homemade personal touches accompanied with fashionable baubles that modernize the look.  Remember, the holidays are meant to be spent with family and friends so don’t waste every moment trying to perfect decorations that will only be taken down in the end.  

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Fifty Shades Darker Shows a Little Love for Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 27, 2017

50 shades flowers.jpg

A few days ago, I went to see a movie you may of heard of called, “Fifty Shades Darker”, the sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey” that blew box offices away in 2015.  Starring Melanie Griffith’s daughter, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia and Jamie Dornam as Christian Grey, this sexy film is pulling in ticket sales by the millions already grossing over $300,000,000 worldwide.  If you’ve already experienced this pleasantly naughty flick, you’re probably not surprised why it’s doing so well since the screen is filled with at least 100 minutes of pure flesh on flesh erotica.  Leather straps, toys (I found the silver balls quite interesting…) and kinky lingerie tends to grip a viewer’s attention pretty fast but it’s in the rest of the those 20 minutes where the director has to insert (dare I say) a plot.

50 shades darker flowers.png

Nestled safely inside the two hour movie is actually a story about rekindling a love affair between Anna and Christian Grey.  After the first movie leads you to believe things are kaput between the feisty partners, they manage to make up real quick within the first fifteen minutes of Part II.  Since they’ve already done the dating thing, of course there’s nowhere else to lead the script accept down the aisle!  That’s right!  The hunky Mr. Grey decides that it’s time to settle down at the ripe old age of 27 and pops the question after a hot night of romping in his playroom.  


It really is actually sweet the two sex birds end up finding each other in holy matrimony but the interesting part (for a florist- you know besides the obvious) is the scene where Christian presents Anna with a whopper of a ring!  During a family birthday party, Grey takes his lady friend into the pool house where the entire space has been filled with luscious blooms covering the sides of the swimming area as well as the ceiling.  Right there, he bends down and proposes his love for her, which of course she says, “yes” to.  One of the only scenes where both of them keep their clothes on for a full five minutes, I would recommend to all flower lovers “Fifty Shades Darker”.  You’ll enjoy this breathtaking display of lovely flowers plus a little titillating fun as a bonus!  


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Valentine's Day Movie Humor

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jan 27, 2016

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, February 14th and there are millions of happy couples that are already planning their romantic getaways (it’s a long weekend by the way).  But for millions of other people, this holiday can be a real downer because the truth is-not everyone is involved in a lovey dovey relationship!  For those who find themselves in the thick of this category, you may not want to reminded by the bombardment of heart shaped cards, chocolates and roses being gifted to seemingly everyone but you.  It’s depressing, frustrating and flat out obnoxious to feel the emotions of being left out of an entire holiday based on whether you have a significant other on a single day of the calendar.




That’s why I’ve decided to change my annual “Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Movie Pick List” to the “Funniest Valentine’s Day Flicks”.  That’s right!  I’m throwing out the tear jerking, steamy, love affair scenes for a more entertaining look at what really goes on between most couples.  Seriously, have you ever honestly been able to put yourself in the place of the characters in “The Notebook”, “Sleepless in Seattle or “Love Actually”?  Did you know that even the movie, “Titanic” is listed as one of the top most romantic movies of all time?  How about “Legend’s of the Fall”?  Have you seen that one where the women are fighting over hunky cowboys like Brad Pitt and making love in barns and haystacks?  Come on!  Let’s get real here people… It’s time to throw out some of the fru-fru fantasy and pop in a DVD that we can at least somehow relate to!


So here’s what I’m advertising this year for Valentine’s Day flicks-movies that are comical, embarrassing, awkward and undeniably enjoyable.  These are for those who are married, divorced, coupled, single or anybody who simply doesn’t want to celebrate this year’s holiday covered completely in romantic sap.  

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Flower Lovers in For a New Release Movie Treat!

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 08, 2016

If you’re into flowers and I mean REALLY into flowers, you’re going to flip when you see the new Hallmark Movie Channel’s January release of “Flower Shop Mystery: Mums the Word”!  Not only is the title clever (you’ve got to giggle at the clever pun on words), but also the cast is nothing short of a Hollywood hit list.  It is well know that bigger and popular stars are starting to sign on to more TV series and independent films but when you headline Brooke Shields as the main character, there’s no doubt a huge interest will be created.  Along with the ex super model, she’ll also be accompanied by Brennan Elliott and Beau Bridges who still bring their sizzle to the silver screen.  This flick has all the makings of becoming a Hallmark’s Hollywood classic smash and lucky for us, there’s allegedly three more installments signed off for production.


So if I’ve grabbed your attention you’re probably wondering “So what’s the plot about?”  


Great question!


The story is set in a quaint town of “New Chapel” where the recently widowed, Abby Knight (played by Shields), decides to quit her job as a lawyer and follow her dreams of running her own flower shop.  Assisted by her father and daughter who recently started college, Abby starts to rebuild her life within a new career.  Everything seems to be going along as planned until her vintage car is rear ended by a hit and run.  Determined to find the culprit, she finds support from her hunky next-door neighbor and ex-marine, Marco Salvare (Elliott) who assists her on her hunt.  As they get closer and closer, another tragedy hits when the body of her friend turns up murdered.  It isn’t long before the finger points to Marco, leading Abby to race against time determined to clear her romantic interest’s name and catch the real killer!


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Famous Flower Scenes in Hollywood Movies

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Nov 27, 2015

I talk about movies almost as much as I talk about flowers.  The two subjects just fascinate me and have become the areas in life, which I enjoy the most.  So for people like myself, wouldn’t the concept of comparing and coalescing the factors seem anything less than perfect?  Lucky for us- screenwriters, producers and directors have done just this throughout several of their most magnificent masterpieces! 

The Great Gatsby

Throughout Hollywood’s history, thousands of movies have been made which have brilliantly combined these two topics to create epic silver screen hits!  For Boston florists, this can be actually helpful, particularly when the design is exhibited during a wedding or funeral scene.   Believe it or not, customers will sometimes request duplicate arrangements and bouquets that have appeared in major motion pictures in order to copy the “feel” or “sentiment” present within the storyline.  

American Pie III

Although you might think this could be problematic for shop owners, it can actually be seen as a teaching tool as well as a marketing campaign to please movie buffs like me.  Be careful not to limit yourself to a specific genre such as the romance realm because you’ll be surprised to know that many horror, thriller and comedy scripts also have used flowers during climatic scenes!  Take a look at these Hollywood hits that show the best of both flower and cinematic worlds!

American Beauty


The Wizard of Oz



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Top Thanksgiving Day Movies

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Nov 20, 2015

I love movies.  I love movies so much that I have a collection for each special holiday and occasion.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy day, the first day of school or Halloween, I’ve got something for everything.  That’s why this Thanksgiving is going to be filled with hours upon hours of watching my favorite flicks associated with the infamous turkey day!  I bet you didn’t know that Thanksgiving is only second runner up to the top cinematic holiday blockbuster, Christmas!  It’s because of the increasing popularity that we have dozens and dozens of films to choose from, offering both options for adults and kids!  (Check the ratings carefully because some of them are inappropriate for younger audiences.) I mean who hasn’t seen the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?  It’s a classic!  Here are a few more of my top Thanksgiving Day flicks that I’ll be enjoying this season.


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Hollywood Stars' Gardens Grow

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, May 18, 2015


New Englanders aren’t the only ones preparing their raised beds for a successful season of gardening, heck no!  Hollywood starlets are also rolling up their sleeves and getting down in the mud with their own preferences of vegetable and flower harvesting.  Contrary to popular belief, some of the most famous actresses and actors forgo the service of professional landscape artists and rely solely on their own creative capabilities when designing pots, window boxes and garden plots.  Some of which, are so beautiful that we all could take a lesson or two from their impressive green thumbs.  Did you know that several big named thespians try to match their persona with varieties of plants and shrubbery?  Did you know that some even request months and months beforehand certain breeds of poppies and sunflowers from nurseries around the world?  We all could learn a few tips that have been discovered from these silver screen talents and hopefully incorporate some of their ideas with ours!  Here are a few of my favorites that I will surely be intertwining throughout my gardening efforts this summer. 


                         photo credit:

Tori Spelling is known for her naturalistic adoration for the outdoors.  Recently she acquired a piece of property that hosted its own farm complete with chickens, goats and rabbits.  Along with these adorable animal inhabitants, the actress also has a fondness of agriculture, reaping crops of vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots.  Although the successful entrepreneur and heiress has no shortage of local greenhouse expertise, Spelling has managed to develop her own techniques of fertilizing soil with seaweed and coffee grounds.  Having a strong belief that people should grow their own organic fruits and veggies for optimum health, she has also been believed to grow outstanding fields of gigantic pumpkins for Halloween.  What a lucky bunch of kids she has to have such a fantastic farming mom! 


Sarah Jessica Parker may live most of the time in her posh Manhattan flat but little do most know that she has built her own victory garden on the rooftop!  Containing a stunning eclectic assortment of multicolored ceramic pots holding green beans, spinach and eggplant, the Sex in the City icon has managed to grow sunflowers in the shades of yellow, orange and red in iron urns, which line the edges of the garden.  Word has it that she prefers colors that reflect the New York skyline at sunset, so she cleverly incorporates varieties of gerbera daisies, cabbage roses and nasturtiums to match the preferred palette of glowing spectrum.   


Sandra Bullock is another impressive gardener who has been speculated to adore native southern growth typical to her hometown of Virginia.  Wistful spikes of soft wildflowers are often photographed throughout her ranch as well as massive plantings of blue hydrangea and weeping willow trees.  Bullock also contends to leave on the property naturally growing dandelions so that her son, Louie can enjoy blowing the petals off once the plant has fully matured.  Sandra’s taste has been paired to being “free spirited” and unfettered by the popularity of contemporary design. 

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The Best Valentines Gifts for Men

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 02, 2015

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year specializing in flowers, chocolates, jewelry and lingerie.  On February 14th, women all over the country will be unwrapping treats from their sweethearts with romantic and sentimental gestures in mind.  Wait a minute, what about a gift for him?  Ok, so he leaves toothpaste in the sink and sometimes snores too loud but all in all, he’s a great guy and maybe it’s time to reciprocate the gesture with a thoughtful present this year.  You might think that there’s no real appropriate Valentine’s gift for a man since it may seem kind of sappy but with some careful research, you can find something perfect for him.  Don’t kid yourself, men like attention just as much as we do although they may seem to hint otherwise.  Valentine’s Day treats can be meant for both him and her so be mindful not to forget your sweetheart this February!


For the Foodie

There are a lot of great gifts you can grab for the guy who loves food such as a gift card to his favorite restaurant or a cookbook written by his most talked about chef.  Great suggestions include southern barbecue publications, the “Food Truck” compilation and “Heritage” written by Sean Brock.  Make sure the cookbook reflects his tastes and you might just inspire him to do more of the cooking in the future!  If you want to add a great accessory, pick up the flick, “Chef” (my husband's favorite movie in 2014) starring Jon Favreau to go with it.  He’ll love brushing up on how to make his top dishes and I promise, he’ll love the movie too!


For the Sports Guy

Ok, the football thing can drive us nuts sometimes but he loves it so why not pick him up a couple of tickets to the next Patriots, Celtics, Bruins or Red Sox game?  He can take one of his buddies so he can truly enjoy the experience and you can head to the spa for your own entertainment.  It’s a win win present for both of you!


For the Guy’s Who’s Always On Time.  Or Late.

Men love watches for several reasons.  They’re stylish, fashionable man jewelry and assists in getting them to where they need to go.  Now we’re not talking Rolex here, just a nice piece that looks great at an affordable price.  Several companies exist who provide these but you might want to check out Timex’s “Weekender” watch that has a cool wrist band, contemporary sporty face and awesome affordability in price. 


For the Cocktail Guy

These are so cool, there’s no doubt he’ll flip when he unwraps them.  “Double Walled Whiskey Glasses” are the newest rave in barware and are so visually appealing that they can be used for a variety of other purposes. Designed in ultra thick glass, the cups are formed in an oval shape with two layers displaying both the beverage and a beautiful sheen from reflected light.  The chic presentation will surely have your guy’s heart thumping this Valentine’s Day!

suzie__ricky_canale Suzie and Rick Canale together since 2000. 

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The Best Valentines Day Movies

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 30, 2015

It’s that time of year to be mushy and gushy and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a romantic flick?  Hollywood was founded on the principles of making movies with great love stories that most of us can only dream about.  Some are serious, some are tear jerkers and some are just flat out hilarious with botched relationships and zany hook ups.  The list is long as to what is available within this holiday genre but I can promise you, there is something for everyone no matter what your taste my be.  I have highlighted some of my top favorites over the years that whether if I’m alone or celebrating with that special someone, they are sure to keep my heart entertained! 


Love Stinks (1999)

This one is so good, I almost can’t wait to play the dvd on the 14th – it’s that funny!  “Love Stinks” might be a chick flick but it is brutally honest (and hysterical) within the script, which tells the story of a woman who will stop at nothing to be married.  Starring Tyra Banks, Bill Bellamy, French Stewart and Bridgette Wilson, you’ll be amazed as to what “Chelsea” does to snag a ring from television writer, “Seth” who winds up literally running for his life.  “Love Stinks” is funny, racy and a perfect reminder that sometimes being alone for this holiday is a blessing.


Date Night (2010)

Tina Fey and Steve Carell take on the characters of a bored married couple, stuck in a rut.  With the intention to spice up their love life, the pair head out to a romantic dinner where they run into a case of mistaken identity.  Disaster erupts as they dodge danger around every corner but in the end realize that they make quite a team. 


Valentine’s Day (2010)

If you’ve ever experienced pure havoc on Valentine’s Day, you’re going to really identify with this holiday film treat.  Several single Hollywood couples make up and break up all within the 24 hours of Valentine’s Day.  With goofy mix-ups, romantic attractions, serious defiance and heartbreaking decisions, you’ll learn that finding love has a whole lot to do with both chance and destiny.  The all star cast in this movie alone is reason enough to watch with players including Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, Kathy Bates, Jamie Foxx, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift and several other heavy hitting Hollywood actors. 


Say Anything  (1989)

This movie might not take place on Valentine’s Day but I’ve never seen a better movie about finding love in the least expected places.  Led my John Cusack and Ione Skye, you can’t help but relate to this sweet high school story about an underdog, Lloyd Dobler who will do anything to connect with the class valedictorian, Diane Court.  The whole movie is reminiscent of teen years and inspires memories of our own high school romances.  Music fans will get an extra bonus from the “Say Anything” soundtrack which still remains famous today twenty years later.

suzie_canale_westwoodSuzie & Rick Canale, Westwood, MA 

Suzie's favorite movie is Say Anything and she is a huge John Cusack fan. 

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How To Survive A Snow Day

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

The snow is piling up outside and inch-by-inch the outlook doesn’t look so hot.  Your family is crowded around the television listening intently to see whether or not school will be closed for the day.  Kids are getting excited while mom and dad shake their heads in fear of the fatal news and then it happens…school is officially closed due to inclement weather.  You start to panic as your children cheer “Snow Day!” with zeal and you wonder how you will make it through a twenty-four hour period trapped in the house?  It’s a familiar situation for many Bostonian families as the winter is flung into full gear.  Blizzards, ice storms and frigid temperatures are all part of the New England package but don’t fret yet.  There are a few sure fire tips to surviving these messy predicaments that will allow you and your children a comfortable, stress free and (dare I say), fun snow day together!



I don’t care what other experts say, food is key to surviving a snow day so make sure that you’ve made a trip to your grocery store before the storm hits.  Stock up on munchies like chips and ice cream, something that is a special treat that you don’t ordinarily buy on a regular basis.  Water, fruits and veggies of course are a staple, but make sure that you have some fun nibbles.  Foods that make the house smell good are also a great idea like pot roasts, Crockpot dishes and marinara sauces.  Baked goods like cupcakes and cookies that you can make together are also smart choices and will help to entertain the troops if boredom sets in.



Never underestimate the power of playing games to whisk away the hours while still spending quality time together.  My favorites are Clue, Sorry, Monopoly, Parcheesi and Scrabble.  A deck of cards can come in handy, too and will supply your family with entertaining tournaments of war, go fish, rummy and old maid so always have a deck on hand. 



Along with making a stop to your grocery, don’t forget to drop by your local library for a great selection of DVD’s.  Movies are a wonderful way to pass the time and you’ll be happy with the cost since it’s free.  Trilogies are smart since you can watch one right after the other like Home Alone, Star Wars and Jurassic Park.  Pop up some popcorn and enjoy a great show!


Arts and Crafts

Grabbing a few projects for the kiddos is another fabulous way to get through a snowstorm and can be very inexpensive if you have the right supplies.  Empty egg cartons, pipe cleaners, tissue, construction paper, crayons and paints are a simple way to bulk up your arts and craft inventory.  Browse Pinterst from some great ideas or just let the creativity flow with some fun winter themes like making snowflakes or glitter snowmen!

RICKY_AND_SUZIE_CANALE Suzie, Lance, Rick & Ryan Canale, Westwood, MA 

Suzie works in the children's department at the Westwood Public Library. She can help supply you with books and movies to combat any winter storm.

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