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Famous Flower Scenes in Hollywood Movies

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Nov 27, 2015

I talk about movies almost as much as I talk about flowers.  The two subjects just fascinate me and have become the areas in life, which I enjoy the most.  So for people like myself, wouldn’t the concept of comparing and coalescing the factors seem anything less than perfect?  Lucky for us- screenwriters, producers and directors have done just this throughout several of their most magnificent masterpieces! 

The Great Gatsby

Throughout Hollywood’s history, thousands of movies have been made which have brilliantly combined these two topics to create epic silver screen hits!  For Boston florists, this can be actually helpful, particularly when the design is exhibited during a wedding or funeral scene.   Believe it or not, customers will sometimes request duplicate arrangements and bouquets that have appeared in major motion pictures in order to copy the “feel” or “sentiment” present within the storyline.  

American Pie III

Although you might think this could be problematic for shop owners, it can actually be seen as a teaching tool as well as a marketing campaign to please movie buffs like me.  Be careful not to limit yourself to a specific genre such as the romance realm because you’ll be surprised to know that many horror, thriller and comedy scripts also have used flowers during climatic scenes!  Take a look at these Hollywood hits that show the best of both flower and cinematic worlds!

American Beauty


The Wizard of Oz



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