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The Flowers at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Jan 13, 2015


On January 10th, movie and TV lovers crowded around their television sets with anticipation to see which of their favorite on screen stars would walk away with a golden globe.   The excitement of the speeches, the glamour of the gowns and the glitter of the sets make this event one of Hollywood’s most grandeur evenings.   Little do we know that in order to orchestrate such a massive undergoing, specialists from around the country must be recruited for their special expertise in lighting, staging, catering and of course, floral design!  But who is chosen and how are the styles and designs selected?  The stakes are high in the competition to snag this gig but this year’s winner went to Mark’s Garden Floral Design of Sherman Oaks, California.  This company has a long, standing history of appeasing the floral tastes of the rich and famous of Hollywood Hills including Charlize Theron, Michael Douglas and Kate Hudson so he was more than ready to tackle the enormity of designing the Golden Globe centerpieces.


                               photo credit: Mark's Garden, Los Angeles CA

Every year is different and every ceremony has its own specific theme where vendors are asked to reflect within their work.  This time, there was a bright and colorful feel, focusing on the beginning shades of the spectrum of yellows and pinks. 



                                   photo credit: Mark's Garden, LA, CA

Blooms consisted mainly of roses whose varieties all contained curled petals that gave off a wonderful, accentuated presentation.  Red, yellow, orange and green roses were placed in a ring - like formation forming a rounded mound of beauty.

I love this look but because the pieces are relatively low so that guests can still hobnob with one another without having to stretch their necks around designs that are too bulky and tall. 



                            photo credit: Mark's Garden, Los Angeles, CA

Another lovely touch were a few delicate pink orchids protruding from the tight European design.  These flowers were a great choice because not only did they allow for an fuss- free presentation, they are also long lasting and tolerable for warm temperatures.  The Golden Globe function hall keeps the climate pretty steamy for the actresses who don less fabricated clothing designs so the flowers have to hold their resistance.

 Mark’s Garden and Floral Designs did a fantastic job, which was truly worthy of the glitz and glamour this event is built upon.  I can’t wait to see what next years presentation will be!

 selfieLance,Rick, Suzie and Ryan Canale Selfie, 2014

Suzie is a movie buff and celebrates Oscar night every year.


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Jennifer Aniston versus Angelina Jolie - Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Nov 21, 2014

Hollywood starlets are already planning their Thanksgiving meals, some with the help of California’s top chefs who have found delicious new ways to make their mouths water.  You won’t see the typical mashed potatoes, yellow squash and gravy on these tables, no way!  Instead of traditional dishes, recipes are being concocted to alter basic holiday fare into wild and fresh foods fit for the icons of the silver screen.  While some celebrate this family holiday dining out in Hollywood’s hottest restaurants, others choose to stay home with their loved ones.   Either way, these stars no exactly how to celebrate this years special day in style. 


Aniston played a florist in the movie Love Happens.

Jennifer Aniston has long been a lover of the sun and has resided in the area of Malibu, California for decades.  While the beauty loves to celebrate the holiday festivities with zest, rumor has it that Ms. Aniston is a local patron to many of the local restaurants located within the posh, beach friendly area.  Hot spots such as Seasons 52 (which also has a location on route 9 in Chestnut Hill) feature a lovely menu created by Chef Timothy Kast, which advertises sensational meals all under 475 calories, something that definitely attracts the forty something yoga loving actress.  Another possibility as to where you might find her dining might be at Tres by Jose Andres, set in downtown Hollywood.  This restaurant is known for their contemporary style and generous pour of fine wine while offering a warm décor and elite dining experience.  This may very well be Jen’s go to for Thanksgiving since one of their famous dishes is their gnocchi with lobster, a long time favorite delicacy of Aniston’s. And of course, given her experience as a florist actress, you know that flowers will be on the table. 


Jolie is apparently a flower fan as well. Here she is picking up some calla lilies and thistle from a London flower shop.


When you think about Jenn, you can’t help but think of what her famous ex, Brad Pitt, will be up to with his new wife, Angelina Jolie and brood of six children.  Well, interesting enough, the magazine cover family often chooses to stay closer to home when celebrating this November holiday.  Whether habituating inside their French estate, Chateau Miraval, in the south of France or within their mansion nestled in Los Feliz, California, the Jolie-Pitts most likely will be dining on family favorites of spaghetti and meatballs and hotdogs, while the adults finish off a homemade rosemary infused turkey cooked by, you’ll never guess…themselves!  Often this power couple opts out of hiring expensive chefs and rolls up their own sleeves when it comes to Thanksgiving Day dinner, (a refreshing change of pace from most movie headliners).  While Angelina has admitted that neither her nor Brad are always sure of how to prepare the meal, they admit that the experience is always fun as long as the family is together.  After all, that is what Thanksgiving is all about!  

Suzie Canale

Westwood, MA 

suze Suzie Canale lives in Westwood, Massachusetts with her family. She is an accomplished writer and chef. For Thanksgiving, she will be serving a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Of course, fresh flowers will be on the table.





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Hollywood Legends and Flowers - Starlets with Stargazers

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 25, 2014

Jean Harlow Flowers Actress Jean Harlow shows that flowers in your dressing room are not only welcome but appreciated.

Recently screen legend, Sophia Loren turned eighty. With the social media blitz surrounding her birthday, I came across a number of photos of her with fresh flowers. I have always been a big fan of the actress and knew from her cook books that she loved flowers. For example, every Christmas, she looks forward to receving a white azalea topiary from her close friend. 

Sophia Loren with Flowers (This photo was taken at the Cannes Film Festival.)

In the midst of Loren's social media celebration, I stumbled across many screen legends surrounded by flowers. Hollywood knew then that flowers create a stunning photo opportunity. In the age of Instagram, we see stars like Holly Robinson Peete and Britney Spears  share striking photos of flowers they receive. Publicity and flowers go hand in hand.

Below are some of my favorite photos of screen legends that I discovered.

carole lombard flowers Carole Lombard in her dressing room is flanked by two vases of gladioli.

Audrey Hepburn Flower Design Audrey Hepburn showing off her skills at the flower design bench.

Vivien Leigh FLowers Vivien Leigh poses with her Oscar alongside a floral arrangement featuring birds of paradise and gerbera daisies. Editorial note, this floral arrangement was way ahead of its time.

Bogie and Bacall picking flowers Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall picking flowers.

Mae West FlowersMae West and roses. Ed. note, roses have come a long way in size and petal count.

Ginger Rogers flowers I can't help but wonder if Ginger Rogers is reading a card from dance partner Fred Astaire.

Marlene Dietrich flowers Marlene Dietrich caught strolling in Warsaw with a bundle of lilacs.

Elizabeth Taylor Flowers Elizabeth Taylor's love for flowers is well known. This earlier photo of her shows her knack for floral design.

stiller garbo travel resized 600 Greta Garbor is engulfed in flowers.

ingrid bergman flower casablanca resized 600 Ingrid Bergman looking like she has Rick Blaine on her mind.

bette davis arranging flowers resized 600 Bette Davis definitely has an idea of spacial organization.

Bardot flowers A rare photo of Brigitte Bardot with a typical floral design of the era.

Jayne Mansfield Flowers Jayne Mansfield picking flowers. Florists often grew their own flowers at that time. Note the greenhouse in the back. Most flower shops in the mid 20th century had their own greenhouses to grow flowers.

 Marilyn Monrose No collection of screen legends would be complete without Marilyn. She even adds grace to a simple carnation.


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The Flowers at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Jan 13, 2014

2014 GOLDEN GLOBE FLOWERS CBS resized 600photo credit

When you fill a ballroom with star power like Amy Adams, Diane Keaton, Bono, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Douglas you must use flowers that honor the stars. My two favorite flowers were chosen for the table centerpieces at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. An accent of cymbidium orchids lends its beauty to the show stopping bouquet of roses. Peach, yellow, and orange roses served as the centerpiece at the awards dinner. With all the black clothing and amber table setting this floral arrangement really popped off the table and illuminated the room.


phot credit:

Miss Golden Girl 2014 is shown carrying a eye popping presentation bouquet of hydrangea and Movie Star roses. It is no coincidence that this LA florist uses the same lime green tissue paper that we use at Exotic Flowers in Boston to really make the flowers 'pop'.

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What Marilyn Monroe's Visit to a Flower Shop Can Teach Florists

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Mar 07, 2013


marilyn monroe roses resized 600 In the 1948 movie, Ladies of the Chorus, Marilyn Monroe plays dancer Peggy Martin. During the film, Peggy has an admirer who sends flowers and does not sign the card. (note to clients, always sign the card,). This secret admirer leads Marilyn to the flower shop, Mimi the Florist, who delivered the lovely flowers. Marilyn's visit to this florist shows florists a great deal about merchandising and marketing their own flower shops, sixty five years later. 

As florists what do we learn from this film clip ?

  • the card envelope. always have your name and address on your stationary. This is the best way to keep your shop's name in your customer's hands. If Marilyn's card did not have the shop name, she likely would not have visited the shop. Budding romances are a great way to build lifetime clients. If the couple gets married, which florist will Peggy and Randy likely call first ?
  • Window displays and visual impact; the florist is located in a hotel lobby like many florists of that era were. The florist chooses not to hop on the hotel's coattails and instead makes their own visual masterpiece in the lobby. The evidence of a glassed-in store shows that the florist seeks their own identity. This independence is one thing all florists should share. Unique showcases and originality set the flower business apart from the cookie cutter world of banks and Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Packaging; over and over again we see the lost art of packaging. Great packaging, ribbons, and bows increase the value of an item. In the move, notice how the orchid is not only packaged beautifully but how it is also kept under glass to further enhance its value. 
  • Flowers on the showroom floor: Appeal to people's senses. People want to touch, smell and feel the product. That is why they came to your store. Ignite their senses.
  • Spunk; some say the clerk in the movieis surly. I say the clerk is spot on. She is establishing a relationship with the client. A genuine conversation is so rare in the retail world and something a florist can offer at no charge. Relationships build business.
  • Ten cent carnations. Always have an option for everyone. You never know when a ten cent carnation can become a ten thousand dollar wedding.
  • I would love to hear any other florists observations too. 
  • marilyn monroe flower shop resized 600

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Exotic Flowers in Boston Celebrates Shark Week - Our Top 3 Sharks

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Aug 09, 2012

Shark Week begins on Sunday August 12, 2012 on the Discovery Channel. If you have not seen this pop culture phenomenon, make sure to tune in. The staff at Exotic Flowers in Boston and our friends are huge fans of Shark Week. This year, we are proud to present our favorite three sharks.
  1. Jaws - how could Jaws not be the #1 shark on anyone's list. The movie gets better every time you see it. 
  2. bruce from nemo resized 600 The lovable Bruce from finding Nemo who battles with his addiction with eating fish. Bruce is a character we can all relate to.
  3. ROENICK resized 600 Former San Jose Shark Jeremy Roenick, this future NHL Hall of Famer is a graduate of Thayer Academy in Braintree, Mass. Some might argue that argue Roenick did not gain much success in San Jose. But you cannot argue with his ten game winning goals in the short time he played there. Besides, Roenick has always been great to kids and fans and earned a top shark award.

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