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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Cool Graduation Gifts

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, May 17, 2016

May and June are two busy months of the calendar when it comes to graduation, a time when we send off our kin proudly into the world!  Years and years of studying and diligence went into reaching that final moment when they cross the stage to receive their diploma.  It is one of the biggest moments of any student’s life and the accomplishment should go duly recognized.  After all of their hard work hitting the books, wouldn’t it be nice if we could show how proud we are of them?  Traditionally, there’s alarge assortment of ways to do it but some of us need a little help in the creativity department.  Along with finding something new and different to offer as our sentiment, we also have to take into account other factors such as affordability, which can make this a tricky task.  If you’re worried about what to give your loved one who are graduating this spring, here are some ideas to get you going on the right track!


If you’re thinking about throwing a house party, you might want to use this clever idea of lining the driveway with plants and flowers. This opulent gesture will shows guests how important your graduate is.


Of course flowers remain the number one go to gift for any occasion. Why not send that graduate a 100 roses to make a memorable statement !


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Flowers Inspired by March Madness

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Mar 04, 2016

March Madness begins on March 15th with NCAA teams racing down the courts to become the number #1 college basketball team in the country!  While some of you will participate office pools and placing your wagers on hopeful winners, some fans will be showing their spirit in other ways as they anxiously await the beginning of one of the most exciting sporting tournaments of the year.  Have you made your plans on how you will be watching who makes it to the Final Four?


photo credit via:

For those of you who are planning to watch the games while having a get together, choosing the perfect decorations to accessorize your March Madness party is a top priority!  Hang banners in the colors of your favorite teams, select party platters and bowls in the shape of half moon basketballs and you’ll need to devise a menu that compliments the occasion such as serving nachos organized as a basketball court, basketball cupcakes or veggie platters organized in a circle of orange carrots with green peppers to form the stitches.  


photo credit:

If you’re thinking about really going for a fantastic basketball bash, you’ll need flowers of course!  Many are weary towards designing pieces in reflection of this event and fret about complications or expense.  Not to worry!  Florists are way ahead of the game per usual and have already begun organizing innovative and fun floral ideas to match you March Madness soiree.  From basketball inspired vase ware to blooms resembling key features of the sport, you’ll be amazed by the brilliance of our very best Boston designers.  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the best March Madness bouquets available to you

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The Flowers at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Jan 13, 2014

2014 GOLDEN GLOBE FLOWERS CBS resized 600photo credit

When you fill a ballroom with star power like Amy Adams, Diane Keaton, Bono, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Douglas you must use flowers that honor the stars. My two favorite flowers were chosen for the table centerpieces at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. An accent of cymbidium orchids lends its beauty to the show stopping bouquet of roses. Peach, yellow, and orange roses served as the centerpiece at the awards dinner. With all the black clothing and amber table setting this floral arrangement really popped off the table and illuminated the room.


phot credit:

Miss Golden Girl 2014 is shown carrying a eye popping presentation bouquet of hydrangea and Movie Star roses. It is no coincidence that this LA florist uses the same lime green tissue paper that we use at Exotic Flowers in Boston to really make the flowers 'pop'.

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Exotic Flowers Boston Weddings Partners with Lombardo's in Randolph

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Jan 25, 2012

lombardos weddings boston

The wedding designers and staff at Exotic Flowers in Boston are proud to announce our new partnership with Lombardo's function facility in Randolph. As a package florist for Lombardo's, Exotic Flowers will be able to provide our stunning floral designs for any event at Lombardo's

Lombardo's function facility is conveniently located at the intersection of Route 128 / 93 and Route 28 in Randolph, MA. Nestled in the midst of the Blue Hills, Lombardo's is a landmark for brides, grooms and guests who want to create a lasting memory for the wedding day.

Not just a wedding facility, Lombardo's hosts trade shows, baptisms, christenings and birthday parties. No event is too big as Lombardo's has four function rooms. Neighboring hotels make Lombardo's a convenience for guests and hosts alike. 

lombardos weddings resized 600

The food, experience and largest chandelier in New England make Lombardo's the ideal choice for any event. 

A complete synergy of two family owned businesses in their third generations, Exotic Flowers and Lombardo's complement each other. With Exotic Flowers extraordinary arrangements on the table of your event, you will be hosted by two icons of hospitality in the Boston area.

lombardos at the blue hills resized 600

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Mishaps and Missed Steps for Wedding Flower Set Ups

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Oct 11, 2010

Decordova Museum Wedding Flowers"
"Pay close attention to where you are walking." I uttered these words shortly before I dropped a full case of glass hurricanes and pillar candles while setting up flowers for Exotic Flowers at the Decordova Museum in Lincoln, MA.

Sunday October 10th, 2010 - was one of the busier wedding days of the year. First, Columbus Day Weekend is always a busy wedding weekend. Second, many brides and grooms sought the 10-10-10 wedding date for its cosmic connection.

Exotic Flowers of Roslindale was on the grounds of the legendary Decordova Museum and Sculpture Garden. When setting a wedding at any type of museum, there are lots more rules than a function hall. For example, no rose petals. Bring a vacuum, stay so many feet or inches away from the displays and above all do not spill any water and do not break anything.

The Exotic Flowers staff and I, had the honor of working with Jessica Kriley of the Decordova. Jessica is friendly, professional, efficient and truly welcomed us into her arena. La Fete Catering of Natick was the chosen caterer. What a truly inspirational showcase that Amy Colombi and the crew delivered.

The fun part happened when I dropped the case of glass and smashed three hurricane lanterns right on the dining room floor and I sliced my ring finger wide open. Thankfully we always bring extra vases and band aids along with us for any event. The Exotic Flowers events kit not only includes, bandaids, but tape, matches, ribbon, scissors, pins, business cards and even a sewing kit. Sewing kit ? Sure, we have had to help with last minute tailoring for guests and wedding party members.

My advice to anyone planning flowers for an event.

  • arrive early
  • bring extra flowers
  • bring extra vases
  • pack a Flower Event tool kit
  • bring a camera (see above)
  • if someone has to bleed, make sure it is you.





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