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Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe - His Love Shown in Flowers

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jan 07, 2014

DiMaggio and Marilyn Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe remain one of the most famous couples in history. Eventhough their marriage lasted only nine months, DiMaggio and Monroe's relationship is legend. Joe's affection for Marilyn was always visible in many gestures. Seven years after their marriage, we can see evidence of his affection by this New York florist's receipt for two dozen roses. Forty years later this same order would be $200. I did try and see if Goldfarb Flowers of New York was still in business, but had no luck.marilyn monroe florist resized 600

DiMaggio who was known to be serious, private and reserved rarely let others know his many acts of kindness for Marilyn. Upon her tragic death, DiMaggio even tended to all the details of her funeral. At her funeral, Joe's affection was again shown with flowers, below is a picture of a funeral heart of roses for Marilyn.


One often hears that flowers say what words cannot. Joe DiMaggio was a man of few words, but his fans can see that he expressed himself with flowers.

After Marilyn's death, Joe also arranged for flowers to be put at her grave every week for more than twenty years. DiMaggio realized the importance of beautifying her grave with fresh flowers and the importance that flowers have in our lives.

Marilyn Monroe grave flowers

August 4th, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. Marilyn Monroe remains a cultural icon and her fans continue to show their affection with fresh flowers at her grave. flowers at Marilyn grave resized 600

Fresh flowers at the cemetery remain the best way for us to keep in touch with our loved ones.

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What Marilyn Monroe's Visit to a Flower Shop Can Teach Florists

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Mar 07, 2013


marilyn monroe roses resized 600 In the 1948 movie, Ladies of the Chorus, Marilyn Monroe plays dancer Peggy Martin. During the film, Peggy has an admirer who sends flowers and does not sign the card. (note to clients, always sign the card,). This secret admirer leads Marilyn to the flower shop, Mimi the Florist, who delivered the lovely flowers. Marilyn's visit to this florist shows florists a great deal about merchandising and marketing their own flower shops, sixty five years later. 

As florists what do we learn from this film clip ?

  • the card envelope. always have your name and address on your stationary. This is the best way to keep your shop's name in your customer's hands. If Marilyn's card did not have the shop name, she likely would not have visited the shop. Budding romances are a great way to build lifetime clients. If the couple gets married, which florist will Peggy and Randy likely call first ?
  • Window displays and visual impact; the florist is located in a hotel lobby like many florists of that era were. The florist chooses not to hop on the hotel's coattails and instead makes their own visual masterpiece in the lobby. The evidence of a glassed-in store shows that the florist seeks their own identity. This independence is one thing all florists should share. Unique showcases and originality set the flower business apart from the cookie cutter world of banks and Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Packaging; over and over again we see the lost art of packaging. Great packaging, ribbons, and bows increase the value of an item. In the move, notice how the orchid is not only packaged beautifully but how it is also kept under glass to further enhance its value. 
  • Flowers on the showroom floor: Appeal to people's senses. People want to touch, smell and feel the product. That is why they came to your store. Ignite their senses.
  • Spunk; some say the clerk in the movieis surly. I say the clerk is spot on. She is establishing a relationship with the client. A genuine conversation is so rare in the retail world and something a florist can offer at no charge. Relationships build business.
  • Ten cent carnations. Always have an option for everyone. You never know when a ten cent carnation can become a ten thousand dollar wedding.
  • I would love to hear any other florists observations too. 
  • marilyn monroe flower shop resized 600

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