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Mystery TV  for Your Favorite Flower Lover

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, May 14, 2018

I love a good mystery, don’t you?  I like them even more when there’s a great theme involved-perhaps a storyline that includes a bit of flower and gardening to sweeten the plot?  There’s nothing better than a body found in the tulip bed or a victim poisoned by ingesting belladonna in their cocktail drink! Yes, there are 101 ways to off a person using floral species and tools associated with the blooming biz and it just so happens there’s a slew of multiple episodes on TV dedicated to telling these stories!  Networks are filled with talented writers, actors and producers who have aired several of these shows discussing this topic and are able to put a fun spin on “who-done-its?” just by surrounding characters with flowers! If you are someone who gets addicted to “Murder She Wrote”, “Monk” or a fabulous “Lifetime Mystery” title then check out this list of murderously entertaining programs.


Flower Shop Mystery:  “Mum’s the Word”

Here’s a whole show dedicated to solving crime and who better to do it than a florist?  When Abby decides that her life as a big city lawyer is not for her, she resurrects her career as a local proprietor of a flower shop which just so happens has a curbside view on murderous happenings…  In this episode, Abby witnesses a killer running away from a crime scene and she just can’t shake the experience until she finds some answers. With help from a cute bartender who catches her interest, the two set off on an adventure to catch a killer and solve the case!  If this sounds like its right up your alley, check out more episodes like “Snipped in the Bud” and “Dearly Depotted”.

“Mr. Monk is the Best Man”

Monk is one of my very favorite TV series with main character, Tony Shalhoub who plays the anxious, ex-cop who also happens to be brilliant.  In this episode, his best friend (and lieutenant), asks Monk to be his man at his wedding but an extra crispy corpse puts a damper on the celebrations.  Without an immediate identity, Monk soon figures out that a piece of oasis ties the victim to a flower shop where he is a designer. Now who would want to murder a florist?  Watch the show and find out!


Columbo:  “The Greenhouse Jungle”

Ohhhh…. This is a good one!  Quirky Detective Columbo is on the case when a kidnapping turns ugly and death becomes the reality.  Nothing seems to make sense to anyone until Columbo steps hot on the trail of a man who has a talent for growing orchids.  Is his greenhouse the only masterpiece he’s hiding or is he involved with a deception much deadlier?

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Flower Lovers in For a New Release Movie Treat!

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 08, 2016

If you’re into flowers and I mean REALLY into flowers, you’re going to flip when you see the new Hallmark Movie Channel’s January release of “Flower Shop Mystery: Mums the Word”!  Not only is the title clever (you’ve got to giggle at the clever pun on words), but also the cast is nothing short of a Hollywood hit list.  It is well know that bigger and popular stars are starting to sign on to more TV series and independent films but when you headline Brooke Shields as the main character, there’s no doubt a huge interest will be created.  Along with the ex super model, she’ll also be accompanied by Brennan Elliott and Beau Bridges who still bring their sizzle to the silver screen.  This flick has all the makings of becoming a Hallmark’s Hollywood classic smash and lucky for us, there’s allegedly three more installments signed off for production.


So if I’ve grabbed your attention you’re probably wondering “So what’s the plot about?”  


Great question!


The story is set in a quaint town of “New Chapel” where the recently widowed, Abby Knight (played by Shields), decides to quit her job as a lawyer and follow her dreams of running her own flower shop.  Assisted by her father and daughter who recently started college, Abby starts to rebuild her life within a new career.  Everything seems to be going along as planned until her vintage car is rear ended by a hit and run.  Determined to find the culprit, she finds support from her hunky next-door neighbor and ex-marine, Marco Salvare (Elliott) who assists her on her hunt.  As they get closer and closer, another tragedy hits when the body of her friend turns up murdered.  It isn’t long before the finger points to Marco, leading Abby to race against time determined to clear her romantic interest’s name and catch the real killer!


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The Best Christmas Specials for Kids

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Nov 26, 2014

What kid doesn’t love a great holiday TV special?  I myself have fond memories of staying up a little extra late to catch some of my favorites.  Reruns were always the best where you could memorize the script and look forward to seeing the part that you couldn’t wait to watch over and over again.  Christmas stories are especially popular, adding to the child’s anticipation of Santa Claus to whoosh down the chimney with gifts.  It is an enchanting time of year when magic is everywhere, particularly in the movies and shows that we view both in the cinemas and in our own homes.  Although there’s no denying the hundreds of great children’s specials played during the last two months of the year, I have my top six that I just have to see to get me into the yuletide spirit. 


Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (1964)

A reindeer is out casted for having a bright red nose but finds a path straight to Santa when he is chosen to lead the sleigh on Christmas Eve.   Saving the day by lighting the way, this story tells a wonderful moral that sometimes the parts of us that are different are the ones that truly outshine us from the rest. The postal service this year commemorates this great flick with holiday stamps celebrating the movie. Exotic Flowers will be using these stamps on all their holiday mail.


Frosty the Snowman (1969)

A snowman comes to life when a magician loses his hat and finds itself on Frosty the Snowman’s head.  Trouble appears when Frosty’s companion gets sick from the cold and he must get her to a warmer climate other than the chilly outdoors.  Although the beloved snowman melts, Santa Claus promises to have Frosty return every winter to play with the children once again. 



How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

All of Whoville is bursting with holiday cheer but little do they know that a terrible Grinch is plotting their ruin by planning to take their Christmas away.  After stealing the decorations, cards, presents and feasts, he is stunned to find that the village still joins together to celebrate learning the true meaning of Christmas spirit can never be broken.


A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

The Peanuts gang joins together again when Charlie Brown searches for a deeper understanding of what Christmas is all about.  Keeping in theme with the anti-commercialism aspect of the holiday, kids will love Snoopy’s rendition of stringing lights on top of his doghouse and Charlie’s sweet adoration for a small sapling tree. 


A Christmas Carol (1984)

“Bah Humbug” are the famous words guffawed by Ebenezer Scrooge as three ghosts visit him with visions of his past, present and future.  The miser soon learns that he is destined for doom if he does not change his stingy ways and open up his heart to the beauty of Christmas.


A Christmas Story (1983)

This is a fabulous story telling the tale of a typical family celebrating Christmas with one another.  Filled with funny bits including feasting on their holiday meal at a Chinese restaurant, the father’s awful taste in leg lamps, bunny rabbit pajamas, getting tongues stuck to icy telephone poles and the famous scene when Ralphie shoots his eye out with a Beebe gun-you will love this movie as it reminds us of the bloopers that commonly occur during the Christmas season. 

 If you want to just tune in, check out ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas.

suzie_canale_boston Suzie Canale

Fenway Park, 2014

Suzie lives in Westwood, MA and will be watching these shows with her two boys; creating lifetime memories.


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The Best Thanksgiving Movie and TV Episodes Ever

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Nov 24, 2014

Holiday movies and TV show ratings accrue some of the highest viewership in the media industry.  Often filled with scenes of delicious foods, gorgeous flowers,  glamorous clothing and most importantly, hilarious family dysfunction, Thanksgiving Day themed scripts are beloved by millions because we often see much of our own family dynamics being played out on the screen and can relate to many of the common mishaps that this time of year is notorious for.  Perhaps it’s the great aunt who wraps up empty packages or the mom’s turkey that was overcooked by four hours or maybe it’s the in-laws who just can't stand their daughter’s husband, but one things for sure, we connect to these stories.  The reason lies in the fact that they are a reminder of own holiday get-togethers and we find both comfort and comedic relief when viewing these similarities on screen.  For many, this niche of entertainment is what allows us to survive the holidays, understanding that the stresses and anxiety traditionally interwoven throughout this season is quite common for most. This entertainment is as much a part of our tradition as the flowers on the table. Although there are several great picks, here is my go-to movie and TV sitcom that keep me rolling with laughter all throughout the Thanksgiving Day season.


“Home for the Holidays”

My all time favorite Thanksgiving Day flick is hands down “Home For The Holidays” starring Robert Downey Jr., Holly Hunter and Ann Bancroft (just to name a few).  This film will leave you in stitches as the main character, Claudia, returns to her childhood home after losing her job in a museum and allowing her sixteen year old daughter to stay back in the city with her sex starved boyfriend.  Bancroft portrays her neurotic mother who just can’t seem to stop worrying about her three children while her husband, played by Charles Durning, just wants to be left alone in peace with his massive turkey.  Filled with sibling rivalry, seductive romances and twisted perceptions of what the life that they are all living really is, this movie promises a whole lot of belly shaking laughter that is all to common for many of us who go “Home for the Holidays”.



The hilarious sitcom, “Roseanne” has several unforgettable Thanksgiving Day episodes, which all contain both make believe humor and realistic drama that many extended families experience during this holiday encompassing giving thanks, food and football.  The modest means and a-typical chemistry of this normal Illinois family makes this show beloved long after its final season airing on May 20, 1997.  During the 1991 season 4, show 10, all are in disbelief as Roseanne’s mother, Beverly, refuses to take action against her cheating husband.  Or how about 1994’s season 6, show 10, when anger erupts after Becky takes over cooking the dinner and a fist fight boils over between her father, Dan, and her husband, Mark.  With highlights from dynamic characters such as Nana Mary, grandmother and free spirited soul, and Ed Connor, Dan’s irresponsible father, each scene twists you from smiles to tears as the plates are passed up and down the table.

suzie_c Suzie will be celebrating Thanksgiving at her home in Westwood, MA with her husband, two sons, mother and aunt.

Suzie Canale

Westwood, MA 


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Boston's Premier Florist Loves the Flowers on The Ellen Show

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Nov 03, 2014

Some Bostonians love the Ellen Show, others loathe the show. There can be no debate that the flowers on the show are spectacular. If you have ever watched the show, Ellen hosts guests at her coffee table. Every show features a beautful fresh flower arrangement that reflects the season. The design is lush and low, a perfect accessory for her celebrated guests. The above photo shows a scattering of gourds and pumpkins along with a an textured fall flower arrangement. These blooms evidently make Mariah Carey happy.
Ellen's back drop is filled with palm trees and often showcases white orchid plants. The orchids are a feature on her show along with one of the most awesome coffee tables you'd ever. Clearly, Julia Roberts approves.
Check out Justin Timberlake, notice how the orchids and green plants frame him on screen. This staging of florals is no accident. There is no question that each plant was put on a dry run with a stand in for Timberlake. In Hollywood, every detail matters and beautiful flowers are a huge difference maker.
My favorite time of year for the Ellen Show is Christmas. Her staged is filled with Christmas decorations and jaw dropping Christmas trees. Baseball star Andrew McCutchen even chose this setting to propose. Notice the fresh flower arrangement of Winter Rose Poinsettias and pepperberry. 

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