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Questions You Should Be Asking Your Florist

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jul 24, 2017

When we have an important event to plan or a special anniversary to prepare for, we often turn to the advice of a florist to steer us on the right path.  Whether its an order of red roses for Valentine’s Day or the organization of a bar mitzvah’s centerpieces, we know our local flower shop is always available to help make our floral dreams come true.  For those of you who are anticipating a similar occasion and aren’t quite sure how to begin to approach a conversation with a designer, you might want to do a little research beforehand in order to be prepared.  It’s always good to do a little homework as well as be equipped with some suitable questions to ask the professional so you get the full picture what they can and can’t do.  If you’re not sure where to start, let me help you with some general points it might be wise to convey to your florist before finalizing your order.


Brooke Shields in “Flower Shop Mystery: Mum’s The Word”

Valuable Questions You Should Be Keeping In Mind…

  • Where does your product come from?

Most probably, you’ll get more than one destination for an answer since flower shops almost always use a wide range of suppliers from around the globe due to cost and availability of particular species.   Where the flowers come from will have a large bearing on the price and quality.

  • Can I get my favorite flower year round?

Unless you’re talking roses or pom poms, the answer is usually no.  Certain flowers grow at certain times of the year, especially those found local to New England.  Is it true that it might be possible to order these from another country instead of relying on local harvesting?  Yes, but be prepared for a cost increase or a variation in quality.  Examples may be sweet peas, freesia, grape hyacinth and lily of the valley.   

  1.  What exact colors do the blooms grow in shade?

This is something you should always be aware of when it comes to matching an exact tint to a fabric or other “idea” you may be relying on… you must be flexible!  It is more than likely your florist may not be able to perfectly copy a color to a swatch so please remember that tractability will save you a lot of stress, anxiety and most importantly, disappointment.  Flowers were meant to contrast and compliment décor so give the pro’s a little wiggle room to do their work.  

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